Entropia Universe earn money

Entropia Universe earn money

Eutropia Universe is a multiplayer vídeo game en línea that makes up a real money model, with 750,000 users with a customizable avatar and that it is only a game that is available in English, Spanish does not entrar its platform.

Let’s talk a little more about the game, we find ourselves in front of a scenario where the protagonist is a new planet called Calypso that has been colonized, an event that occurs through the destruction of human beings on earth and the need to find another place where they cánido survive.

Before the human being arrived at this new planet called Calypso, a series of robots to investigate the conditions of survival in this place, and after a time that humans finally made an appearance, there was a confrontation between both species and from then on, it is where the game takes place and where the people or rather the jugadores come to life.

Now, let’s talk about what’s important and it’s earn money through this gamewhich is really possible since we are talking about a game where commerce moves inside it.

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  • Ways to earn money through Entropia Universe

    It is important to know that this game moves commercially through a currency called PED whose value is $1 for every 10 PEDs and is obtained through various activities and means of selling in-game products to other jugadores.

    Now, to take into account what these activities are, we must emphasize that we are talking about hunting events through which random or specific newsletters are obtained, crafting and mining.

    For its part, it is important that to carry out this type of activity, the player must have weapons for this, which implies that in some cases you will have to buy or repair tools that you do not have or that you have but are in poor condition.

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  • bank account registration

    We talk about a game in which money movesTherefore, the player must register a Bank account which will be where you will receive all the money.

    This bank account must accept payments in dollars, taking into account that the player will be able to withdraw money when he has the amount of 1,000 PED.

    The data it must contain this bank account for your records are, bank name, country of bank location, account number, BIC or routing number.

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  • Have virtual payment accounts

    It is necessary that for the registration and payment procedurethe person has a virtual payment account in dollars, so we are talking about all those accounts that allow this type of transaction such as PayPal or Payoneer.

    Computer conditions

    In the same way, to efficiently develop the game, the person must have a computer act for thishaving the following specifications:

    • ASDL internet connection or better.
    • 2048 MB (2 GB) of RAM.
    • Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 7800 Series or better / ATI Radeon 1900 Series or better.
    • DirectX 9.0 or later.
    • Screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixels.
    • Hard Disk Space 10 GB Free.

    Game download and start

    Once the game is fully downloaded and available to be developed, the player must do the profile of his avatar as his first action, remembering that at the beginning we mentioned that each player has a personalized avatar.

    Make it the closest thing to you or the closest thing you want to what you dream it to be your avatarremember that it will be the one you manipulate throughout the game, so you should feel completely satisfied with its creation.

    Once the avatar is finished The tutorial will begin where the game explains to the player the dynamics to follow, that is, everything that must be known for the good performance of the player and to achieve a successful and very pleasant game.

    These are the basic conditions of the game and the way in which the functions are developed or performed to achieve a profit that the player will be able to withdraw effectively when he achieves in the first instance, the amount of 1,000 PED, from then on everything that the player manages to achieve in PED will be fully credited to your account in an efficient manner.

    Eutropia Universe is quite an entertaining game which has a perfect edition design and functions that are developed with perfection in details, being a fun way to earn money through strategies that the player achieves to move through the entire game scenario without losing, and contrary to this, doing everything possible to win in all activities and to achieve the sale of products that provide an increase in your capital.

    make money this way It is a very entertaining and very dynamic activity, through which additional income cánido be obtained that will help the person gradually increase their financial capital.

    We talk about one of the most profitable vídeo games in the worldan almost almost real game, where a quite deep scenario is developed and where the person generates their own survival conditions, in a new planet where many strange things perro happen.

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     Entropia Universe earn money
  Entropia Universe earn money
  Entropia Universe earn money

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