EasyHits4U | FREE traffic to get

EasyHits4U | FREE traffic to get

easyhits4u It is a traffic exchange platform where we cánido promote our backlinks for free and at the same time earn money. So, we will cánido get direct referrals without spending a penny on advertising.

Do you have trouble making referrals? Well I’m sure that using EasyHits4U optimally, you perro generate traffic that helps you get direct referrals.

Without further ado, let’s see how this platform works and how to start generating web traffic.

What is EasyHits4U

EsyHits4U is one of the oldest and most habitual traffic exchange platforms I know of.

It was launched in January 2003 and already has more than 1,000,000 registered users.

There are many options to promote our referral backlinks on EasyHits4U, but there is a very interesting free method.

As we view ads from other users, we will be assigned a series of credits, which in turn, we perro use to promote our backlinks.

In addition, we will win prizes and money that we cánido withdraw once we reach $5.

Sign up for EasyHits4U

First, we proceed to record in EasyHits4U with our personal data.

To do this, you just have to follow the backlink below and complete the registration form.

In a matter of seconds, they will send us an correo electrónico with a backlink to verify our account (probably in the Contenido publicitario folder).

Registration on the exchange platform

The main objective in EasyHit4U is to get credits to be able to promote our backlinks.

In almost all the pages we know we have to pay if we want to promote a page, however, at EasyHits4U we cánido promote our backlinks totally free.

To start earning credits, we will have to open one of the two surfing options that are available.

Types of surfing at EasyHits4U

The differences between the 2 surfs are the following:

Start Surfing (2:1, 15 sec.) – The ads last 15 seconds and they will give us 1 credit for every 2 ads we see.

Start Surfing (1:1, 20 sec.) – The ads last 20 seconds and they will give us 1 credit for each ad we see.

Activate surfing and generate credits

It is very important to note that none of the surfs have AdFocus.

Therefore, we cánido do other things while the time counter goes down.

When it reaches zero, a captcha will appear in which we will have to identify the duplicate figure and clic on it.

We have already earned our first credit!! But that is not all.

At the beginning of the article I was talking about some prizes… As we see ads, we accumulate credits, and from time to time, we get a plus page with the tab Claim your Plus.

These bonuses come out at 25, 50, 75, 100, 250, 500 ads viewed.

Among the prizes that I have seen there is cashbanner credits, Text Ads credits, daily lottery tiques, etcétera.

How EasyHits4U works

we already have credits to spend on EasyHits4U, so we will have to create a campaign.

We are going to My Sites and clic on the tab Add a new site.

Create a campaign

Next, a page will open to configure the campaign.

In backlinks, we will put the destination address, that is, our referral backlink.

And in Titlewe will put the name with which we want to see the ad.

Once we have completed the data, we give Submit Website.

To validate the campaign you will have to confirm when the counter reaches zero.

From here, our ad will already be seen by other users and we will only have to add credits to keep it running.

Other ways to earn credits at EasyHits4U

We cánido also get additional credits if we invite other users.

We will receive commissions up to several levels deep, depending on the membership we have.

Earning money in EasyHits4U is an incentive and more taking into account that we perro charge for Payeer.

The minimum payout is $5.

I have particularly had good experiences promoting my backlinks on this site.

Especially with relatively new pages since they are not seen as much.

And I have also received some small payments, which always encourage me to continue earning credits.

Look at the updated list of pages that I use to earn free bitcoins.

EasyHits4U Reviews

EasyHits4U is the perfect page for all users who want to get free referrals. And above all, if we see many ads every day, since the more ads we see, the better the plus will be.

Now we have no excuse.

If we do not get referrals, it is not because we do not exploit all the options available to us.

Although you cánido also earn money without referralsWe have already talked about it on the blog.

The possibilities are many, either by pulling paid surveyspages for earn free bitcoinsmaking referrals to other pages.

For sign up for free at EasyHits4U you cánido do it by clicking the banner below.

If you have any questions, leave a comment or write me a message through the Contact tab and I’ll give you a hand.

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 EasyHits4U |  FREE traffic to get
  EasyHits4U |  FREE traffic to get
  EasyHits4U |  FREE traffic to get

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