Earn more than $7 Dollars with this Shortener

Earn more than $7 Dollars with this Shortener

Shorten your backlinks and earn money, register and take advantage of the promotion so that you earn $5 dollars talking about this shortener, AdShort pays by PayPal and the minimum withdrawal is only $5 dollars.

AdShort Features

  • Assessment: Good
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Bitcoin, Payeer, Payoneer, Trans. Banking and Transferwise
  • minimum payment: $5 Dollar
  • Pay Rate: $4.50 and $1.90 for everyone
  • Payment Frequency:NET 15
  • referral system: Yes, you earn 20% of your referrals
  • Languages: Spanish
  • accepted countries: All

Earn money with AdShort

AdShort is a backlink shortener that has an average payment rate, that is, we are talking about $4.5 for countries like United Kingdom, USA, Canada and for everyone at only $1.90 dollars, that is, not too low but not exaggerated like other shorteners.

To earn money with this shortener what you have to do is register on their website, once you have signed up you just have to start sharing your shortened backlinks, you do not need to have a website (but it is recommended).

You only need to have a way to share your backlinks, be it a channel of Youtube or an account in a popular network like Fb either Twitterthere are many ways to share your backlinks, you just have to put dedication to it.

How to earn $5 dollars instantly with AdShort

There is a way to earn $5 dollars instantly, but for this it is necessary to have a website to be able to promote the shortener on our website, that way the company will pay us $5 dollars to create an article talking about AdShort.

The only requirement that you have to have a website, and that web page must be below the top 150,000 according to alexaIf you meet this only requirement, you will have your money insured without a problem.

AdShort referral system

Imagine that you create an article on your website and that you receive many visits to that article, and a large number of people register with your affiliate backlink, you will earn 20% of your referrals, and if you manage to get many, then you will be earning without doing anything.

This is one of the advantages of businesses that have a referral system, that you perro dedicate yourself to promoting the business and only earning from referrals, I have seen cases of people who have more than 3,000 referrals on different platforms and earn thousands of dollars alone with referrals.

AdShort Pays

At the moment AdShort pays No problem, there are no complaints from the users, at least I didn’t find it, it’s a good time to start working with this fantastic shortener and take advantage of its best moment.

AdShort Proof of payment

dispose of proof of paymentI always look for business groups such as shorteners, for example, on Fb there are many groups dedicated exclusively to the subject of shorteners, there you will find AdShort payment tests and other shorteners.

AdShort Recommendations

I have always said and I will keep repeating it, the best way to get a lot of money from a shortener is to have a download website, either from largometrajesor a download website programs or music.

Because Fb It blocks the backlinks so you won’t be able to share it on their platform unless you do it through a web page, which is why I always recommend it for this type of business such as shorteners. Register at the following backlink.

AdShort Alternatives

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 Earn more than $7 Dollars with this Shortener
  Earn more than $7 Dollars with this Shortener
  Earn more than $7 Dollars with this Shortener

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