ENFaucets | Lots of free cryptocurrencies

ENFaucets | Lots of free cryptocurrencies

ENFaucets It is a page that will offer us free earnings in several of the highest market capitalization cryptocurrencies, currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Dogecoin among many others.

We are talking about one of the platforms with the most registered users, on the way to half a million and which, in addition to the website, has an application ready to download for Android, which makes it in its own right one of the most comfortable and reliable pages where you perro earn free cryptocurrencies.

Although at first ESFaucets only had Bitcoin among the coins that could be obtained, little by little it has been including more in its offer, to the point that at the time of writing this article it has a total of 15 different ones.

All of them perro be obtained for free using several of the methods available on the page.

Features and registration in ESFaucets


Language: English.

Available currencies: fifteen.

Withdrawal Minimum: Depending on the currency.

Referral system: Yeah.

Accepted countries: All countries, no restrictions.

Once again, as in all the websites I’m talking about, registering with ESFaucets is completely free.

The only thing you have to do to use it and earn money is open an account, for this we use the button that I have left you a little higher in the characteristics.

On the landing page we look for where it says “SIGNUP” and clic on it.

A fácil registration form will be displayed, where we will have to entrar some information such as nombre de usuario, correo electrónico and password.

Finally we will go to our correo electrónico, where we will receive a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico, we just clic on the button Activate account to be able to entrar ESFaucets and begin to obtain benefits.

In the case of not seeing the confirmation correo electrónico, I recommend you look in the contenido publicitario folder, sometimes they slip in there.

How to make money on ESFaucets

As I have told you, we are facing a free page, so we are going to find a good number of options to increase cómputo at zero cost.

Some options that we are going to review now one by one.

To start earning cryptocurrencies in ESFaucets we basically have to focus on a menu option called “Earn”there we will see several options for it.


The first is Faucetswe find several faucets of different cryptocurrencies including ES-Coin, the web currency that we cánido use to get things within it.

claim example

You just have to clic on the coin that you want to win and then make the claim by clicking on Clic here to Claim, fill in the captcha and that’s it.

This process perro be repeated every few minutes depending on the currency.

In principle we have several coins blocked, we will have to reach at least level 10 to be able to claim them, then we will no longer have any restrictions.

The section to see ads is one of the best to increase the cómputo.

Clicking on it takes us to an external platform called ESPTCO.

We will only have to login with the same dirección de correo electrónico and password that we have in ESFaucets so that it lets us entrar and see the paid ads and all the other options to earn money, because a large part of the other possibilities to increase our cómputo are on this new platform .

paid ads

In VIEW ADS we will find a good number of ads paid in Satoshis, generally the longer the ad in question, the more we earn with it.


In this section we will have access to a series of daily paid vídeos.

To earn the commission you have to clic on the button WATCH VIDEO and play it.

I have noticed that there are days when they cánido be recharged and new vídeos come out, so it perro be interesting to check from time to time.

offer walls

Like almost all websites where you cánido earn free money today, ESFaucet also has a series of offer walls.

Some of the walls will remain blocked until reaching a certain level within the platform.

offer walls

When entering the section we see all the walls of available offers, to access them, just clic on any of them and we will see their range of offers, which, as you well know, are usually very varied, from completing surveys, watching vídeos, downloading applications , install programa, etcétera.

To all this we have to add some of the platform’s own surveys that will earn us thousands of points in a few minutes, they are test-type surveys that are very easy to complete.

referral system

ESFaucet has a fairly fácil referral system that will allow us to earn much faster if we are able to attract new users.

We are going to get 2500 ES-Coin for each active usuario, in addition to 20% of the total of each claim made within the platform.

Also, depending on our level, we will receive a 150% plus weekly, which is not bad at all.

Minimum and how to charge in ESFaucet

In our dashboard we perro see at all times the available cómputo for each of the currencies supported in ESFaucet.

Each coin has a little button called viewwhich when clicking on it will display several options, among which is Withdrawthere we perro withdraw the profits.

When entering the withdrawal option we will see all the options you have, which may vary depending on the cryptocurrency.

In general, we will get Coinbase, FaucetPay, Express Crypto and BTC Wallet.

We just have to select the one that suits us best and follow the steps.

In general, each wallet has a minimum payment and a different commission, so I have seen that it is best to do it with Coinbase since both the minimum and the commission (non-existent) are much more conveniente to our interests.

Final opinion about ESFaucet

A page that allows us to earn several of our favorite cryptocurrencies for free? It is something that most of us are looking for and ESFaucet is what it offers us.

A lot of ways to achieve it, being able to choose the best option based on our tastes, all seasoned with a good dose of reliability, something to take into account when getting fully involved in working on a page.

The minimum payments are very affordable and the payment methods are varied, so you will hardly encounter difficulties in this regard, all you have to do is work at it and reap the rewards.

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 ENFaucets |  Lots of free cryptocurrencies
  ENFaucets |  Lots of free cryptocurrencies
  ENFaucets |  Lots of free cryptocurrencies

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