Express Crypto | Receive micropayments

Express Crypto | Receive micropayments

Hello collectors, today I am going to talk about a new platform where you cánido get fractions of cryptocurrencies for free and without limit.

The platform in question is called Express Cryptoa website that cánido take advantage of the closure of FaucetHub like no other, picking up the baton from it, in fact you will see that the operation is very afín.

We stopped promoting Express Crypto

We do not recommend the use of Express Crypto because they allegedly hacked the web with the loss of all our funds, this is something we have already seen on other afín platforms.

Don’t use it.

The platform is quite new, but it already has more than 700 associated faucets and the number continues to increase day by day, so the options to get fractions of the cryptocurrencies it supports are getting bigger. What cryptos cánido be earned on this website? Relax, calm down, don’t go so fast, now we are going to take a look at all the features of this interesting page.

How to open an account in Express Crypto

Registration on the web could not be easier, of course it is free and for people from any country.

We will only need to fill out a small form providing a nombre de usuario, an correo electrónico, a Bitcoin address and a password.

Once the terms of the platform have been accepted, the captcha entered and our account created, we perro entrar to enjoy all the features it offers us, features that we will review one by one below.

Get started with Express Crypto

Once our account is created and once inside it, in our Dashboard, we will be able to see the cryptocurrencies accepted or that perro be earned and stored in Express Crypto.

Some of the cryptocurrencies available

At the moment there are 20 cryptocurrencies that the platform supports, among which are those with the highest capitalization such as Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, RippleMonero, etcétera.

By clicking on the button BALANCE A window will open where we will be able to withdraw the earnings or the available cómputo to an external wallet.

Each currency has a different minimum payment and withdrawal commission percentage.

own exchange

Another striking option on this website is that it will allow us to buy and sell any existing cryptocurrency on the platform.

By selecting exchange in the main menu, it will take us to the option to exchange cryptocurrencies.

The exchange rate used is the one provided by the website.

Being totally free when selling EXG either EXS and with a fee of 5% for the other cryptos.

At the moment the platform has a daily limit, established at a maximum of 20 dollars.

That is, we perro only make exchanges up to that amount, once you reach it, you will have to wait 24 hours to use the exchange again.

How to start earning cryptocurrencies

Now we focus on the heart of the matter, on the ways to earn the different cryptocurrencies that Express Crypto offers us.

offer walls

The first option presented to us is the offer walls.

It is a fairly widespread option on the pages to earn money and one of the easiest options to get it.

Earn money on your offer wall

In this section we will find the most used offer walls, such as Wannads, which stands out above all for its paid surveys, Paid To Clic, famous for generating income by viewing ads, or Offertoro, among many others.

faucet list

Without any doubt the strong point of Express Crypto.

By clicking on List of Sites The list of faucets currently available on the platform for each specific cryptocurrency will be displayed.

Today there are more than 700 faucets available to earn fractions of cryptocurrencies to your heart’s content.

Number of faucets for cryptocurrencies

To start earning money, just scroll down the page and select the faucet you want.

In many of these pages we will have to complete a registration, in others it will be enough to entrar our wallet address.

When we receive the payments they will go to our Express Crypto account.

Keep in mind that the web rewards the 10 most active users every 24 hours.

The prize consists of a specific amount of the EXG cryptocurrency that will go to our account.

The EXG perro be exchanged on the exchange at no cost.


In the games section we cánido find several ways to increase our income on the platform by putting our money at risk.

We find games like bingo, Royal Afirma BTC, Royal Afirma Doge and a weekly lottery, with a function quite afín to that of FreeBitcoin.

Express Crypto referral system

We perro supplement our income in Express Crypto using your referral system.

To do this, simply entrar the section Referralsthere we will have access to our referral backlink, along with banner numbers of different sizes.

The operation is very fácil, we are going to have a single unlimited level of referrals, with which we will earn 10% of what they generate in the Offerwall section.

Although it is not the best referral system in history, at least it perro help us to increase our income on the platform, something that is always good.

Express Crypto Final Opinion

Well collectors, we are already at the end.

I don’t think I have left anything out, in any case, since it is a new page and I have been using it for a short time, it is always possible that something has escaped me.

In any case, if so, it is somewhat understandable.

I think we are looking at an interesting platform that cánido eventually fill the gap that FaucetHub is going to leave.

In the short time that I have been using it, the number of associated faucets has increased by more than 100, which leads us to believe that it will become increasingly relevant and therefore makes us think of a good future in the long term.

In any case, however long it lasts, the important thing is to get performance during that time and I honestly believe that the web has enough options to do it without problems.

We hope you liked our article Express Crypto | Receive micropayments
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 Express Crypto |  Receive micropayments
  Express Crypto |  Receive micropayments
  Express Crypto |  Receive micropayments

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