EarnBTC | PTC to get FREE satoshis

EarnBTC | PTC to get FREE satoshis

EarnBTC It is a PTC page where we cánido get free bitcoins in various ways.

Earnbtc.io belongs to Crypto Engineering Limited, a company specialized in en línea marketing and cryptocurrency mining located in Hong Kong.

The highlight of this PTC is that, in addition to offering the possibility of earning BTC by viewing ads, it also allows you to continue adding with the faucet, doing promotion in PTP format or even solving recaptchas.

Interesting, right? We are going to see all the details of EarnBTC, from how to create a new account in the PTC to how to start earning satoshis and request payments.

Register at EarnBTC

The first thing we will do to start earning BTC in EarnBTC will be to register as users.

To proceed with the registration we will have to go to the PTC and fill out the corresponding form.

If you want, you perro access the PTC by clicking on this backlink, which will take you to the home page.

Once there, at the top, on the right hand side, we will see the tab “Register”.

Clic on it and the screen to register will open.

The only information they ask for is an dirección de correo electrónico address.

So we provide our contact correo electrónico, we solve the captcha and, finally, we clic on “Register Now”.

Next we will receive an correo electrónico from EarnBTC.

In it they will welcome us and attach a backlink.

Following that backlink will open a new window that will redirect us back to the PTC and the system will ask us to entrar a password.

After writing down the password twice, we will only have to accept and our account will be finally confirmed.

Last update “ EarnBTC is a scam.

From one day to the next the web has stopped being en línea and when we try to access our account it redirects us to a news portal or something afín.

Management has not reported or spoken out regarding problems with the PTC, so there is no doubt that they have stopped working.

Having said that, I leave this PTC and stop recommending it.

From now on, every time we access the PTC, we will have to provide our dirección de correo electrónico and password.

How Earn BTC works

The operation of EarnBTC is afín to that of other PTCs, although there are some other rather attractive novelty.

And that perro help us, if possible, to get more satoshi.

As soon as you entrar the main account screen, a side menu will appear with the eight sections that make up the PTC.

Some are used to obtain plus satoshis but there are others just as important that are used to withdraw earnings, configure the wallet through which we want to collect or change the password.

We are going to briefly see what is in each of these sections and later we will delve into the most relevant ones.

Del costado Menu

In EarnBTC there are a total of eight sections:

» dashboard ➤ Main screen of our account in which various statistics and data of interest are shown.

» Earn ➤ Clicking on this section will open a submenu in which appear all sections to earn free bitcoins that EarnBTC makes available to us.

» RevShare ➤ Same as in the PTC LitecoinAds, in this there is also the option of investing in advertising packages.

As I have commented many times, I do not recommend investing in this kind of systems… and much less if we have the possibility of obtaining profits for free.

» Withdraw ➤ The section from where we will request payments in BTC.

» advertise ➤ In the event that we want to buy space in banners or promote a business in PTC ads, we will have to place the orders from this section.

» Referrals ➤ Statistics with the clicks and earnings generated by our active referrals.

» Safety ➤ To prevent, it is recommended to change the password every so often.

If you think it appropriate, you cánido make a change whenever you want.

» Settings ➤ Before requesting a payment in EarnBTC we will have to configure the address of our wallet.

How to earn free bitcoin on EarnBTC

We already know what we will find in each section of EarnBTC so it is the best time to focus on those that are useful for earn free bitcoins.

As I mentioned in the introduction, in this PTC we have a faucet and ads, but they also have other alternative ways to keep adding which are not usually so common.

EarnBTC Faucet

The Earn BTC faucet works in a very practical way.

The design is fácil and it is enough to solve the captcha that appears and clic on “Get Rewards”.

As soon as we activate the rollers, the numbers will start to rotate until they stop at a specific number.

Unlike bitcoin, which perro touch us up to $300 in BTC each time we claim, in the EarnBTC faucet they will only give us two rewards: 10 satoshis or 20 satoshis.

That they accredit us one or another award depends on the number that appears at the bottom.

If we look at the capture, it is number 5.

In this case, since an odd number came out, the prize was 10 satoshis.

And when an even number comes up, that’s when we get rewarded with 20 satoshis.

By the way, we perro request a claim every 60 minutes.

EarnBTC has a system of usuario experience levels.

As we level up, we will receive greater rewards when claiming in the faucet, watching ads…


There is an essential aspecto to enable earnings with recaptchas: see a PTC ad from the section Framed Ads.

As soon as we meet this fairly easy requirement to achieve, we will be able to start earning satoshis by solving recaptchas.

In the purest style of Kolotibablo.

We perro solve as many recaptchas as we want, since they never end.

All you have to do to get started is the following:

1- Let’s go to the section «Solve Capchas» and we went down a bit to see a Google plus recaptcha.

2- Once located, we simply solve it by selecting the images requested by the system.

3- And finally clic on Submit.

As we solve recaptchas, they will accumulate a series of points on our scoreboard.

The base payment we receive for each recaptcha is 1 point.

But we must bear in mind that the more active we are in the PTC, the higher our usuario level will be.

And therefore, the win multiplier that starts at 1 will progressively improve by 1.01, 1.02, 1.03, etcétera.

All recaptchas go through a verification process and the points earned remain blocked for ten days.

After that time we perro convert them into BTC.

Ads or Framed Ads

Another option to earn free bitcoin at EarnBTC is to view the typical PTC ads.

The process for seeing the ads is very fácil and it shouldn’t be a problem.

Every day at least seven or eight leave and we will see them listed in the Framed Ads.

Once there, we will do the following to see each ad:

1- Clic on the ad title and wait for a new window to open.

2- As soon as the ad is loaded, we solve the captcha and clic on “Watch Advertisement”.

3- Next, a timer will appear at the bottom of the screen and the countdown will be activated.

When it reaches zero, a little sign like this will appear and the satoshis will be added to the cómputo.

EarnBTC ads have Adfocus, so you have to stay in the ad window for the counter to activate.

BTC Surfing

A bitcoin surf works in a afín way to traffic exchange platforms.

In short, it is about seeing ads, one after the other, and earn satoshis for each visit we make.

As far as EarnBTC surfing is concerned, the truth is that there are usually not many ads… But what cánido we do? The work to be done is quite easy, but it has that drawback.

That if ads don’t come out, we cánido’t win anything.

If it helps you, I check this section after claiming in the faucet and seeing the ads Framed Ads.

In this way, I make sure get as many profits as possible on the first entry of the day What do I do in the PTC? If I perro log in again later, fenezca, so I cánido check again if there are more ads.

Both surf and habitual.

And if there isn’t, I cánido always go to the recaptchas and continue adding in other ways.

Paid To Promote

In EarnBTC they even have a PTP section with which we cánido earn satoshis for promoting the PTC.

And at the same time get referrals.

In these systems they always pay more money when the usuario sees our hit for the first time.

Something that perro be checked vía IP.

And when you see it for the second, third, etcétera.

that reward is progressively lowering.

The reward table is as follows:

Single visit or First visit » 2 satoshis.

Second visit » 1 satoshi.

Third “ 0.5 satoshi.

Fourth » 0.4 satoshis.

Fifth » 0.3 satoshis.

Sixth » 0.2 satoshis.

Seventh » 0.1 satoshi.

Eighth “ 0.1 satoshi.

Ninth “ 0.1 satoshi.

When the same usuario visits the hit more than ten times, we will no longer receive any reward.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and is in no way a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

Memberships Available at Earn BTC

In the event that we have a powerful account, with many referrals, we may consider the possibility of buying a paid membership.

At the beginning, when we sign up with EarnBTC, we are assigned a estándar membership.

With this membership, for example, they give us a Commission of 10% of the profits obtained by our referrals.

However, when purchasing a paid membership, that percentage is higher.

And it is already a matter of making calculations and seeing if, depending on how active our referrals are, there is a membership that is profitable.

The most relevant data of EarnBTC paid memberships are:

Premium » Price of 0.001 BTC per month.

We get an additional 10% commission on our own earnings and those that come from our referrals remain at 10%.

Golden » Price of 0.005 BTC per month.

We get an additional commission of 20% for all the tasks we carry out.

In addition, the commission from the earnings of our referrals goes up to 12%.

business » Price of 0.01 BTC per month.

In this case we get an additional 50% on our earnings and 15% on the satoshis that our referrals earn.

Ultimate » Price of 0.015 BTC per month.

The most powerful membership, which bonuses us with an plus 100% in our own earnings and increases the commission for referrals up to 20%.

Paid memberships are only profitable for users who get thousands of active referrals.

Otherwise, they are guaranteed losses.

EarnBTC pays and is reliable

EarnBTC has an affordable minimum payment since is only 10,000 satoshis.

Taking into account that seeing the ads and claiming three or four times a day in the faucet we perro earn between 200 and 250 satoshis, for me it is essential to take advantage of the rest of the sections to obtain greater profits.

Especially the captchas section, which cánido help us earn satoshis and, as a rebound, to level up faster.

What allows us earn more and more satoshis doing the same job.

How to request a payment

To request a withdrawal in EarnBTC we will go to the section “Withdraw” and an image like the one shown below will appear.

In this PTC We cánido collect the profits in two ways: Through the microwallet of faucetpay without fees or directly to our bitcoin wallet with fees of 1,000 satoshis.

Before requesting a payment we have to configure the wallet in the section of «Settings».

You just have to paste the address of the BTC wallet where it corresponds and clic on Update Wallet.

The steps to request a payment in EarnBTC are the following:

1- First we entrar the amount in BTC that we are going to withdraw.

Not in whole numbers but with decimals.

To withdraw 10,000 satoshis you have to write down 0.00010000.

2- Next, we select Bitcoin if we want to charge directly to a BTC wallet.

Or FaucetPay if we want to withdraw through the microwallet.

3- Clic on “Withdraw” and the payment will be processed.

There are times when the PTC asks us to confirm the withdrawal.

For that, EarnBTC will send us an dirección de correo electrónico with a backlink inside.

To confirm the payment we just have to follow that backlink.

EarnBTC Main Features

After talking long and hard about how EarnBTC works, it is time to analyze the PTC and make a summary of the most important aspects.

As I usually do in all guides, in addition to the pertinent analysis, I will attach my personal opinions based on my experience working on the page.

There they go:

» The most important thing of all is that EarnBTC offers us the possibility to earn free BTC in several ways.

Based on the fact that the minimum payment is 10,000 satoshis, it is essential to work on all sections to reach that amount before.

If we only work on the faucet and the ads, it will take much longer.

» For every task we successfully complete at EarnBTC we are rewarded with satoshis and experience points.

Every time we go up in usuario level we increase our profit percentage by 1%.

That is to say that if in Level 1 we obtain 100% of the profits.

At Level 2, for performing the same tasks, we will receive 101%.

Upon reaching Level 3, the multiplier will be 103%.

And so progressively.

» The recaptchas section is the most productive of all.

At the beginning, when we start with a low usuario level, the profit we obtain for each recaptcha is 1 point.

However, the more cane we give to all the sections of the PTC, the more experience points we will get.

With what we will level up and our win multiplier will be bigger.

EarnBTC Reviews

With EarnBTC there are already more than twenty PTCs and faucets that I use to get bitcoin without investing a single satoshi.

As a general rule, my recommendation is to work the maximum of reliable pages to get as much BTC as possible.

The problem that usually arises with some PTCs is that we perro see a limited number of ads per day.

And once seen, they are finished and they don’t come out again until the next day.

But this does not happen in EarnBTC since we perro be working on the recaptchas section as long as we want.

We already know how to earn satoshis on EarnBTC so now it’s just a matter of applying it.

If you liked the PTC and you want to create a usuario account, you perro access the cover page by clicking on the button below.

And as always, if you have any questions about it, you perro leave a comment and I will help you in any way I perro.

Until next time and hit the BTC!!

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 EarnBTC |  PTC to get FREE satoshis
  EarnBTC |  PTC to get FREE satoshis
  EarnBTC |  PTC to get FREE satoshis

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