En línea Seminars: How to earn money

En línea Seminars: How to earn money

The sale of infoproducts or en línea seminars It is a good way to earn money en línea.

We could define an en línea seminar as a short seminar that is taught over the Internet.

Both the student and the teachers connect to a virtual platform in which the course takes place.

Due to its format and duration (they usually last about 90 minutes).

en línea seminars education or any other topic are ideal tools to develop specific topics.

Selling seminars en línea has become an accessible and profitable practice for all those who want to publish their knowledge en línea.

From a few years to this part, all the knowledge of humanity perro be found on the internet, and how perro you not also find people who spread it en línea and also, earn good money with it.

The en línea seminarsalso known as free en línea webinars they perro make us money by spreading our knowledge to everyone who wants to buy it.

You will be able to sell your en línea courses at a competitive price, and thus stand out from your competitors.

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Choose the market segment that controls the most for your en línea seminars

Although it seems a logical thing, it is not bad to remember it, and also to remember it first.

You cannot teach to do something that you have never done before, you have to talk about a subject that you master, and if it is a subject with little competition, then even better.

The choice of a niche (technically it is called that) should be based on your affinity with the segment, you must master it, and of course, you must know the profitability that you perro get.

If you dominate several segments, you should look at your possibilities and analyze those niches that will provide you with the most positive results.

You should start by making a list of the topics that you master and the topics of your interest.

Consider all of them, both those that you master at 100% and those that you master at 80%, since as you progress in the seminar you will see that you have to refresh your knowledge and you will have to inform yourself when carrying out the theme of the seminar.

Once you are clear about the topics that you master on which you will be able to do an en línea seminar, you should see those that generate the most interest in the public.

I will give you an example: imagine that you are a wonderful musician and that you play the transverse flute in a band.

With that knowledge, it would be great to create a course and sell it en línea to teach people to play the transverse flute.

But you realize that the transverse flute is not a highly sought after musical instrument.

Then you should think about other topics that are more sought after, such as music theory or teaching to read sheet music.

You may not be an expert in reading sheet music, but you know how to play an instrument very well, and you have extensive knowledge of reading sheet music.

Therefore, your en línea seminar should be channeled there.

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You must bear in mind that the more open and general the subject is, the greater the search volume, but also the greater its competition.

You have to weigh the two factors.

You must know your audience

As important as knowing what you are going to talk about is knowing the people to whom the message or messages are going to be addressed.

en línea seminars.

You must understand exactly the characteristics of the public to which you will offer your product.

In addition to knowing representative aspects at a general level such as gender and age, you should analyze specific features of your ideal client.

You will have to know them and think about what exactly potential buyers need.

The problems they face, so you perro give them the best solutions.

The more you understand your audience, the more precise you will be in the promotion actions of your en línea course.

As your digital venture matures, you will discover other buyer profiles that also need your attention.

If, on the contrary, you have a business, and from this business, you want to do an en línea course, you perro interview your own clients/students and thus understand what the estándar is among them to define your profile as a person who is going to need your course .

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Define your en línea seminar format

The Internet offers a wide variety of formats for creating en línea courses.

There is no ideal format for digital infoproducts, but the best one will be the one that best conveys the content of the course to your audience.

You will be able to choose between different types of format, you must know which is the format that will best adapt to your potential audience.

Here are different types of formats:

  • libros electrónicos.

    It is quite a habitual format among en línea seminars, are easy to create and access.

    It easily adapts to any device that has a digital reader and the usuario will not need to access the Internet to access the course, since it allows saving it on the device.

  • vídeo classes.

    It is also a very practical and easy format to create, even if you do not have much experience in creating vídeos.

    If you have a mid-range/high-end móvil inteligente, you perro record yourself with it and start recording directly.

    These types of formats are highly recommended for gastronomy demonstrations or physical exercises.

  • Screencast.

    They are vídeos that are captured from a computer screen.

    You will only need a program to record your computer screen and a microphone to narrate the knowledge you want to express.

  • monthly subscription.

    It is a very interesting format, you offer content periodically and you perro charge a monthly fee for access.

  • Audiobooks.

    They are spoken narrations, the person who makes them cánido narrate his knowledge while doing another activity, or simply narrating the activity he is doing.

  • podcasts.

    It is a business model afín to audiobooks, but in a much more casual way, as if it were a radio program.

    The advantages are that in postcat the listener chooses the issues that interest him the most and cánido listen to the content whenever he wants.

Conclusions en línea seminars

As you perro see, to do a good en línea seminar you have to know two main things: the audience and the product or infoproduct you want to sell.

If you have any knowledge and want to spread it and also earn money, you cánido do it, on occasion I have tried to do an en línea seminar, but it does not give me life.

In my case I put my Reference Source: https://aprendesincontrol.com/seminarios-en línea-mauricio-duque/.

Regards and until next time!

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 En línea Seminars: How to earn money
  En línea Seminars: How to earn money
  En línea Seminars: How to earn money

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