EthereumClix It is the first page that we introduce in to earn Etherum.

He Ethereum is another cryptocurrency, just like bitcoin. and others.

I have decided start collecting Ethereum in anticipation of a possible price riseas bitcoin has done, which in recent months has multiplied its value by 10.

Your registration is very fácil.

You will only have to put your name, dirección de correo electrónico, and password name.

It’s not difficult, right? you perro do it from here:

After registering, you should look at the dirección de correo electrónico you have putgiven that they will send you a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico.

Once done, you perro start earning small parts of Ethereum.

These small parts (one millionth part) are called szabo.

For starting to win Szabo you must go to the top of the pageto section Surf Adsin which we will see ads, each for a value of Ethereum.

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After, we will have to see a first announcement from the admin, the so-called Admin Ads.

Be careful that it doesn’t happen to you like it did to me and you spend half an hour giving it! you will have to wait a few seconds, until it is completed, and then solve a small captchat.

Once unlocked, we perro see the paid adsIran from 3 Szabo to 0.5 SzaboBe careful, just like the Admin Ads has ad focus, therefore, you have to wait until it is completed.

Ethereumclix has a single level of referrals, but with unlimited number.

You perro earn 40% of the ethereum that your referrals earn clicking on your ads.

Also has “VIP” membership (in this case called “Doubled“),?it is recommended to buy it?.

yes, always and when you have a good network of active referrals.

Here I leave you one comparative table of the Doubled membership with respect to the Estándar membership.

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ANDThe minimum payment in EthereumClix is ​​0.0003500 Ehterum.

The admin has lowered it by 50%, until recently the minimum was 0.005000 Etherum

1 Etherum = 1,000.00 Szabo / 1,000,000 Szabo = 1 Etherum

When we request our payment, we will be discounted 5% (0.00300 etherum) in the form of a commission.

On the page it tells us that We will receive the payment in our Ethereum wallet in a maximum of 72 hours.

You will have to have a wallet ethereum.

For that yesterday I told you about Coinbase.

Final conclusions EthereumClix

A new cryptocurrency we do not know what it will bring us.

It is possible that it rises like foam, Ethereum is currently paid at around 255 euros.

But who knows if in a few months it will not rise the same as bitcoin has risen, for this, I prefer to go collecting Ethereum for what may happen.

Until that happens I encourage you to register in EthereumClix, it’s easy and free!.

Greetings and much success!

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