Everything you need to know about platforms

Everything you need to know about platforms

With the popularization of NFTs and technology crypto in general, many people are beginning to understand how cryptocurrencies work, devoting part of their time to research what are the best cryptocurrency exchanges. However, not all these fanes of the world of cryptocurrencies are clear about what, exactly, the functions of a exchangealso ignoring the criteria to take into account when finding the best cryptocurrency exchanges as well as the risks associated with the use of this type of web platform.

What is an exchange?

First, we need to first define the concept of exchange.

We understand how exchange to all that digital platform that allows its users to carry out operations of buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies. Its operation is very afín to that of a broker or a traditional exchange house, with the difference that the exchange works with cryptocurrencies.

The exchange They have existed since the creation of Bitcoin, and arose from the initiative of a usuario of the Bitcointalk forum, who equipo out to create the first exchange in the world in which users could buy and sell bitcoins in exchange for dollars. It was from this initiative that this type of virtual platform became widespread, thus becoming the fastest and easiest way to carry out exchanges of all types of cryptocurrencies.

Cyber ​​attacks on platforms exchange

choose a exchange It is essential for anyone who wants to invest large amounts of money in cryptocurrencies. However, even the most reputable platforms cánido fall to cyberattacks perpetrated by piratas informáticos. In fact, according to Bloomberg records, so far in 2022 approximately 2,000 million dollars in cryptocurrencies for maneuvers of piratas informáticos.

One of the best-known cases of this type of computer attack was the one perpetrated in the year 2021 to the platform of exchange bitmartone of the biggest hits in the world crypto involving a theft of $200 million as a result of a security breach in the hot wallets. This security breach ended up affecting both ETH and BSC wallets, thus affecting many of the platform’s users.

even the platform Binance has been affected by this type of cyber attacks. As explained by the director ejecutivo of the company on Twitter, the BNB Chain suffered an attack that led to the theft of between 100 and 110 million dollars of Binance Coin.

How to choose the best exchange

In order to guarantee the security of your finances, we proceed to explain below some criteria to take into account when choose a platform exchange to which to entrust your cryptocurrencies:

Security protocols used

First of all, you should make sure that the page is secure. To do this, we recommend that you check the security protocols it follows, the surveillance system it emplees, its web address and the use of double authentication systems when carrying out transactions with crypto. Remember: the more security requirements you cánido meet, the better.

Of course, the exchange should offer its users the possibility of storing crypto cold: allow them to be sin conexión, thus creating a sense of protection over our investments.

Make sure the exchange is from your country

Remember to use a exchange that is from the same country as yours to, in this way, in order to ensure compliance with the relevant regulatory changes. You perro use exchanges foreigners, but you must bear in mind that these platforms do not have to operate with your country.

Do not forget about the liquidity of the exchange

Finally, keep in mind that the higher the trading volume, the the more liquid the exchange in question will be. Remember that liquidity will allow you to complete the transactions you carry out in the exchange Too much fasterthus allowing you to deal with the volatility of the prices of the crypto. Also check if the exchange establishes “fixed” prices that guarantee the usuario the rate equipo at the time of the transaction, regardless of when it is settled.

If you apply these criteria to the different exchanges that you will find on the Internet, you will be able to enjoy a quality service and the peace of mind of knowing that your funds will be protected against cyber attacks. Despite having these criteria, it is recommended to also use comparators on-line that help their users to quickly distinguish which are the platforms of exchange that best suit your needs. These tools will save you hours of research and, furthermore, if you escoge to apply the previously explained criteria to their results, you will have the best available exchange of the network capable of satisfying your needs as a cryptocurrency usuario.

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 Everything you need to know about platforms
  Everything you need to know about platforms
  Everything you need to know about platforms

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