Entrepreneurial attitude and culture

Entrepreneurial attitude and culture

In today’s article I am going to talk about something very important nowadays, that is, about the entrepreneurial attitude and culture.

What is entrepreneurial culture?

We perro say that the entrepreneurial culture is a equipo of values, principles, ideals, beliefs, and behavior patterns that encourage the introduction of a new product/service, a new organizational structure or process, or even the establishment of a new organization by from an existing one.

We perro summarize it in that the entrepreneurial culture is simply a way of thinking and acting directed towards the generation of wealth.

It should be noted that the generation of wealth cánido be achieved through:

  • Capitalization of opportunities (act of taking advantage of something for one’s own benefit).
  • Balanced leadership.
  • The forecast of a calculated risk.
  • The development of a global visión.

As a result, we cánido obtain a generation of value that benefits both entrepreneurs, companies, the economy and society.

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What is an entrepreneur?

According to Morris and Kuratko, An entrepreneur, in addition to making optimal use of available resources and using them in combinations that maximize their feasible results, “adds value” to any process or activity in which they intervene.

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Entrepreneur profile

Some characteristics and destrezas that define the profile of an entrepreneur are the following:

  • Being able to face risks.
  • Have confidence.
  • Have negotiation skills.
  • Possess knowledge.
  • Have the ability to concentrate to solve problems.
  • Own values.
  • Be idealistic and shrewd.
  • be persevering

Importance of entrepreneurial culture

The entrepreneurial culture is important because it helps us to:

  • Promote organizational learning.
  • Stimulate attitudes of creativity and adaptability.
  • It favors decision-making, negotiation, self-confidence and planning capacities.
  • It is constituted as a source of equity and equality.
  • It helps usher in innovation and improvement.

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 Entrepreneurial attitude and culture
  Entrepreneurial attitude and culture
  Entrepreneurial attitude and culture

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