Everything you need to know about

Everything you need to know about

One of the tools that Popular Security emplees to notify you of different notifications are the popular security telematic notifications.

These are in charge of notifying about resolutions that have to do with your interests or rights through the RED System.

But how much do you know about popular security telematic notifications? Do you know how to see them? Stick around and learn how to stay up to date with all your notifications.

What are they and what is the function of popular security telematic notifications?

Popular security telematic notifications are a tool that is used by official communications with the aim of informing you electronically.

In turn, these leave a record of receipt by the recipient.

For this reason, fulfill the same objective at the legal level as a paper notificationwhich are usually sent by the traditional postal e-e correo electrónico system.

In this sense, this type of notification cánido be issued by the General Treasury of Popular Security (TGSS).

As well as by the National Institute of Popular Security (INSS) or the Popular Institute of the Navy (ISM).

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How do I know if I have been sent telematic popular security notifications?

Normally, Popular Security or other instances use channels such as your dirección de correo electrónico or mensaje de texto to notify you that you have this type of notification.

So that you do not have to entrar the electronic headquarters at all times to check whether or not a Popular Security notification has already arrived.

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By notifying yourself through the aforementioned channels, you cánido go to the SEDESS page to see the notification that has arrived.

What if I haven’t read one of them?

For a couple of years, telematic notifications have only been received en línea.

Therefore, if you do not read your notifications, Popular Security will try twice to send you said communication.

If you don’t look at it, then you cánido see it published in the “official bulletin” of the autonomous community where you radica.

Normally these telematic notifications have a time of 10 days for you to read it.

In case of not doing so, it will also continue its course and it will be reported.

However, even if you have not read it at the time, there are channels such as the 060 (DEH) mailbox or the Popular Security that corresponds to you.

Therefore, it is important that you keep data such as your correo electrónico and phone number updated in the system.

In this way you will not miss any notifications and you will be able to respond to them in time if applicable.

You don’t want the notification to take its course, as doing so could orinan different problems later.

An example of this is that the term expires in the event that you must provide the requested documentation.

You could also not be able to make allegations and be completely unaware of the process that is still in progress.

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How are telematic popular security notifications regulated?

By means of the Del ministerio Order, ESS/485/2013 which was published in the BOE in March 2013.

The Popular Security communications that were being carried out by postal correo must now be telematic notifications.

For this reason, the RED Data Electronic Submission System was created, which is in charge of facilitating the processing of notifications.

In turn, these notifications are regulated thanks to the specific rule of Order ISM/903/2020 of September 24.

It establishes the regulation of telematic communications and notifications of the areas of the Popular Security Administration.

If you wish to consult it, you cánido do so by clicking here.

Said order is the one that establishes that all people are obliged to receive popular security telematic notifications.

In addition, it establishes the operation of the SEDESS system, among other details.

What kind of notifications cánido arrive electronically?

Among the Popular Security notifications that perro arrive electronically are:

Permits to install del sol panels

  • The measures of urgency.
  • Debt claims.
  • The acts of the enforcement procedure for quotas, the concepts of joint collection, among other resources.
  • Notification of the initiation of the deduction procedure.

What people are required to entrar the RED system?

  • The companies that conform within the Special Systems of the General Regime.
  • All those companies that fall within a regime of the Popular Security System, regardless of the number of workers they have available.
  • Those workers who fall within the Special Regime of the Popular Security for self-employed workers.

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How to see the popular security telematic notifications?

All popular security telematic notifications are made through its electronic headquarters SEDESS.

Below we leave you from the technical requirements to access the page, to the step by step to see your telematic notifications.

The technical requirements you need to visit SEDESS

  • You must also have a permanent Cl@ve system, Cl@ve or electronic certificate that allows you to entrar the notification service.

    To see which are the certificates accepted by the SEDESS.

If your signature system requires it, it is likely that you will need to have the Java virtual machine installed.

  • Operating systems such as Windows 7 or higher 32 or 64 bits.

    For Mac OSX 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12.

    But if you have Linux, any version that supports web browsers with a centralized certificate for Cl@ve, it works for you.

  • To access the SEDESS page you cánido use browsers such as Mozilla firefox Mozilla firefox, Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer v.9 or higher.

    In addition, you perro also entrar through Google plus Google chrome or Microsoft Edge.

The step by step to see your telematic notifications, popular security

  1. To begin, you must entrar the electronic headquarters of the SEDESS institution, in the part of telematic notifications.

    Then you must go to the Consultation and signature of telematic notifications section.

  2. Then you must choose the identification system of your preference, which cánido be the Cl@ve or the usuario with the password that is the permanent Cl@ve.

    Or the electronic certificate.

  3. When entering, you only have to consult the notifications that you have available and choose the one that corresponds through the panel.

    In these notifications you perro find data such as the recipient of the notification or the state in which it is located.

    In addition to the expiration date and time of the term to sign the notification, the date of availability.

That is, from which the calculation of the 10 calendar days for the consultation of the same begins.

You will also be able to see the procedure or service that the notification refers to.

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  1. The electronic signature of the receipt voucher of the telematic notification.

    Which is a primordial step to be able to entrar the content of said notification.

    Therefore, by accepting and signing the notification, you will be able to see the document of the object of the telematic notification in PDF format.

Perro the notifications be consulted again after the 10-day period?

The Popular Security Electronic Office has made a new function available, in case you need to consult the notifications again.

This function allows you to verify the popular security telematic notifications after 10 calendar days from their availability.

This section that the General Treasury of the Popular Security (TGSS) puts is called Historical notifications.

To access this function you must entrar through the Notification Consultation and signature service.

In this section you will find those notifications that are no longer available on the SEDESS platform for signature after the 10-day period.

This history fulfills the sole function of searching for notifications published in SEDESS for the past two years.

In addition, it will only be possible for you to consult the documents and their status, but not their signature.

Therefore, the legal effect is without effect in the notifications found through this section.

Who perro entrar the History of telematic notifications?

  • The recipients that are the legal or physical person to whom said notification is addressed.
  • The secondary receivers are the representatives or managers, who cánido be Proxies or Authorized by RED.

How does the history of popular security telematic notifications work?

To facilitate your search, they offer you two types of options.

The first is the fácil search, which consists of filtering the documents by the type of recipient and their number, using data such as Regime-CCC, NIF, NAF and CIE.

The second is the advanced search, which allows you to carry out shorter queries by filtering the notifications according to the date made available in the Electronic Office, type of procedure, notification status, among others.

Where perro I find this section and what do I need to access it?

When you entrar the Electronic Office of the Popular Security, at the beginning you must go to Telematic Notifications.

Then choose the option Consultation and signature of telematic notifications.

To access this website you need a digital certificate.

As you cánido see, to see your popular security telematic notifications, great knowledge is not required.

However, it is always good to investigate what you need and what are the indicated pages that you should entrar in order to verify and keep up with your notifications.

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