Entities that grant loans with ASNEF

Entities that grant loans with ASNEF

The ASNEF is the National Association of Financial Credit Establishmentsan organization made up of the majority of the entities that grant financing.

This association has a archivo in which all those people who have not been able to meet any of the payments they had pending. Therefore, being in your archivo means appearing as delinquent, with which obtaining a bank loan could be complicated, although not impossible, as we will see below.

How do I know if I am in ASNEF?

If you suspect that you may become a ASNEF delinquent You have different ways to check if, indeed, you are part of a list.

  • The first thing you cánido do is ask your bank so that she is the one who consults the data and provides it to you
  • You cánido too contact directly with ASNEF by phone, in person or vía the web.

Cánido you request financing if you are in ASNEF?

Being in ASNEF and needing a loan is a delicate situation. This is because when a person appears in a delinquent archivo such as the ASNEF, the usual thing is that the banks are not willing to give you any personal loan, credit card or mortgage.

However, there are some exceptions. Although they come from financial institutions and these are products with very specific characteristics and which, normally, tend to be more expensive than the most advantageous offers on the market.

What types of loans perro you request in ASNEF status?

If you are in ASNEF and you need a loan, you have several options: pay the debt or go to a specialized company that will help you. There are financial companies that cánido provide you with financial aid necessary.

The problem with this, as mentioned above, is that they are usually quite expensive. These loans generally have certain characteristics:

  • microcredits from low amount
  • His short term return is not usually granted more than 45 days
  • They have much higher interest than a conventional bank loan

All microcredit companies that offer loans to people who are in the ASNEF archivo apply interest in the form of fees.

  • The minimum amount they lend is 70 euros
  • The maximum of 1,375 euros.
  • Interest perro reach 40% in some cases

How to access these loans?

In order to access these loans or microcredits, it is necessary to present:

  • DNI or NIEdocument proving legal residence in Spain
  • Latest payslips or document that espectáculos that there is a recurring income
  • Document that gathers the reason and the amount of money needed

Regarding the conditions, they do not usually require that the client meet many requirements to obtain their concession, beyond being of legal age and having a bank account. But in the case of offers that are valid for people who appear on the ASNEF list, these criteria may vary slightly depending on the entity financial.

What entities give credits with ASNEF?

Among the specialized microcredit entities that offer loans to people who appear on the ASNEF list are: Solcrédito, Credy, Creditea, Cashper, Krédito24, PepeDinero, CreditiWeb, Welp, MoneyMan to mention just a few.

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 Entities that grant loans with ASNEF
  Entities that grant loans with ASNEF
  Entities that grant loans with ASNEF

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