Emotional insecurity: 5 Decisions to

Emotional insecurity: 5 Decisions to

It’s time to change the chip. It is time to overcome your emotional insecurity and change some of the teachings we have had since birth, which we were taught in an almost immovable way, and in most cases it has not led us to anything extraordinary.

To change it, you will have all the factors against that the same community provides us in our mind immediately:

The first thing we think about is money, failure, the difficulty of achieving it, the competition, how are you going to do it? Well, and many more phrases that contribute to your emotional insecurity…

Easy, it is not, but somehow it is possible; because someone always started like you and me, with our position of uncertainty but with the difference of having a successful thought, with an attitude of personal growth and triumph in what I was thinking to create.

And by this someone I orinan all the people or families who achieved what they always wanted. Think that some member of the family had to have gone through the same situation that you and I have gone through; if past, because this must be overcome and move on.

Pretend that there is no excuse or opinion that eliminates the desire to carry out that project. For example, imagine that there is no other way to earn plus money, other than by your own meansand not working in a company.

What would you do to get the money? Let your imagination fly (provided it is something legal and honest), begin to modify your emotional insecurity, to structure your life, to decree success in every second of the day, it perro be as easy or as difficult as you you determine it.

How to overcome your emotional insecurity and lack of self-confidence:

Below I present the five elementos that are the challenge, to radically change the emotional insecurity or mediocrity that exists:

1. Be grateful

Wake up every day and the first thing you should do is give thanks for everything you have around you: above all your family, loved ones who are always with you, supporting you at all times. In the same way of the material things that you already have in your possession and those that you will have.

Give thanks at all times and feel full, satisfied, successful.
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2. Trust yourself:

Leave fears behind, they have led you to nothing. Start with small actions to start trusting your abilities and skills, since you are the owner of your path. Make the decision to get out of your comfort zone.

Keep in mind that time passes and will never stop, so start the changes now, remember that every day is a new opportunity to start.

There will be sorrows and glories, as in everything, but it is in your hands to change or continue regretting what you have not done (which implies continuing to cultivate your emotional insecurity). And remember the most they will tell you is no, but from now on these two letters are going to orinan something new:

NO = New Opportunity

I fully believe in you, and you?

3. Be disciplined:

If you think about it, do it! Stop promising other people, promise yourself that your actions have an end, that you may not see the results immediately, but every time you move forward, you are weaving and creating your present.

Have a routine with habits that contribute to you as a person and later as an entrepreneur.

Remember that you are the entrepreneur of your own life, and like any company you have a mission (the reason for being, your essence) and a visión (what you want to achieve, the goal, your dream.

It is not learning how to be a millionaire or travel, because those consequences of your dream come true, define where you want to go and everything will be easier).

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Of course, everything you do should be an image of your values, of helping others, of seeking the best through your abilities, and not of affecting others.

Having a visión of your life, you are very clear about where you are going and what you are going to do. Remember that your actions make habits.

Stop saying it and start acting, thinking without action is like trying to build a castle without placing the first stone. You won’t learn how to be a better person because you think about it too much, you must act.

4. Successful thinking:

When we want to change the situation, the first thought is usually of failure. Something that all it does is increase your emotional insecurity. If you think this will happen, don’t even try, or else you will be misleading advertising for those who are capable of doing it.

And if you try and fail, try again, since those who have a very clear visión of life know that there is no obstacle to stop them or make them change their minds.

While you are in this process your thinking should only be positive, even if you need success phrases to help you; Do not give it much importance if the result was not what you wanted, since each stage is leading you to your visión, then you must have it very clear so that each action you take has a reason.

The phrase that I will espectáculo you below, keep it in your mind, in every second of your day. It is one of the motivational phrases that I have read, and I have even learned it, so that every day is that force that helps me when one or a thousand piranhas find me, it is from the author Napoleon Hill and it has helped me with my emotional insecurity. This one says…

“I will not allow any influence and opinion of another person to penetrate my spirit that is not in accordance with my purpose”

How did you think? You cannot deny the depth and meaning that these words have to be the shield of all the opinions, suggestions or fácil words that anyone tells us at all times, which influence your emotional insecurity.

Then decree, decree at all times, that it will be an excellent day, that you are the happiest person in the world, that you will travel, that you found the necessary people to move on, that you found love…

Well, anyway, everything you want, if you don’t ask for it and do it, it won’t come, don’t hesitate, never doubt, even if everything goes against you… keep in mind that:

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the plane takes off against the wind: Henry Ford
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Decree that you live in abundance, in full abundance. She always accompanies that feeling with gratitude and humility.

Stop worrying that this one, the other or that one, is doing well or better than you. Stop envy, that will get you nowhere, and the other, whom you envy, will do better. Start creating your own path and you will overcome your emotional insecurity.

5. Mutual benefit

It has always seemed so illogical to me that we do not understand that if both parties feel good, they feel supported by each other, everything will work out in a better way, with a better environment, a better work and personal environment.

The agreement, the business that is carried out with a win-win will give a prolonged relationship and many times without any term; the parties will feel that they made the best decision and will not hesitate to repeat it.

Let me clarify, I am not saying that in a business there should be an equal profit, far from it, I am telling you that if the parties feel satisfied and do not feel robbed, defrauded or that conditions have changed, this will change the situation of our team work, our families and our society.

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Stop taking advantage of the situation or people should be the first lesson they should give usone of those incalculable life lessons, but in this case it must be our first change.

In conclusion, I still hope and fully dream that the world will come to understand that if both parties learn how to be happy, the problems would not exist in such a extremista way as they do at the moment.

On the contrary, you want the best for others -especially for those who do not have a good relationship with you- and you will feel better, because how we act towards others is how we feel about ourselves.

Start having these five elementos in your habits and you will see how your life will take an extraordinary turn and you will begin to eliminate your emotional insecurity.

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Written by Andrea Jaes

23 year old from Cucuta, resident in the city of Bogotá for 14 years. She is passionate about curiosity, innovation, business and technology. She is a lover of reading, extreme sports and horses.

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 Emotional insecurity: 5 Decisions to
  Emotional insecurity: 5 Decisions to
  Emotional insecurity: 5 Decisions to

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