Expresswage | PTC to EARN MONEY for

Expresswage | PTC to EARN MONEY for

expresswage is the sister PTC of Ayuwage and Innocurrent.

Of the three PTCs in the group, she is the youngest.

It was officially launched in October 2013.

They are all managed by the same team of people, and since they created AyuWage and Innocurrent in 2009, they have always complied with payments.

In the case that concerns us today, Expresswage has also always paid.

In this same tutorial, in addition to seeing all the features and ways to earn money that the PTC offers us, we will also see how to request a withdrawal and what terms it handles when paying.

Register at Expresswage

To have access to the announcements and other sections of Expresswage, we will have to register previously with the PTC.

To do this, if you want, you perro follow this backlink, which will take you to the home page. On the left we will see two side menus parallel to each other.

Taking the one that is more to the center of our screens, we will clic on the second tab with the text of “Register”which will direct us to the registration form.

Last update ” Due to a dearth of ads and a nearly two month delay in payments, I am stopping Expresswage and removing all blog backlinks.

Not recommendable!

Next, we will fill in all the empty fields such as a nombre de usuario, a strong password, a contact correo electrónico and the correo electrónico address that we use to request withdrawals to Paypal.

We review the data and, if they are filled in correctly, we accept the TOS and finish with the registration.

«It is advisable to register to Expresswage with a Gmail account.”

Finally, we will have to confirm that this newly created account is ours.

The PTC will send us an correo electrónico to the contact address that we have provided during registration.

To verify our account we only have to follow the backlink that we see in the content of that dirección de correo electrónico.

Later, we perro access the PTC and start seeing ads.

How ExpressWage works

As in the other two PTCs in this group, in ExpressWage there are several ways to earn money.

As a summary, we could divide them as follows:

» Clicking on the 5 different types of ads.

As discussed below, these sections are the most profitable of the PTC.

» Completing offers, searching on engines like Google plus or Yahoo, or registering on other websites.

» Performing tasks through our dirección de correo electrónico.

» Working with Figure Eight Mini-Jobs.

The same tasks we work on, among others, in Neobux and ysense.

» Filling out paid surveys of different kinds.

» With autosurfs, leaving a window open.

In my opinion, when we have been working the PTC for several days, it is convenient to sift and dedicate time, solely and exclusively, to those sections that generate money for us in a reasonable way.

Precisely for this reason, I have divided the tutorial into two groups.

In the first we will talk about everything that has to do with ads, which are the sections in which I center 90% of my activity in the PTC.

And in the second group we will deal with the rest of the sections, which for me are less relevant.

Types of ads on Expresswage

To value the types of ads on Expresswage We will go to the second tab, with the name of “Earnings & Rewards”.

Immediately afterwards, another sub-menu will open in which they will espectáculo us all the ways that exist in the PTC to obtain profits.

As I have mentioned before, in this first group we will talk about the characteristics of the ads, and then we will continue with the rest of the options.

In the image on the left we cánido see the first five sections of the side menu, which in turn are the sections that contain the PTC ads.

Some of them are displayed in the same way, with the difference that both the reward and the exposure time vary.

However, there are others that during the visualization require us to carry out a series of actions and for that reason they are paid much better.

instant website

In this section we will see 4 announcements of values ​​between $0.00046 and $0.00069.

They are the ones that offer us the lowest remuneration, but that is because we will only have to open the ad, wait a few seconds and move on to the next one.

Unlike what happens in other PTCs such as neobuxFor example, in this one, a new window will open with a blue backlink.

To access the landing page and see the ad correctly, it will be essential that we clic on that backlink.

Estándar Ads

Regarding this second section of ads, they are displayed exactly the same as the ads “Instant Site”.

Of course, in this case we will receive $0.0096 for each ad.

20 Second Site

And not to vary, the ads in this section also work the same as in the previous two.

The difference, the same.

This time they will pay us for each ad seen between $0.00138 and $0.00184.

Clic Objetivo Site

Yes, indeed, the ads «Clic Objetivo Site», which are my favorites in this PTC, also look the same as the previous ones.

But now we will be rewarded with amounts of $0.0069 and $0.0092 for each ad we see.

Explore Site

section ads “Explore Site” They are the most laborious.

But of course, the good side is that They are also the best paid..

We will receive $0.0138 for each valid ad!! To see these ads we will proceed as with the rest, and then, when we reach the landing page, we will follow the following steps:

✅ We copy the dirección de Internet of the landing page and paste it in the first empty box that the PTC window espectáculos us.

✅ After approximately 10 seconds we will clic on a articulo on that same portal.

We copy the dirección de Internet again and paste it in the second box of the other window.

✅ The last step is to clic on any banner with advertising, copy the dirección de Internet to which the ad takes us and paste it into the third empty box.

✅ When we have the three fields complete, we will clic on «Submit for System Review» and, if everything went well, they will assign the reward to the cómputo.

Rest of sections to continue adding

Apart from the announcements that we have just seen, in ExpressWage there are some more options with which to earn money.

I usually access them before closing the PTC, after seeing the ads.

I go in to browse and see if there is something interesting that pays well.

Basically because there is usually nothing in most cases.

Following the same order that appears in the side menu, in each of these sections we will find:

search site » It consists of typing specific terms into search engines and looking for the exact dirección de Internet that ExpressWage tells us.

To receive the reward we will only have to access the dirección de Internet and stay for a few seconds.

action site » In this section we will see PTSU offers, in which we will be paid to register on a website and comply with the stipulated conditions.

Correo electrónico Site » They are announcements through correo electrónico.

They will send us an correo electrónico with a backlink in their content.

As before, here we will have to clic on the backlink and stay on the destination page for a few seconds.

Mini Jobs » In this case, we cánido earn money by doing mini-tasks on the Figure Eight portal.

survey site » They are the usual offer walls in other PTCs and GPTs.

autosurfing » There are two types of autosurfs on ExpressWage.

The one on the right hand side works with Adfocus, which is why it is paid much better than the other one, which does not have Adfocus.

To activate any of the two, it will be worth clicking on one of them and waiting for a new window to open.

cryptocurrency is a new section that espectáculos us faucets for get cryptocurrencies without investing.

ExpressWage Reviews

As we usually do in all tutorials on PTC, there are some factors of ExpressWage that are worth evaluating and analyzing separately.

These are the ones that seem most relevant to me:

• From my point of view, in the sections that the most money we perro make on ExpressWage is with ads Estándar and Clic Objetivo Site.

If we compare this data with the profits that we perro obtain in other PTCs, ExpressWage comes out winning with a lot of difference.

• In each ad section, when we access, they will espectáculo us a total of 4.

However, if after viewing them we refresh the page by clicking on F5, it is very likely that several more will appear.

• In order to avoid bad practices, in ExpressWage they have implemented trap ads to hunt down potential cheaters.

It is very important not to clic on those ads.

Otherwise, if we do it three times in a row, we will subtract $1 of the cómputo

The minimum amount to cash out on ExpressWage is $5 vía Paypal.

As a particularity, it cánido be said that Expresswage, Ayuwagee Innocurrent paearn through the same Paypal account.

Sometimes, if we request a payment in two of them, they usually reach our Paypal account the same day.

• To generate earnings on Expresswage no referrals necessary.

Although as always, they perro be a very big help.

The referral system rewards our PTC promotion with 100% commission on all clicks that our referrals make.

ExpressWage pays

As soon as we reach $5 in our cómputo we cánido now request a first payment at ExpressWage.

Going back to the side menu, to withdraw the earnings we will go to “Store & Payments” and Withdraw Funds.

Once there, we will see a green box that says $5 cashout.

We check that the Paypal data is correctly entered and we finish the process.

Third Expresswage payment in 2018

PTCs in this group, including Expresswage, typically make all payments once a month.

Initially they paid at the beginning and middle of the month.

However, over time they have ended up processing all withdrawals on the same day.

The most positive part is that Expresswage takes 30 days to send us the money to Paypal.


We have talked many times on the blog about PTC businesses and the profits we cánido get from working with them.

It is evident that working on PTC systems is not going to cover anyonebut if we do it on reliable sites like ExpressWage, what I am sure of is that we perro earn plus money completely free of charge.

The goal, after all, is to work the page with patience and regularity.

Over time, adding here and there is how we will get the $5 we need to request a payment.

Furthermore, if we take advantage of all the reliable paid survey panelssurely the earnings will grow exponentially every month.

And what do you think of the ExpressWage PTC? If you liked the tutorial and want to start working on this PTC, I would appreciate it if you registered as my referrals by clicking on the banner below.

And as always, if you want to ask me any little thing you perro leave a comment or contact me through popular networks.

see you later earn money by Paypal!!

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 Expresswage |  PTC to EARN MONEY for
  Expresswage |  PTC to EARN MONEY for
  Expresswage |  PTC to EARN MONEY for

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