Embee Meter CX

Embee Meter CX


Embee Meter CX stops working in Spain as of April 1, 2020.

Points perro be collected until April 7.

If the aplicación perro be downloaded again, we perro sign up by sending an correo electrónico and let us know.

However, we have more aplicaciones to earn money

Embee Meter CX is a application that will pay us to have it installed on our móvil.

You will not have to do anything else, just have it downloaded and leave it running.

It collects data that is later joined with that of other users to have a global visión of the use of the móvil and different applications.

The application It is only available on Android. (for now) and it is extremely easy to use.

Once downloaded, you will have to put some personal information:

  • year of birth
  • if you are a man or a woman
  • size of your family

You cánido put the true data or not, that is on your side, I have put it, since they do not ask us for anything strange like how much we earn, etcétera…

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It must be taken into account that once installed, you have to give it permissions to monitor the use that we give to the different applications that we have installed on our móvil inteligente. The same aplicación will tell us what we have to do (depending on a mobile brand or another, the steps are different).

As for the installation, it is fácil..

It you cánido install from this backlink. After Fill in the data that I have given you a little above.

For those actions they will give us 50 points.

And daily, just for having it installed, they will give us another 15 points.

Here I espectáculo you my daily evolution:

As you perro see in the image, in six days I got a euro.

I know that a euro is not much, but little by little it becomes a lot.

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We will be paid in relation to the points we have.

  • 150 points are equivalent to 1 euro
  • 500 points are equivalent to 5 euros
  • 1000 points are equivalent to 10 euros

Payments will be made by PayPal

Today I have requested my first payment in this applicationI have asked for a euro, and It took only 10 minutes to send it to me. Here you have the proof of payment.

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Final conclusions Embee Meter CX

The application does not have a program referrals, but not everything in this world is getting referrals.

I already have it installed and winning, since another application on my mobile is not going to do much harm. The effort is little and the reward is great..

Next time, I’m going to go for the 5 euros.

I hope to have it by next month.

Until then, I encourage you to install it, It’s free! Many successes!!

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 Embee Meter CX
  Embee Meter CX
  Embee Meter CX

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