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Family BTC


FamilyBTC stopped working at the beginning of 2020. It is officially declared SCAM and I stop recommending it

FamilyBTC It is a PTC page that will pay us in Satoshis, which is the minimum expression of Bitcoin. FamilyBTC belongs to the well-known PTC Family Clixen línea and paying since 2014, which gives us a lot of stability.

Pages like this are the ones that should be exploited to the fullestgiven the positive trajectory of its administrator, everything makes us think that the experience will be totally positive.

General features FamilyBTC

  • Name: FamilyBTC
  • Language: English
  • Launch: September 12, 2017
  • Accepted countries: all the countries of the world
  • Referrals: Yeah, you will earn 50% of the earnings of your referrals watching ads and in faucet and the 5% on membership panels and also of possible advertising purchases
  • Payment method: Bitcoin
  • Minimum payment: 0.004 BTC

registration in FamilyBTC is totally free. You simply have to fill in the typical registration form with your data and nombre de usuario, dirección de correo electrónico and password. There is no need to confirm it through our dirección de correo electrónico. you cánido register for free on this banner:

He how FamilyBTC works It’s fácil and doesn’t differ much from other “Paid To Clic” pages. On this page we will earn fractions of bitcoin in different ways. There are different ways, and we must exploit them all:

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viewing ads: The most typical in the PTC, ads that will last between 10 and 30 seconds. The longer the duration, the greater the reward. You have to solve a little captchat and that’s it! We’ll have our satoshis. To see this and all the ways to earn money that we will see, we must go to the section “earn money”

In this case, you must access where it says “View Advertisements” to access the available announcements:

clixgrid: He typical grid game of so many PTC, in this case we will earn advertising credits, which will help us to put our own ads in this section. We will access from the section “clixgrid” of “earn money“. We will always have guaranteed prizes in each box that we uncover, specifically, 0.50 advertising credits. Every day we cánido uncover up to 250 boxes.

FamilyBTC Faucet: Faucet in which we will earn 10 satoshis every 15 minutes, after solving a small capchat and entering the page announcement for 5 seconds. It is accessed from the same box “earn money“, in “Faucets

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offer panels (Walls Offers). In this section, you will earn a good amount of satoshis for completing offers in panels known as PTC Wall, Personal Wall, ClixWill, Kiwiwall, etcétera.

Referral System and FamilyBTC Membership

FamilyBTC has a good referral system. you will win the 50% of what your referrals getwithout limit of members, that is, you perro invite as many people as you wantthe more, the better.

You will also earn a 5% of the earnings that your referrals get through the offer panels and also a 5% of potential advertising or membership purchases.

All this perro be multiply if you do a upgradeor level up, with a cost of 0.001 BTC. Here I put a table with the differences between one membership and another, so that you cánido weigh what is really worth it:

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Final Conclusions FamilyBTC

As I said at the beginning, given the security that the administrator gives us, this page should be exploited to the fullest. With the growing price of bitcoin It is an opportunity that should not be missed. Here you have the opportunity to earn good money and monetize your time on the internet. I have been working recently with the page and I hope to make my first payment soon. Until then many successes friends!!

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 Family BTC
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