Exe.io: Earn money with shortened backlinks

Exe.io: Earn money with shortened backlinks

Exe.io: Earning money with shortened backlinks is a method that will be giving you constant passive income for only working once a month.

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Exe.io: Earning money with shortened backlinks is not a miraculous method since you will have to put some effort although it is super fácil, also the minimum amounts to collect are super low and it works for most countries, regardless of your age or previous experience.

It is a free backlink shortener that offers its clients a rate per 1000 visits according to the location and you will be paid depending on the visits you get, you perro share on all popular networks.

This service allows us to shorten the length and number of characters in our backlinks, in addition to offering its users the ability to receive Profits sharing the backlink of your content.

Exe.io is one of the services of shortenings dirección de Internet that pays the best in the market, being easily above what this type of service usually pays.

Added to that, the time between the moment the visitor clicks the backlink, until the moment they reach the de hoy content is very short.

Your ads are easily soportable.

You perro also earn money by referring other people by getting 10% of the profits generated by your guests for life.

Next we will see the step by step of how to apply this fácil method to earn money easily and start generating very good profits.

The page that we are going to be using is:

Method to earn money in Exe.io

The first thing we will do is search on YouTube Weight loss In the filter you will search for the last 24 hours or the last week and vídeos with a lot of views will appear.

It is recommended to open the docs.google plus to be able to paste the backlinks of the vídeos and the title that you find interesting (although you perro use the niche that you want, this is only an example of how to apply this method) and you cánido put it in English.

Now having the information we will go to exe.io which is a backlink shortener and you perro make your withdrawals through:

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • airtm
  • payer
  • perfect money
  • advcash

It depends on the country that sees the vídeo for every 1000 views you will earn a certain amount of dollars passively, such as:

  • If people from the United States see the vídeo, you perro get 8 dollars for every 1000 views.
  • Canada 7.5 dollars
  • UK 7 dollars
  • australian 6 dollars
  • Latin American country only 3 dollars

How to register in Exe.io?

Joining is very fácil, we just have to go to “Sign up” It will open the registration form that we must fill out with the information indicated:

  • Usuario
  • Correo electrónico
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Register

Carrying out this process we will be able to entrar our main account where our statistics will appear and the minimum payment amount is 5 dollars.

To create the backlink where we will be earning money, we will only give you in “Create backlink” and we are going to put the backlinks and the title that we paste in the docs.google plus to shorten them and when people clic it will open an advertising window.

How does Exe.io work?

Using a backlink shortener is easier than it may seem.

To start, you must have a dirección de Internet address that you want to shorten, it cánido be anything, as long as respect the rules of the programa.

We take the aforementioned address and paste it into the Exe.io dirección de Internet shortener tool.

As a result, we will get a shortest url than the original.

This will be the one we share with our friends and through the networks.

Every time a visitor clicks on your new dirección de Internet address you receive a profit.

Exe.io is another of the many shorteners that exists on the internet, although it is not as habitual because it has only been running since 2017.

However, in the places and forums where this shortener is mentioned, it has become famous for being the shortener that pays more money to its users for visits and clicks.

Exe.io – The shortener that pays the most according to users:

what it offers exe.io is power make money sharing backlinks monetized on the Internet in a fácil way, since we simply have to register on the platform, shorten any backlink we want and then share it in forums, weblogs, popular networks or web pages, generating income each time a usuario visits these backlinks that will include advertising before to be able to see the linked content.

Exe.io Features:

Exe.io offers the following features and tools to its users:

Detailed statistics:

Users cánido view detailed statistics of the activity and traffic they receive through their shortened backlinks.

They cánido use this data to adjust their strategies and improve their profits.

Users usually analyze this data in detail and then figure out what makes them the most money and how they cánido get more people to clic on the backlink.

Administration panel:

There is a beginner-friendly admin panel that allows users to easily access all the features.

It perro be used to manage and control all shortened backlinks efficiently.

maximum payment:

Exe.io offers the highest payout rates on the market so you cánido get the most out of shortened backlinks.

Other dirección de Internet shorteners offer lower rates so people, even with notable traffic, cánido’t make money.

But you don’t have to worry about this with Exe.io.

Minimum withdrawal limit:

With this tool, you cánido withdraw money as soon as you reach the $5 threshold .

The low withdrawal limit gives people the freedom to withdraw money whenever they want.

This is another feature that sets Exe.io apart from other dirección de Internet shorteners, with larger withdrawal limits.

Easy to use:

It was designed with less tech-savvy people in mind.

So, you cánido sign up today and start shortening backlinks right away, even if you’re not tech-savvy.

This tool cánido be used to shorten backlinks in three easy and fácil steps which is amazing.

Dedicated support:

Exe.io provides dedicated support to all of its users.

The customer representatives of this dirección de Internet shortener are available 24/7 to answer people’s queries and resolve any issues related to account or payment, etcétera.

How perro you earn money through Exe.io?

You perro earn money through Exe.io by:

Shorten and share backlinks:

It is quite easy to earn money through shortened backlinks.

Just shorten the backlink by following the three steps I have discussed below and then share these backlinks on popular media or any other forum.

When people clic on the shortened backlink, they will be taken to a website where they will see the ad for a few seconds.

Then a skip button will appear and when they clic on it; they will be taken to the long dirección de Internet website you shortened.

Users earn money depending on how many people visit the backlink and view the ad.

The more people clic on the backlink and see the ad, the more profit you will make.

Referral Program:

You perro take advantage of Exe.io’s lucrative referral program and earn a significant residual income.

So just introduce some friends to Exe.io and get 15% of your savings for the rest of his life.

But do not worry; none of their income will be taken from them.

You perro forget about everything and relax if you cánido introduce enough friends to Exe.io.

Because you would be receiving 15% of your income for the rest of your life, so you would be earning money while you sleep and rest.

How we go to get traffic?

We are going to focus on looking for weight loss forums where you only have to register, just like we perro search in Fb groups, we just have to call the attention of the different users, put an interesting title and description so that they clic on the backlink.

If you want to shorten your backlink further so it doesn’t look suspicious just go to bitty we just have to entrar the option backlinks in Exe.io and copy the backlink to give users much more confidence.

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 Exe.io: Earn money with shortened backlinks
  Exe.io: Earn money with shortened backlinks
  Exe.io: Earn money with shortened backlinks

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