Earn REAL money for watching ads

Earn REAL money for watching ads

You cánido also earn rewards by installing its browser extension.

It works for Google plus Google chrome, Mozilla firefox Mozilla firefox, Trabaja and Yandex browsers.

This extension will allow you to earn in multiple ways.

As mentioned above, installing the extension on your browser will give you access to more vídeos that you cánido watch to earn more rewards.

But apart from that, its extension will also allow you to earn by visiting certain websites.

Once the extension is installed, just clic on it and you will see all the sites you perro visit and the vídeos you cánido watch.

You’ll know when there are new sites and vídeos when the Surfe.be extension logotipo has a red button box.

When you see the red box, just clic on the logotipo to see the new sites or vídeos.

To view a site or watch a vídeo, simply clic the “Start” button.

A new window will then open.

To view sites, the timer will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

When the timer ends, it will display a message telling you that you have won a certain amount.

You perro then close the window when you see that message.

As for watching vídeos, the same process applies.

Lastly, the extension will also display small banner ads on the websites you visit when you normally browse the Internet.

These are called banner impressions.

Surfe.be will then pay you for every banner impression you get.

However, they don’t actually specify how much you will earn per banner impression.

So you will actually win passively when you use your extension, which is good because you don’t have to try very hard to win.

Just go about your habitual surfing routine and you’ll keep earning rewards.

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 Earn REAL money for watching ads
  Earn REAL money for watching ads
  Earn REAL money for watching ads

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