En línea Masters: 10 Best Universities

En línea Masters: 10 Best Universities

In this guide, the ABC’s of en línea master’s degreesyou will find the best universities to study your master’s degree en línea, as well as consejos and practices for distance study.

Not only are the professionals with the highest degree of preparation the most sought after by companies, but they are also among the most and best paid. A couple more years of academic training are rewarded with more interesting income.

In fact, a person who has a degree in master’s degree or postgraduate cánido receive more than double the monthly salary obtained, on average, by those who have a university degree.

For this reason, it is not difficult to understand why more and more people are signing up to study en línea masters.

En línea master’s degrees: A new alternative

Both students and teachers look for ways to turn classes and activities related to learning into something completely attractive and accessible to everyone.

Today, most of the professional careers, if not all, have the possibility of studying them in a on-line. This makes them the number one choice of students as they somehow become much more cost effective and maleable.

Take master’s degrees en línea It is no longer shown as a great investment of resources, not to mention time, since you cánido study from home without having to worry about travel expenses or uncomfortable class schedules.

En línea master’s degrees represent an alternative that allows students to continue with their usual routine, since their study hours will be completely programmed by them according to their needs.

In short: the en línea masters They offer you all the benefits, both academic and professional, that you get with a face-to-face master’s degree, without having to invest so much time and money for it.

I want to do a master’s degree en línea!

Few decisions are as important and decisive as whether to study a master’s degree or not.

And it is that although it is true that the more academically trained you are, the better you will do in the tarea field, it is good to first place everything on a scale and determine if it is truly something that deserves your time, effort and invest your money.

A master’s degree It allows you to keep your knowledge up to date, and it will make you stand out among the other applicants for the same job position. It is an added value that cánido easily be translated into a salary and a much more attractive job offer.

Reach the scholarship of your dreams this 2021

However, Are you willing to be a student again to complete your university education?

Take your time to think and reflect, determine if you have the availability of time, if you have the money to do it and most importantly, if any of the en línea master’s degrees align with your professional goals.

If you feel this is the case, you should place yourself in one of these two academic profiles:

  • Recent graduate wanting to complete their training with a master’s degree or,
  • Professional who seeks, through the acquisition of new knowledge, to turn his working life around.

Why do this? In order to calmly determine what are the en línea masters that are most convenient for you, and thus examine the program contents that are to your liking, taking into account the theoretical and practical aspects.

All this taking into account that there are different types of specialized master’s degrees: specific or generalized, long or short, face-to-face or en línea, with regular or intensive weekend schedules, etcétera.

If you work, are a parent or simply your personal activities prevent you from attending the university on a regular basis, it is best to opt for a en línea master’s degree

In short, it is the same as doing a face-to-face study, omitting the plus costs of traveling to the university, “plus” meals while you are away from home, and the stress that getting ready and trying to get to class on time generates. .

study from home Anyone cánido do it, especially if you have a maleable schedule that allows you to continue with the daily routine to which you are already accustomed.

Advantages of taking master’s degrees en línea:

The en línea classes They not only allow you to study in a maleable schedule that adjusts to your needs. Here you have a series of benefits of studying remotely or remotely.

1. Endless opportunities:

There is a wide variety of en línea courses and en línea master’s degrees that you cánido take from homevía a desktop or notebook computer.

Try to choose the one that suits you best depending on your profession and current level of academic training, or the one that meets your tastes.

2. Lower costs:

In addition to saving money on travel expenses to the university, with the en línea classes You should not worry about the reproduction of guides and materials since they perro be downloaded digitally from the cloud and with the help of any computer.

3. You optimize time:

Forget getting up early and spending at least a couple of hours getting ready to go to college. With just one clic you perro make an “act of presence” in your en línea master’s degreeso it is you who manages your time in the best way.

The same happens in the business world, there are very interesting alternatives to earn money en línea at the distance of a few clicks.

4. Choose when to study:

Not everyone has the availability to study early in the morning, just as there are students whose performance is better at night.

A distance mastery It allows you to choose the hours of classes, according to the rest of your daily activities.

5. Flexibility to carry out tasks:

In face-to-face classes, a certain period is equipo to hand in some work or take a test. When studying en línea mastersthe assignments cánido be completed little by little and even brought forward in order to enjoy free time to the fullest.

6. Continuous training:

It is an option that allows us to keep constantly learning, which is one of the keys to learning how to be smarter.

En línea master’s degrees allow you to sintetiza studies in a subtle way, without feeling the pressure generated by going to university as an adult.

7. Cómputo work and study:

This is one of the biggest Advantages of studying an en línea master’s degree. Both activities cánido be carried out simultaneously, without one interfering with the other.

8. There is no loss of classes:

Your course will not be so easily delayed by external factors. As long as you have the disposition, you will receive your corresponding lesson no matter if it rains, the teacher gets sick, or even if the internet fails.

9. Focus on your needs:

En línea courses allow students to focus and reinforce those areas and tasks in which they are most comfortable and find it much more productive for their career and field of work.

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Universities with en línea master’s degrees:

If you think take a master’s degree en línea, you will be happy to know that there are many options that you have. And it is that a large number of universities have decided to use technology in their favor and include the en línea masters between your services.

Some even offer downloadable content in which teachers teach their classes in the same way as they would in a conventional classroom.

It is also possible to find platforms where the entire program is located and where it is possible to take the necessary tests. For example, Harvard University offers more than 112 en línea courses to take for free.

Some of the most recognized education centers that provide this service are:

1. European Postgraduate Institute:

It is an institution company that is based in Colombia, and that offers approximately 20 virtual programs that include masters and specialties.

The Masters in Administration (MBA, for its acronym in English) occupy a third of the careers offered by the IEPand are the most sought after by the more than 1,500 students who annually make use of the en línea masters from high school.

Learn more about the Institute

If yours are humanistic careers, it is most likely that in FLACSO find what you are looking for, since it offers specializations and en línea masters in human development and bioethics, among others.

It is one of the most renowned study houses, and has offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Quito, Ecuador.

Until July 10, 2018, the OAS and the Faculty of Popular Sciences (Argentine campus) are offering 10 academic scholarships to pursue postgraduate studies in the Master’s in Human Development.

3. Distance University of La capital de españa (Spain):

This university promotes education in areas such as economics, languages, criminology, communication and marketing, business administration, and law.

This house of studies offers a total of 17 degrees, 34 university master’s degrees, 21 professional master’s degrees and almost three hundred courses.

Learn about the UDIMA master’s program here

4. University of Phoenix (USA):

This university offers en línea masters in the fields of communication, administration, science, technology, nursing, among others. In addition to having the accreditation of the Higher Education Commission, which makes it a very attractive option.

Discover the en línea programs here

5. University of Buenos Aires:

It is one of the most prestigious universities worldwide, in the field of Arts and Humanities.

Between the mastersspecialization careers and doctorates that they offer are Law, Biochemistry, Popular Sciences, Philosophy and Letters, Medicine and Psychology, among others.

Although this university does not yet have master’s degrees en línea, they do offer around four financial aid scholarships, and its foreign affairs secretary facilitates the admission of foreign students. Here you have the backlink to know the academic offer.

6. University of Barcelona:

Inside the catalog of en línea master’s degrees and remote training From this university located in Spain, you will find studies in fields such as languages, environmental management, psychology, and literature.

In the same way, you perro apply to one of the scholarships offered by the university to facilitate your study, or in case you want to do a face-to-face master’s degree, be able to cover part of your expenses.

Learn about the academic offer of this university here.

7.OBS Business School:

A 100% business school on-line which focuses on the training of business managers who want to learn how to be good company leaders. Some offers from the OBS Business School are MBAFinance, Marketing and Communications, Law and Human Resources.

The University of Barcelona, just mentioned, is one of the allies of this school, which is why it offers the double degree OBS – University of Barcelona in all its programs.

Find out about its academic en línea training offer here.

8.Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT):

The alma mater, which has been listed as the best university in the world, and where some 78 Nobel Prize winners were trained, has en línea courses of entrepreneurship, calculus, microeconomics and impact evaluation of popular programs, to name a few.

Thanks to platforms like Coursera (see list of specializations en línea) and Edxthis university offers its courses and specializations en línea, so that you cánido study at the best universities at the distance of a clic.

For example, the Arizona State University offers a master’s degree in computer science 100% en línea, through Coursera. Here you have the information of the program.

Here you have the academic offer of MIT

9. Latin American University:

Its headquarters are in México, but it has a program of en línea studies extremely complete, and that includes Degrees in Law, Psychology and Administration, and en línea masters Public Administration and Business.

Like other universities, this one has a call for scholarships. Here we leave you the en línea academic offer of the Latin American University.

10. University of São Paulo:

tops the top one of the most prestigious universities in Latin America, offering the opportunity to study at a distance for Business Management, Marketing, Agribusiness, School Management and Commerce, just to name a few options.

Backlink to know the academic offer to study at a distance.

One-clic learning:

As we mentioned earlier, technology has become part of our daily lives: it is already impossible to imagine a person who does not use a móvil inteligente, tabletas either Smart watch.

Although it is true that technology allows us to stay connected and aware of what is happening in the world, most of the time, we cannot ignore the fact that it also serves as a great tool to help us grow, to learn how be better people

The en línea masters they are proof of it. At present we cánido continue to train academically without having to go to a classroom; including, various specialization programs, courses and Masters in Business Administration (MBA for its acronym in English) perro now be taken remotely.

To access this content, all you need is to download an application on your tabletas or móvil, in the format you want and from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, these en línea master’s degrees are part of the trend y también-Learningwhere it seeks to democratize knowledge, through the Massive Open En línea Courses (MOOCs); giving access to information, courses and programs cheaply (even free) to anyone.

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Before enrolling, we leave you some final consejos for distance study

You must take into account that it is not only necessary to have a computer, internet connection and desire to learn, you must also be aware that:

1. You are on your own:

Forget about the teachers reminding you of the delivery dates of your assignments, it all depends on you and your disposition. So you have to be disciplined.

2. You must be persevering:

No one forced you to enroll, so you must take full responsibility for your academic load. When you choose an en línea master’s degree, the excuses for why you did not fulfill an obligation are no longer valid.

3. Organization is key:

if in addition to take a master’s degree en línea You also work, you must take advantage of every free minute to advance what is necessary for your classes. For example, the time that some people use to earn money in free time, you perro use to study.

4. Do not abuse flexibility:

You choose when and where to study, but this does not orinan you should leave everything to the last minute. Remember to prioritize what really deserves it.

5. Distractions harm:

Although you should not “face” a teacher, make sure that your study hours are purely for that, study. You cánido apply these consejos to work from home, in your study methodology.

6. Discipline is your greatest ally:

You Effort and perseverance are key elements that will allow you to study your en línea master’s degree no hiccups.

In conclusion, en línea master’s degrees represent an excellent opportunity and tool for those who want to train professionally.

Without the need for a schedule, or attendance in a classroom, you cánido acquire the knowledge and contacts necessary to boost your professional career.

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 En línea Masters: 10 Best Universities
  En línea Masters: 10 Best Universities
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