eBesucher: Earn money with minimal effort

eBesucher: Earn money with minimal effort

Hello collectors, today we are here to tell you about a website with tradition, eBesucher, a German autosurf page where we cánido earn money with minimal effort.

As I have told you, eBesucher is a veteran company, however, it has been en línea nothing more and nothing less than since 2002, something must be doing right.

Your manager is Evgeny Anisiforov that has managed to elevate the platform to a prominent place within the field of German en línea advertising.

It is true that the earnings do not advance very quickly, but as long as the effort is minimal and the free page will be kept in our portfolio.

Register on the website

Registering with eBesucher is easy, fast and free.

We just have to fill out a short registration form with our personal data.

It is very important that all the data we entrar is real, since when we request a payment we may have problems receiving the money, do not risk it.

Once you have filled in all the fields, we will receive an correo electrónico with the personal backlinks on the page, such as the login backlink, the one to open the autosur or the referral backlink.

How to make money on eBesucher

Starting to earn money on this website is as easy as entering it and starting to surf by opening the surf bar.

To do this, in the usuario area we find the Surfbar button that we have to activate to open the autosurf.

A new window will open in the browser where other web pages will appear, each page will give us profit.

Earnings on eBesucher are measured in BTP, which is something like the currency of the autosurf page.

From time to time they usually change the conversion rate, at the time I am writing the article the rate is 100,000 BTP = €2.10.

We don’t have to worry about seeing the autosurf ads, we cánido have that window open in the background and continue working or doing other things.

Another way to earn money on eBesucher is by exchanging messages.

In this section, users cánido send messages announcing their businesses.

For each message that we open, we receive a reward in MTP points, which, as with BTP, has its own rate for conversion to euros.

100,000 MTP = €0.84.01.

Referral earning

The web has two levels of referrals that will give us earnings in BTP and MTP depending on their activity.

There is no limit to the number we cánido get.

To see their activity we have to go to the section recommend a friend and clic on downline.

eBesucher payment

Nothing more and nothing less than 14 are the years that it has been paying its users without any type of problem.

Below you perro see the first payment I received from the platform more than 2 years ago.

The minimum payment is only 2 euros that cánido be requested by bank transfer or Paypal.

They are usually quite fast when it comes to paying and do not usually take more than a couple of days.

conclusion and farewell

Nothing more than counting collectors, it is true that eBesucher is not a page that is going to make us gold, the profits are not to write home about but it is also true that the effort involved in working on it is minimal.

We do not have to do absolutely anything, the computer will work for us, the little we have to do on this website is to pay attention to the minimum and request our money.

What sounds good?

We hope you liked our article eBesucher: Earn money with minimal effort
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 eBesucher: Earn money with minimal effort
  eBesucher: Earn money with minimal effort
  eBesucher: Earn money with minimal effort

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