Esketit | Crowdlending with cryptocurrencies

Esketit | Crowdlending with cryptocurrencies

Esketit is a new crowdlending platform created by the Creamfinance Group in 2020 and which is growing a lot in recent times for various reasons that we are going to review throughout this articulo.

One of them is that the platform offers a very good average return on its loans, which usually fluctuates between 10 and 14%something that right now is above the vast majority of crowdlending platforms with much more experience.

The loans offer a buyback guarantee, a feature that offers security and although it only has one loan originator, these usually have a fairly short average duration, which is always very useful when it comes to diversifying and, above all, to have liquidity.


Esketit is a crowdlending platform that offers good returns on our investment. You have the possibility of using cryptocurrencies, in addition to a plus of 1% of your investment in the first 90 days.

Registration in Esketit

Registering with Esketit is a fácil, fast and, of course, completely free process. All you have to do is entrar the information requested in the registration form and then access our dirección de correo electrónico where we will receive an correo electrónico to confirm the account.

The requirements to use Esketit are those of Being over 18 years of age and have a bank account in the European Union or country within european economic area.

Afterwards we cánido entrar our Estekit account with the credentials provided in the form, yes, to start investing within the platform we will first have to verify the identity, which is nothing more than uploading a photo of our ID.

When we have the verified account, which usually takes about 10 minutes, we will be able to use the investor account without any restrictions.

how to invest

Before investing in loans we are going to have to make a deposit. We will entrar the section Deposit & Withdraw and there we find two options; Bank Account | Crypto Wallet.

In Bank Account we will make the investment by means of a bank transfer, we will see all the data that we will have to entrar when sending the money from our bank to Estekit.

The other option is to do it using cryptocurrencies, for this the platform gives us the option of doing it using the stable coins USDT and USDC.

depositing cryptocurrencies

We are going to have to select the network with which we want to invest between Ethereum and TRON, entrar the amount that we are going to inject and send said amount to an address that the system will generate for us.

Keep in mind that this is a much faster option than bank transfer but also more expensive, since we are charged almost 10% in commissions.

Right now The minimum amount to invest is 10 eurosalthough a higher amount is recommended to get a real benefit within the platform.

investment options

At Esketit we have daily more than 2,000 loans to invest from originators from various countries such as Jordan, the Czech Republic or México that will give us annual returns of up to 14%.

It should be noted that we have a secondary market where we will be able to buy or sell the loans in which we have invested before they expire.

We also have a repurchase guarantee for our loans after 60 days of delay. The originator in question will have to buy the loans and we as investors would receive the amount of the loan agregado the corresponding interest.


mintosregulated platform


BondoraGet €5 free

Another option to highlight is the Coche-Investwhere we are provided with the tool to configure our investments in a fully automatic way, just as we would do on other platforms such as Mintos.

We will have the possibility of choosing between different parameters to adapt our investment to our tastes and that this is done 100% automatically, without the need for us to be aware of it.

Opinion about Esketit

Esketit is a platform that is highly valued by crowdlending investors, since it has originators from countries that are not so common on other platforms, something that helps to diversify our investment and risk exposure, something that we have to keep in mind. .

There is no doubt that these good valuations also come from the good percentage that is being received from our investments, since right now they do not fall below 10% in most loans, some of them are even above 14%, quite a few commissions Better than what other crowdlending platforms are giving today.

All this together with the fact that it allows the use of cryptocurrencies, something that sooner or later all platforms will have to implement, since cryptocurrencies in my opinion are here to stay.

Although it is a young platform and this always makes us take things with caution, the truth is that the fact that they are doing things well and giving good returns within the logic of what this world of crowdlending is, makes it worthy of entrar our business portfolio.

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 Esketit |  Crowdlending with cryptocurrencies
  Esketit |  Crowdlending with cryptocurrencies
  Esketit |  Crowdlending with cryptocurrencies

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