Everything you need to know to make a

Everything you need to know to make a

Investing in the real estate market is a safe and profitable way to grow your capital and fortunately México is a country that has extensive real estate development in different cities, among the most prominent is the real estate development in GuadalajaraMerida, Jalisco, Monterrey, CDMX.

The investment process requires knowing and studying the market, including knowing everything about the purchase contract, its importance and how to do it.

México is considered one of the most developed countries in Latin America.

By November 2021, Forbes magazine ranked it as the ninth country among those that owned 60% of global wealth.

It is definitely a country rich in culture and opportunities to grow.

Factors such as economic development, the cost of living, its gastronomy and the hospitality offered by its inhabitants are great advantages that the country has for its constant growth.

Mexican culture, as well as its gastronomy, has a great international reception and is even recognized by Unesco as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

México has a great wealth in terms of culture and traditions, each corner of the country has its history, traditions, festivities, smells and flavors.

On the other hand, the vibe of the Mexicans, their good humor, kindness and above all their hospitality make human warmth one of the advantages of living in this incredible country.

Regarding the cost of living, it is much cheaper compared to other countries, which is why many foreigners seek to know, live and invest within the country, especially in the real estate market, which is one of the most solid and structured in the country.

Various areas have high value real estate investment opportunities and facilities to access mortgage loans at financial institutions with attractive interest rates.

If you are looking to invest in México, stay and learn everything you need to know to grow and secure your future.

What is a sales contract?

The sales contract is a bilateral contract in which one person sells a property and the other person buys it.

In said contract, the seller is obliged to deliver the property to the buyer and the latter is under the obligation to pay the agreed price.

In order for it to be valid, it is necessary to comply with a series of requirements, including becoming a public deed and registering with the Public Instruments Registry Office.

Before making a house purchase contract

The identification of the parties, identification of the property, declaration of ownership, sale price, sanitation obligation and the delivery declaration are just some of the aspects to be taken into account when carrying out a sales contract.

Here we tell you what each one is about:

Identification of the parties

Both parties, both the buyer and the seller, must be clearly identified, otherwise the sales contract cannot be materialized.

Identification of the property object of sale

The property must be recognized and correctly identified, this is achieved with the real estate registration, exact address, boundaries and all aspects that cánido guarantee the proper identification and location of the property.

Declaration of ownership of the property to the seller

One of the most important aspects is to declare that the property actually belongs to the seller, for this the number and date of the public deed by which the seller acquired the property must be indicated, the date on which it was registered in the folio of the office of public instruments of said deed.

Sale price

The sale price that has been agreed must be identified indicating the form of payment and the dates on which it is made.

Declaration of regularity of the property

The seller must declare that he is the owner of the property, that he is free of any encumbrance, such as a pledge, mortgage, embargo or any irregularity.

Declaration of material delivery and true body

When the property is delivered, the seller must declare that he actually and materially delivers the property on a certain date and that he does so under the conditions indicated in the contract.

Sanitation obligation

The seller is obliged to clean up any vice or encumbrance that affects the property such as taxes, real actions against the domain and any other situation that may affect the domain transferred in the purchase contract.

It is important to take into account that notaries have certain guidelines depending on the property and these are adjusted according to the conditions agreed by the parties in the promise of sale or that they indicate to the notary when requesting the preparation of the public deed.

Another important aspect is that the sale price that must remain in the public deed is limited by tax regulations, although the sale price is effectively equipo freely by the parties, for tax purposes there are certain limitations.

The sale price cannot be less than the fiscal cost of the property or the cadastral appraisal, nor cánido it be less than its commercial value.

How to calculate the value of the property?

When determining the value of the property there are several factors that influence, the following aspects must be taken into account:

The cadastral value, is the objective valuation of a property according to the value of the land and the construction, these characteristics depend on:

  • The ubication.
  • Square meters of construction.
  • Square meters of land.
  • Use and age of construction.
  • The commercial value is determined by an expert in the commercial appraisal.
  • The initial value of the property which is found in the seller’s title deed.

In general, the value that determines the sale price of a property is the commercial value, which is why it is important that the appraisal carried out on the property and the final sale price be specified within the sales contract.

Documentation needed to buy a property

In order for the sale and deed of a property to be formalized as cánido be any of the residential developments in Monterrey there must be a series of documents that facilitate and allow the preparation of the document, among them:

  • Identification of the seller: regarding the identification of the seller, it is necessary to have the marriage certificate on hand if your matrimonial status is married, in case of being a commercial company, you must espectáculo the identification of the legal representative signed in the previous deed.
  • Espectáculo the title of property or Notarial Deed registered in the Public Registry of Property: this must contain the location and dimensions of the property, name of the owner, regime under which the property was acquired and, regarding the property, proof of ownership must be presented.

    payment of the property tax of the last 5 years, must be free of debt for services and free of liens.

  • As for the buyer, their matrimonial status must be verified.
  • Credit release letter in case the property has been paid with a mortgage.
  • Current appraisal.

The real estate ámbito in México contributes 11.1% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product.

This is an important and safe campo for smart investing.

As previously mentioned, it is a market that represents an alternative based on obtaining high returns in the medium and long term, making a smart investment and encuentro all the necessary requirements will ensure your future.

According to the report on the situation and trends of the real estate campo in México from the Contar study, people who have a stable job are the main consumers of homes in the country.

Likewise, 22% of the millennial generation prefers to buy a house while 26% are willing to live in the suburbs of the most important cities in México.

It should be noted that the best cities for real estate investment in México are the following:

Projects and real estate developments in the main cities of México

CDMX Being the capital of the country, it has headquarters of companies and institutions that contribute to its development and represents 16.9% of the country’s real estate demand.

Vertical real estate development has become relevant in the capital ámbito with an average apartment price for sale of 6 million 600 thousand pesos.

This compared to the average price of houses in sale.

On the other hand, Queretaro has had a real estate development focused on horizontal housing in México.

Investment in the region with the arrival of various industries generated a floating population that had an impact on the demand for housing, positioning it as the fifth state with the most demand nationwide, according to Estudio Contar.

This city is considered one of the cities with the highest added value in México and its Gross Domestic Product is 4%, which makes it an attractive investment destination.

Like CDMX and Querétaro, residential developments in Monterey They have achieved a boom due to the attraction that the city has towards national and transnational companies.

Monterrey is an attractive pole for investors, it has prestigious universities and a great expansion in terms of real estate in order to satisfy the demand for vertical housing.

On the other hand, Merida It is another of the attractive cities in terms of real estate investment thanks to its location and the tourist potential it maintains.

The real estate ámbito is reliable, safe and stable.

The most profitable investment is based on the residential subsector representing 81.1% of the share of real estate demand in the city.

The real estate ámbito in México is key and important for investment, as it is a very attractive alternative to achieve long-term returns.

Securing your future and making smart investments in the hands of experts guarantees success, study the market, developments and real estate projects that expert companies in the area such as La Haus have.

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 Everything you need to know to make a
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