EncuestasRemuneradas.es: participate in

EncuestasRemuneradas.es: participate in

paid surveys is a page where you will earn money doing small market studies and testing products.

This page is only available for Spain, if you read me from another country, I recommend that you read the section “make money with surveys” of I get out of the crisis.

paid surveys belongs to the important French study and market research firm Cre`En líneahas been en línea since 2012 and has more than 15,000 members.

Registration and first steps in paid surveys

registration in paid surveys It is very fácil.

You will simply have to fill out a small form where you must entrar your data (as usual) and in two minutes you will have your account created.

You must go to your correo electrónico (that you have entered) to verify your account.

If you want to register on this page you perro do so by clicking on the button below:

Only We will have to fill in the profile, both professional and personalyou I recommend that you fill it 100%, since in this way you will be selected in a greater number of studies.

There is no special trick to fill out the profile, if you are a habitual person, with your job, your children and an average salary, it is best that you tell the whole truth.

As you know, there are many clients who want to do market research and there is no fixed interviewee profile.

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How do I make money on paid surveys?

In the page paid surveys.es they will not pay us money directly for each completed survey.

Are paid surveys They will provide us with points for each completed survey or tested product.

This page has various systems to earn points (which we cánido later exchange for PayPal or amazon cards).

Here I explain them:

  • Complete surveys.

    This will be the main way to get points.

    The amount that is earned when you complete a survey depends to a large extent on the difficulty of the survey, but normally, they are usually paid with around 500 points.

  • quick votes.

    By answering the questions from the community and creating small surveys you will earn points, the ten most participative users on a monthly basis will win a €10 gift voucher.

  • testing products.

    Occasionally, in paid surveys We will be able to participate in product tests of different kinds, we will only have to register our participation.

    For this we will receive 20 points.

  • Give your opinion of the products received. If you have been lucky, and you have been one of the selected ones, for giving your opinion through a fácil en línea questionnaire you will receive 500 plus points in your account cómputo.

Referral system in paid surveys

The referral system on this survey page is so good that it deserves a separate point.

We will earn 500 points for each friend who registers on the page and takes their first survey.

We will not have any kind of limit to invite friends and everyone will add the 500 points to us once you have completed the first survey.

So if you have a blog, are active on popular media, or have a lot of friends and family who like to take surveys, I recommend you tell him about this one.

You cánido earn many points and easily add points to be able to exchange them for Paypal money or Amazon vouchers.

How do I redeem the points earned?

In paid surveys you cánido exchange your points for money PayPal or gift vouchers Amazonfrom 13,000 points.

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  • Pay Paypal from 13,000 points (€10)
  • cards gift Amazon €10 for 13,000 points

As you cánido see, they only give us the option of charging the paypal paid surveys either paid surveys amazon.

And the truth is that it is a good option, since if we have many payment options, we lose ourselves in the meantime.

paid surveys It offers us something clear and fácil, the main payment gateway and the main marketplace.

Final conclusions paid surveys

Survey pages are always a safe value when it comes to making money en línea.

great pages like Toluna paid surveys as mysurvey paid surveys They have given us great joys and great prizes.

It depends on us whether they send us more or less surveys, because if you start answering like crazy without thinking or reading the questions, they may stop sending us surveys in the best of cases.

In the worst of them, they will ban the account.

In paid surveys we perro quickly get paypal money or amazon vouchers.

Also, an added advantage is that you cánido try products for free.

In addition, they will pay us very quickly, normally in less than a week you already have your money in your payment processor.

Also, if you have chosen the amazon check format, it will take more or less the same time.

If you are not registered yet, I invite you to register.

Your registration is free and it will not take you more than 3 minutes to do it.

Do not think about it and join their community.

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 EncuestasRemuneradas.es: participate in
  EncuestasRemuneradas.es: participate in
  EncuestasRemuneradas.es: participate in

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