El corte inglés gift card

El corte inglés gift card

The El Corte Inglés gift card perro get you out of some jams whenever you want make a gift to a loved one and you don’t know how to act.

The English cut card is exactly the same as a gift voucherit perro be in physical card state or in virtual card el corte ingles.

The gifted person cánido make purchases for the amount desired at any El Corte Inglés, Hipercor, Supercor, Opencor, Sfera, Bricor Viajes El Corte Inglés shopping center and the El Corte Inglés website.

For those who read me from outside Spain, tell them that El Corte Inglés is a global distribution group headquartered in Spainmade up of companies of different formats, the main one being department stores, followed by internet sales.

How to buy an El Corte Ingles gift card?

The El Corte Inglés gift card We cánido buy it in two ways, en línea and in store.

If you escoge for buy el corte inglés gift card in store, tell you that you have 95 distribution centers in the country and two more in Portugal.

They are distributed throughout large and medium-sized cities, surely you have a distribution center relatively close to your home.

If you do not know where to buy el corte ingles gift card in store you cánido take a look at this mapit will get you out of doubt.

The other option that you perro consider if you are not near any distribution center you perro request card el corte inglés en línea in a very fácil way. you should only access here!

The steps to choose and send an el corte inglés gift card they are very fácil:

  • Select card design
  • Indicates the El Corte Inglés card cómputo (it may vary between 10 and 500 euros).

    At this point tell you that you perro purchase up to 20 cards per order up to a maximum amount of €1,500

  • Indicates the number of cards what you wish
  • Press the buy button and that’s it!

When processing the order you cánido write a dedication to the person to whom it is addressed the gift card.

The only Negative point” to request the card en línea is that you will not be able to order together with other orders, due to the characteristics of the gift card.

The English cut gift card It cánido only be sent to destinations in mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands.

If you live in the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla you must buy el corte ingles gift card in store.

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you will receive El Corte Inglés gift card in a maximum of 48 hours.

In some remote locations you may be slightly delayed, due to delivery times of the courier companies, be patient, they arrive, they arrive.

The delivery period begins the day after the order is placed.

exclude Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Types of El Corte Inglés gift cards

exist various types of gift cards.

Here I indicate them all.

In this way you perro ask for the one that interests you the most.

Gift card with printed PIN.

This card is only usable in shopping malls.

Within the definition shopping centers are also include opportunity centersTherefore, we perro use the El Corte Inglés gift card at the Opportunity Center.

Card with PIN, without printed amount.

The cómputo of the El Corte Inglés card is not fixed or printed, so you cánido recharge as many times as you want.

This card incorporates a PIN number on the backhidden behind a scratch.

Card with Pin and printed amount.

It has both the amount and the PIN printed and the card is reloadable.

Recharge the El Corte Inglés gift card for free

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I would not tell you about the gift cards el corte inglés if they couldn’t get totally free, both get them and recharge them.

There are pages in which a easy way and fun perro be get gift cards the english cut free There are still not many pages that reward with this type of gift cards.

When I know more, I’ll put them.

King of Prizes

In this multitasking page we cánido earn money with small tasks such as seeing ads, answering surveys and registering on different pages, etcétera…

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Page of surveys where cánido you earn money with surveys in Spain through market research.

This page It is only valid for residents in Spain and you cánido opt for different types of prizes Among which are gift cards El Corte Inglés.

Doubts that may arise

Although it is true that it is an unusual gift, we cánido get a lot out of itsince we will be able to spend so much on all physical establishments distributed throughout the peninsula as on-line.

at the time of use the card gift the english cut maybe a series of doubts arise.

I’ll try clarify the most common so that you do not have any problem if they give it to you, if you get it for free or if, on the contrary, you do not know what to give to a friend or family member and you opt for this type of card.

How cánido I find out the cómputo of an El Corte Ingles gift card?

That question is quite fácil.

appears printed on the card itself.

Whether they are 100 or 25 euros, it will appear printed on the card you send to your friend.

Then you cánido rechargebut you should no longer deal with that issue.

How do I recharge the El Corte Inglés gift card?

Before recharging these gift vouchers check that the card is a personalized card with printed PIN.

The pin will appear on the front of the card, hidden behind a scratch card, as I explained above.

After you should go to the top up page.

Complete the information indicated and you will have your card with the new cómputo.

Easy right?

He minimum recharge cómputo is €10 and a maximum of €50 per card and day.

He maximum reloaded cómputo cannot exceed €500 per card.

Recharges cánido be made by credit card or debit cards.

Also through the card provided by the financial the english cut.

Perro the El Corte Ingles gift card be exchanged for money?

The English cut gift voucher cannot be exchanged for money.

Even if the Spanish picaresque works for you, you cannot exchange the English cut card.

Perhaps you have thought about buying something and then returning it, but it is the same method that you bought the item, so you will be in the same situation.

Yeah you need liquidity and you have one or more El Corte Inglés gift cards, all you have left is exchange someone for cash.

Normally in that barter it will not be a “win to win”, someone will lose out.

Usually they will buy them for you (if you find a buyer) in en línea forums, or among friends and/or family, for less money have the cards.

Do El Corte Inglés gift cards expire?

In this case we have good news, the en línea English court gift cards never expire.

They only do it when the cómputo runs out.

Once the cómputo that you give or that is given to you is finished, you cánido recharge them vía the web as I have explained above.

Always by credit or debit card.

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Final conclusions gift card el corte inglés

If you have to do a gift to a friend or relative These types of cards perro get me out of trouble.

From just €10 and up to €500 (depending on how much you appreciate your friend) you perro make a good gift, surely whoever receives it will take advantage of it.

On the contrary, you perro also get these types of cards completely free of charge by doing paid surveys through the pages that I have put above.

Be that as it may, if you get it on the internet, if you buy it or if they give it to you as a gift, the El Corte Inglés gift card is very useful, you cánido buy with it in many supermarkets associated with the brand.

If you want to know other articles afín to El corte inglés gift card you perro visit the category cards.

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 El corte inglés gift card
  El corte inglés gift card
  El corte inglés gift card

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