EarnApp | Application to earn money

EarnApp | Application to earn money

In the blog we have already presented some applications such as EarnAppsites that are going to pay us a certain amount for giving up part of our Internet connection.

It is a small program that we must install on our devices, they will collect our excess data from our Internet connection and for this we will be paid a stipulated amount of money.

If it sounds like Chinese to you, nothing happens, for that we wrote this article where we are going to explain how this application works.

What is EarnApp

EarApp is a small programa and APK that once installed on any of our devices, whether mobile or PC, will gradually collect part of our WIFI that will be sold to external companies.

In exchange, the platform will pay us for it passively, without us having to do anything, just offer our connection, of course.

That is, we share our bandwidth that we are not using every time we spend connected to the application.

We will then be paid for each gigabyte shared.

The rate changes depending on your country.

But you should not worry if at any time you do not want to share your data, in fact you cánido stop the operation of the application whenever you want, in that sense it is very practical.

How to register

Registering with EarnApp couldn’t be easier, it only takes a minute of your valuable time to open an account.

When we get to EarnApp we will see that we have 2 different options to complete the registration.

These are using our Google plus or Apple account.

The process lasts just 10 seconds and as soon as we entrar our account we see the entire dashboard of the application with all its features.

Let’s review them one by one.

How EarnApp works

This is a very fácil application, so there are not many aspects to highlight either.

On our home page we will be able to see the earnings and all the menu options.

It should be noted that the profit meter automatically recharges every 60 minutes.

Appearance of our dashboard

If we want to start earning money fast in EarnApp we will have to install the application on our devices.

If we have several we perro install them without problem, after all what it does is always take the same amount of excess bandwidth, having many connected devices will not harm us.

The supported platforms are the following:

1️⃣ Windows2️⃣ Android3️⃣ Raspberry Pi4️⃣ Linux5️⃣ iOS6️⃣ MacOS

The installation process only requires downloading the apk and installing it on the device.

You will have to grant the necessary permissions for the programa to start running and earn money.

At any time we cánido stop it if we believe it appropriate.

referral system

On this main page, in addition to being able to see the progress of our earnings, we will also see our referral backlink to copy and promote it.

This system is very fácil.

We will have to invite other people to join the program using our referral backlink and we will earn 10% for it of what they generate for us.

If you are thinking of registering as my referral, you cánido rest easy, because that 10% that they will give me for your activity will not be deducted from you.

Your cómputo will not be affected, it is just a reward received for contributing valuable content and helping to grow the application.

The good thing about this system is that we will be able to invite without limit.

The more referrals the better, in this sense there are no valid restrictions.

how to charge

Although we are not going to get rich, it is possible to collect with some ease in EarnApp, since the minimum payment is located in so only 2.5 dollarsmuch lower than in other afín platforms.

The payment method that we are going to have to use is Paypal, although I understand that they also pay by Amazon gift voucher when they reach $50.

The fact that Paypal emplees to process payments and that they need such a low minimum, seems to me to be an important point in favor of EarnApp.

If we are somewhat constant, the minimum will be reached with relative ease.

some frequently asked questions

Whenever we are going to install any application on our device, it is convenient to make sure beforehand what we are doing, so we are going to try to solve some doubts below.

Cánido I use multiple accounts?


Only one account per IP is allowed.

You cánido use multiple devices for the same account, however, if you create more than one account and you are detected, you will be expelled from the program.

Does it consume resources?


It emplees Google chrome to run in the background, but what it consumes is just like another habitual web page.

In which countries is it available?

In all.

There is no restriction, wherever you are from you perro use this application to earn money.

How are earnings calculated?

Well, this is something that is not very clear in any section of the page.

All we know is that we are paid a fixed amount for each gigabyte.

According to the web, the most we could earn would be about 10 dollars a month.

Opinions about EarnApp

In recent years, these types of applications have proliferated, some such as Honeygain with great success.

The truth is that it is a rather disconcerting business model but for the moment it works and I have not found any reason to think that it could be a scam.

We must bear in mind that they are not places where we are going to get rich, for that we have the depósito market or other types of investment businesses.

We must take this as an opportunity to get some plus income that we perro use to treat ourselves a little or reinvest it in another more profitable place.

The only reality is that it works and pays on time, at least for now.

We hope you liked our article EarnApp | Application to earn money
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 EarnApp |  Application to earn money
  EarnApp |  Application to earn money
  EarnApp |  Application to earn money

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