eToro Opinions: Analysis and Valuation of

eToro Opinions: Analysis and Valuation of

On the internet there are many eToro ReviewsMany are positive, others not so much.

However, each opinion is personal and depends a lot on the experience you have yourself.

We will use this space to give our honest opinion based on our experience.

We will discuss the pros, cons and also other details that allow us to objectively judge this platform.

First, we explain what eToro is and why so many new investors are using its services.

Entrar Etoro

What is eToro?

eToro it’s a broker whose foundation was in 2007 In it you perro operate all kinds of financial assets, such is the case of cryptocurrencies, raw materials, currencies, among others.

You have the possibility to use it to carry out operations of trading legally, since it is regulated, therefore, it has investors all over the world.

One of its main characteristics is that it specializes in the popular trading, which means that you cánido see the operations of the investors and their statistics, unless they have their private profile.

This undoubtedly makes it a transparent platform that also has a tool called Copy Trader to copy other investors.

Our opinion of eToro

It is a platform that attracts many new investors every day, for years eToro has been in charge of carrying out huge Marketing campaigns, gaining ground over its competition.

It is a fácil platform to use and has all kinds of options for those new userswho are mostly beginners, don’t have a problem with its interfaz.

Of course, when investors find out about other options with better features, they leave eToro aside.

However, this is not something that everyone does, as some continue to trust their money to this broker for its pros, which we detail below:


  • Wide variety of markets available from the same platform: currencies, cryptocurrencies, shares, etcétera.
  • Copy Trader option.
  • It is a highly transparent platform, one of the best in this regard.

    One example of the benefits of this feature is that if someone sells a trading course as “awesome”, they perro espectáculo their trades on eToro and thus espectáculo whether they know the subject or not.

  • It has a “virtual” version in which you perro do test trading with $100,000, perfect for you to start practicing your market operations.
  • Its filter to search for investment options is extremely useful and comfortable for users.
  • Commissions afín to others brokers; before their commissions were more than double those of other platforms.

    Likewise, in some operations the commissions perro be double those of your competition.


  • Sometimes the platform has loading problems (2 seconds), which perro be problematic when doing your operations.
  • It does not sell you cryptocurrencies as such, but CDFs of crypto assets.
  • As for graphics, it leaves a lot to be desired, the technical analysis from the platform must be improved.

    This is one of the reasons why many traders do not join eToro at all.

  • To CopyTrader some of the best investors you must have a high capital.
  • $5 commission for withdrawing funds and $10 for inactivity for a month.
  • Sometimes the commissions perro be higher than those of your competition.

What are your costs and commissions?

We have already told you that commissions have improvedHowever, in some operations the commissions are not the best.

Our recommendation is that whenever you open a position in the market –do trading–, first compare how much the commission will be in another broker doing the same operation.

Likewise, here we leave you all the details of the commissions in eToro depending on the type of market:

  • ETFs and stocks: They do not have commissions of any kind.
  • cryptocurrencies: 1% of each purchase or sale.
  • CDF: Currencies from 1 to 2 Pips (depends on currencies); Commodities from 2 to 100 Pips; Index 0.75 to 7 points; Stocks (leveraged) 0.09%.

Is eToro for beginners?

It perro be the platform for beginners because many get to have their first experience with investments in eToro, thanks to all the publicity that the platform has.

It is easy to use and has many advantages, agregado it is safe – it is not a scam.

On the other hand, it has a trial version, in which you perro trade with test money and thus familiarize yourself with the platform and with trading; so we cánido tell you yes, it is a platform for beginners.

We want to make it clear to you that, if you are a beginner, you should study and know the risks of investing, since you perro easily lose your money, especially with operations in the crypto market.

Is eToro for experts?

For lovers of technical study, it is not the most appropriate, remember that eToro has a lot to improve with respect to the graphs and the tools it provides for technical analysis.

Therefore, the experts they tend to go to other platformsbut this does not orinan that there are no experts in trading on eToro, yes there are.

According to opinions about eToro, due to the little comfort to analyze graphs, the most experienced have other platforms that are more comfortable for them, since it provides them with better options for experts with which they cánido make their high-risk operations.

But, remember that everyone has their own “eToro opinion”.


Say it’s a broker with many options, a platform that we recommend that you give it a oportunidad, yes, first study technical and primordial analysis before making your first operations.

We believe that eToro is the platform that attracts new investors, who then escoge to split their portfolio with other platforms that give them other options.

We also want to make it clear to you that this platform is legal and you will have no problem using it; what we didn’t like very much and maybe you didn’t either, are the Withdrawal and inactivity fees from account.

To say goodbye we ask you to interact with us, tell us the type of content you would like to have here and share this articulo so that everyone knows our opinion on eToro; the broker of large advertising campaigns.

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 eToro Opinions: Analysis and Valuation of
  eToro Opinions: Analysis and Valuation of
  eToro Opinions: Analysis and Valuation of

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