eCommerce: 14 trends that will mark the

eCommerce: 14 trends that will mark the

If you have a physical store, you should consider expanding into y también-commerce.

If you already have it, you should always stay informed in order to avoid possible losses in the future or even better, multiply your profits exponentially.

But, What trends are the most relevant?

Our guest today, Iván Navas, will talk to us about 14 eCommerce trends that you should not overlook in this period 2018-2022.

Today eCommerce influences up to 56% of purchases, while electronic commerce alone it accounts for nearly 10% of US retail sales.

Within our borders, the growth of eCommerce continues and in turn transforms the ámbito retail, logistics or the world of distribution itself.

All experts agree that digital commerce has gone further “buy something on a website” and has resulted in a series of technology-based interactions that result in the acquisition of products or services.

As these figures suggest, companies cannot survive without being present in all the channels preferred by their customers. Retail companies need to fully integrate eCommerce into their sales formulas to thrive.

Similarly, B2B companies (Business to business) are approaching the tipping point for them and are increasingly becoming aware of How en línea sales perro increase your numbers. Everything indicates that the perfect storm is about to arrive in the B2B y también-commerce ámbito.

In this scenario and as one of the search engines preferred by businesses and companies with future to facilitate the eCommerce experience and increase your sales, doofinder is witness to the evolution of electronic commerce and presents 14 trends and behaviors in this campo that are gaining strength and will last beyond 2018.

14 eCommerce world trends that will mark the period 2018-2022

1. Sales through correo electrónico will be escencial for brands

Correo electrónico already generates more revenue than all popular networks combined according to data from Forbes magazine, and it has been an incredibly efficient tool to attract visitors to a website.

By allowing customers to make secure purchases directly to their inboxes, companies must prepare to make correo electrónico an even more powerful channel.

2. The eCommerce department of any company must work in parallel to the others in the company.

If we analyze the trends in popular networks, public relations or content marketing, we perro vea some overlap in functions and objectives.

This is because the focus on the customer experience has led each department to prioritize gain their trust and develop relationships belonging with them.

Therefore, it is a priority to align efforts to help teams connect with audiences and achieve your eCommerce goals.

3. Mobile payment will become the greatest asset in the eCommerce world

From the purchase of products, the renewal of services instantly to the purchase in a store, Everything perro be paid by mobile.

In this scenario, mobile payment will become a convenience that no consumer will want to do without and that no company perro afford to ignore.

Advancement in simplified payment technology for mobile devices, including fingerprint and facial recognition, the percentage of transactions will increase made through teléfonos inteligentes.

With Google plus, Samsung and Apple making advances in their payment technology (and doubling their usuario base), mobile payment should start to become the preferred method to buy at retail, reaching 70% of y también-commerce traffic by the end of 2018.

4. The “mobile first” is giving way to the “mobile only”

According to the latest 2017 ComScore “Cross-Platform Future” report, the mobile phone it accounts for seven out of every 10 digital minutes.

It also points out that 22% of women between the ages of 18 and 24 and 16% of men between the same ages are “only mobile”.

That is to say, lack other devices such as desktop or notebook computers, and their connection is reduced solely and exclusively to your móvil.

Therefore, mobile innovation should be a key concept in the marketing strategy of any company.

The usuario and his needs must be the center of innovation and these tell us that everything happens through your mobile phone.

5. En línea commerce will focus on continued engagement.

Brands must find a way to continue to engage their objetivo audience beyond the point of sale and must gain ground in this regard, as those who fail to do so will find themselves with which the cost of returning customers be back too high for them.

6. Credibility points along the buyer’s “journey” must now include it.

As customers engage with the brand and consume industry-related content, it is escencial to genera and distribute content to cite you as a trusted resource for them.

85% of customers conduct research before making an en línea purchase, so it is escencial to have results in an organic search.

The brand must develop its own content and align it with its public relations strategy to attract, educate and engage customers while researching their purchasing decisions.

7. The disruption of y también-commerce in B2B companies

As we mentioned before, the change in the expectations of B2B buyers are driving the need for functionalities afín to B2C businesses at a time when B2B investment in eCommerce is a priority for most CEOs of this type of company.

The incorporation of millennials into the world of work is increasing the pace for a traditionally slow B2B campo.

Many B2B buyers and users will have their first frictionless buying and ordering experience, afín to B2C in 2018, while continue the transition of their discovery of products and en línea and mobile purchase behavior.

Some data that support this thesis are:

  • In 2019, B2B companies will spend more on eCommerce technology than en línea trading companies.
  • 56% of B2B buyers are expected to make half or more of their business purchases en línea in 2018, compared to 30% in 2014.
  • The B2B y también-commerce market could represent 12.1% of all sales in this ámbito by 2022 and more than 6,000 million dollars Worldwide.
  • eCommerce platform providers (Magento, Insite, Sitecore, Oracle and Hybris) are implementing B2C-like functionality that coexists with complex B2B business rules (partial orders, volume prices, among other things.)
  • 89% of buyers search the Internet in a B2B purchase process, and 74% do so in more than 50% of their purchases.
  • 71% of potential B2B customers start with generic unbranded searches and an average of 12 en línea searches before interacting with a specific provider’s site.

8. Personalizing and humanizing the brand will be a differentiating aspecto

Disney was one of the first brands that have really stood out for know the power of personalization and how to use it.

Something that many brands are including in their strategies.

The technology It’s getting better every day and that makes customization a must.

9. Scrolling to the store is not a method that is dying, but there is something better

Physical interactions at the point of sale are more important than ever. Companies must master the combination of showrooming and webrooming, events, product demos, in-store experiences and more.

Purely en línea companies (pure play) shall increase your physical footprint as consumers continue to value both the versatility and depth of en línea shopping and the convenience of buying, picking up and returning elementos locally.

While physical point companies will have to digitize your physical infrastructure and start implementing new features and store formats based on customer experience and convenience, with a strong digital flavor.

10. The skills needed to excel in eCommerce are evolving

When en línea sales began, there was talk of y también-commerce teams made up of people who they had very specific abilities. However, the departments now interact more with each other, and everyone must be able to understand each other.

The eCommerce world is evolving to affect other departments, so the team needs to have a diverse equipo of skills to maximize value.

eleven. Augmented Reality (AR) will be a great revolution for 2018 and for the years after

This development will occur as brands roll out features that allow consumers to use their mobile devices to display elementos in your home or office before buying them.

From sofas to microwaves, consumers will be able to see exactly what an object looks like in their environment before placing an order, including display of “agregado size” elementos such as furniture or bathtubs.

12. A picture will be worth a thousand words in any search

Instead of reading textual references, many consumers will use image-based search for the first time in 2018.

In fact, image and voice-activated search may account for 50% of all searches in 2020.

As image analysis automation becomes estándar on mobile devices, consumers perro take a picture of an object and then search for the exact product or a afín one.

Companies that integrate this capability into their digital strategy They will be amply rewarded.

First, your investment in asset management product information You will achieve new levels of ROI.

While second, they will be able to entrar new markets based on the quality and multiplicity of images they provide for their products, as language is no longer a barrier to discovery, neither the name of the product nor the incorrect or unknown attributes.

13. ROI measurement of products sold in physical stores, but of digital origin

Retail companies will now know how many dollars and euros of sales in physical stores are attributable to each dollar or euro spent in the digital environment thanks to a reliable attribution model between digital and in-store: ROPO ratio.

It should be noted that 82% of mobile users look for a local company and 18% of searches stores lead to a sale in 24 hours.

The tools to measure the ROPO ratio of a retail company, the impact on the store of digital campaigns and investments, they are now more advanced and are about to become more accessible for retail companies.

By combining mobile and payment, popular, personalization, mobile tracking, real-time inventory with advanced analytics tools, ERP, CRM and POS systems, retail companies will be able to discover which ads, listings and visits to sites led in visits and purchases to the store.

14. “VHS, audio cassettes, rotary dial phones… Internet browsers”

In the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) the reliance on browsers will begin to decrease.

Along with mobile aplicaciones, augmented reality (AR) interfaces, and voice interactions, the browser will become one channel among many and will no longer be the main means by which we buy products or services digitally.

Although the browser will remain an essential interfaz, consumers and buyers they will use other means to complete the transactions.

Many platforms no longer have an absolute dependency on browser traffic.

The best of mobile payment, the ease of purchasing through devices that do not include a computer, Google plus Maps, integration with popular networks, among others.

All will create seamless shopping experiences, usuario-centric and browserless.

There are other digital trends that affect y también-commerce.

Between them, the classics like mobile optimization, interactive content and vídeo. Anything that improves the usuario experience is something to consider.

However, any business should make sure to take into account these booming trends in y también-commerce.

Much of marketing is driven by what ecommerce is doing, so it will be key to be aware of its future evolution.

Author Description: Iván Navas is the director ejecutivo of Doofinder, a search engine for both products and content for en línea stores, this being the fastest on the market.

If you want to search for results or make a query about a product, this is undoubtedly the best.

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 eCommerce: 14 trends that will mark the
  eCommerce: 14 trends that will mark the
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