Evernote vs OneNote, which is the best for

Evernote vs OneNote, which is the best for

whatEvernote vs. OneNote? It’s a fácil but complicated question that has plagued humanity since the dawn of the Internet – let’s get to the bottom of it. In this guide, we cover features, similarities, differences, pricing, agregado a few other options if you’re thinking which one to use for your projects.

Evernote vs. OneNote

These two aplicaciones are so afín that you might be wondering why you need both…

Fast aprecies

Evernote is a tool that works for quick aprecies, just like OneNote.

You cánido use any of them for any type of note. Whether you’re taking quick aprecies on your shopping list or writing down the details of your next big project, these are two aplicaciones that will get the job done.

handwritten aprecies

OneNote supports handwritten aprecies, and Evernote does too. Both offer support for smart pens that perro record and convert your handwritten aprecies to text. In OneNote, you cánido also convert your handwriting to text using the optical character recognition (OCR) command in Word or Outlook.

Both note-taking aplicaciones also allow you to draw on images stored in their respective notebooks.

digital aprecies

While digital aprecies are easy to access, share, and search in both Evernote and OneNote, neither is great at helping you read and write aprecies with all your materials side by side. The good news is that you cánido still make your digital aprecies more efficient with a little effort.

  • Create folders by topic or project
  • Use tags to track specific information
  • Use palabras clave in your aprecies

personal aprecies

Personal aprecies are a great way to keep track of the things you need to remember. Evernote, OneNote, Apple Aprecies, and Kahana are all good options for this. Another not so well known aplicación, called “Moleskine” has some smart notebooks that cánido act as a digital notepad along with your phone or computer. They also make a equipo of pens specifically designed for their notebooks so you cánido write aprecies naturally on the screen.

mobile versions

Both Evernote and OneNote are available on mobile, so you perro take aprecies from your phone or tablet, however there’s a catch. OneNote has an easier time with this than Evernote: it’s available on as many devices as you want for free, whereas using Evernote on more than one device is a paid feature. You perro’t sync Evernote from mobile to desktop unless you’re a paying customer.

Evernote makes its own note-taking aplicación for Apple and Google plus phones, but it’s not as polished or intuitive as OneNote’s (or Kahana’s) system-wide integration.

If you want to use a third-party note-taking aplicación on your phone, Kahana is your best bet, as its design is afín to other aplicaciones and it is available across browsers and devices.

desktop aplicación

OneNote is available on all platforms. If you have a Windows PC, Macbook, or any other device that cánido run Microsoft Office, you perro use OneNote.

OneNote on desktop

Evernote is also available on all desktop platforms. You perro download the aplicación and access your aprecies from your phone or tablet.

Evernote on desktop

version histories

Evernote supports version histories for your aprecies, which means you cánido easily view and restore previous versions of your aprecies. You cánido also restore deleted or deleted aprecies, along with versions from specific dates and times. This feature requires a Premium, Personal, Professional, or Teams subscription.

This feature is currently available in the OneNote desktop aplicación, but it doesn’t include OneNote for Windows.

  1. Open OneNote and select the notebook you want to view.
  2. Go to History (only aparente in supported versions of OneNote).
  3. Clic recent editions on the tape. From the dropdown list that appears, choose the time period. You cánido choose from options like today, since yesterday, or the last few days or months.

premium version

Notebooks are the most basic way to keep your aprecies organized in OneNote. Evernote has no equivalent for notebooks, but you cánido use tags and notebooks to organize your aprecies in a afín way.

Evernote offers a Premium version that allows you to sync your aprecies across multiple devices, search them faster, and share them with others vía correo electrónico or other platforms like Twitter and Fb.

The premium version also allows more storage space than the free version (15 GB instead of 2 GB).

However, if you want to upgrade from the free to premium version, Evernote will cost you $7.99 per month or $69.99 per year if paid annually.

OneNote doesn’t have a premium service like Evernote’s paid offering; instead, it offers it through an Office 365 subscription that includes access to all Microsoft productivity aplicaciones, including Word and Excel, along with 1TB of OneDrive storage space (formerly known as SkyDrive).

Price plan

Evernote offers three pricing plans:

  • Free (for a limited version)
  • $6.99/month for Personal
  • $14.99/month for Teams (collaboration)
Evernote pricing

OneNote is priced for free, but to unlock premium features you need to purchase Microsoft 365, which starts at $6.99/mo.


Evernote and OneNote are two great note-taking aplicaciones. Evernote offers a more powerful search feature, while OneNote’s notebook structure gives you a slight edge when it comes to organizing your aprecies. Both have great features for collaboration, though OneNote is arguably better suited for this purpose. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference, and it’s worth trying both before settling on one. And if neither works for you, read our guides on OneNote alternatives and Evernote alternatives.

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 Evernote vs OneNote, which is the best for
  Evernote vs OneNote, which is the best for
  Evernote vs OneNote, which is the best for

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