Entry Requirements in Spain

Entry Requirements in Spain

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Here We will explain each of these requirements that will be requested when you entrar Spain.

In addition to this, we will explain the possible causes of a ban on entry to Spain.

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Entrance to Spain

In order to entrar Spanish territory, it is necessary to have a series of mandatory requirements for it.

For this reason, all those travelers, regardless of the reasons for their trip, are urged to find out about it.

You must be aware, before making your trip, about the possible restrictions adopted by the Ministry of the Interior to the border crossing.

In the same way on the sanitary measures established by the Ministry of Health.

Entry into Spain for stays that must not exceed 90 days during the semester, are regulated by Regulation (EU) 2016/399 of the European Parliament.

For this reason, it is established by a Code of Union regulations, better known as the Schengen border code.

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What are the Entry Requirements in Spain?

The entry requirements in Spain They are diverse, yet fácil.

So that you cánido know and be up to date with what They will ask you the first time you equipo foot in Spanish territoryWe have prepared this article for you.

Most of the requirements are the same as those requested in other countries, but this time we will talk about Spain.

And the entry requirements in Spain are the following:


Possess a Valid and Valid Passport or Travel Document

This document must be validated up to three months after the date of departure from the territory of the Member States.

In addition to this, it must have been given within the previous 10 years.

As for people from any State of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, they only need to have their national identity card or their passport.

In the case of a minor, you must travel with the ID and parental permission.

2. Possesses a Valid and Valid Visa or Permit

This requirement is mandatory for those people from third countries, included in the list of countries that require a visa or permit to cross foreign borders.

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As long as they are not in possession of a valid residence permit.

Or even a long-term visa issued by another member state.

Keep in mind that those people who have the latter will be able to circulate for a maximum of 90 days.

This as long as you have a valid and current passport or travel document.

In turn, they must justify the sufficiency of economic means, the object and the conditions of their stay.

Police controls

In any circumstance, at police checkpoints, access may be denied to persons.

Even when they have the aforementioned, that is, a valid passport and permit.

And this happens in the following cases:

  • Tourist or Private Trips: When these types of cases arise, the presentation of certain documents may be required, such as:
  • Document in which the establishment of lodging is justified.

    Or that letter of invitation from a resident of Spain.

    In the event that you stay at his home, this must be issued by the Police Commissioner that corresponds to his place of residence.

    Keep in mind that this invitation letter will replace the accreditation by the foreign person of the other documents requested at the entrance.

  • Confirmation of the reservation of the certain trip, including the itinerary.
  • The return ticket or the tourist circuit ticket.
  • Trips of a Professional, Scientific, Political or Other Activity and Reasons: In these cases, police controls cánido and have the right to demand certain documents.

    And these are the following:

  • An invitation from a company or even some authority to participate in meetings, conventions, whether of a commercial or industrial nature, among others.
  • Documents that support the existence of commercial, industrial relations, among other activities.
  • Cards or passes for access to fairs, congresses, conventions, among others.
  • Invitations, entrance card, reservations, and even itinerary.

    These must contain the name of the organization that issued the invitation, the duration of their stay.

    Or you cánido present another document that cánido reference the reason for your visit.

  • Study trips or other type of training (Courses, Master, etcétera.): In these cases, the authorities may require that certain documents be presented to them.

    As are the following:

  • Documents in which the registration is indicated.

    These must belong to a teaching center, in which the person will participate in theoretical and practical courses for the training of professionals.

  • Certificates related to the courses followed.
  • exceptionally, may request that they be presented with the health certificates that are required by the Ministry of the Interior.

    That they are in agreement with the ministries of health and consumption and tarea and immigration.

Those that are under the regulations of the European Union.

Regarding the requirement of these certificates, it will be published well in advance.

Causes of Prohibition of Entry

The causes of prohibition of entry are very few, this as long as you comply with all the Entry requirements in Spain.

So so that you cánido understand a little about what this is about, we will explain it to you below:

Requirements to collect the RAI (Active Insertion Income)

  1. Having been previously expelled or even returned by Spain or by a Schengen State.
  2. Being prohibited from entering due to activities contrary to the welfare of Spain or human rights.

    Also for connection to criminal organizations.

  3. Being requested internationally for criminal reasons.
  4. Being a danger to public health and even to national security.

    Or even with Spain’s international relations or with those states with which Spain has a relationship or agreement.

Now that you know all the entry requirements in Spain, you perro visit Spanish territory without any problem.

You just have to be up to date with all the documents and not be within the possible causes of prohibition.

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 Entry Requirements in Spain
  Entry Requirements in Spain
  Entry Requirements in Spain

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