Earn money writing is scam? The

Earn money writing is scam? The

Life cánido be tremendously difficult When you need money.

We do not realize how important money is to cover the most basic needs, until we lack it and You have to take accounts to be able to eat.

It has happened to me that at one time in my life, the money did not reach us to pay all the bills and buy food. And the worst thing is that I was working, in fact, my whole family was working.

I worked all day, they paid me every 15 days, but my fortnight only lasted 2 days.

i knew i needed plus incomeI needed to earn something in dollars, But I was completely lost I didn’t know where to start.

Fortunately, my friend Dayana, had a completely different life, Although we lived in the same country, she was always traveling to places that I had only seen in photos.

One afternoon, while we were talking, he perro’t contain me and I asked him up front what he was doing.

That was when she recommended me Earn Money Writing, She had already worked as a writer for more than two months and was able to pay her travel expenses and save money.

I was sure that Dayana was 100% honest, but there was a question that I had to answer myself: Is Earn Money Writing a scam?

Here I tell you everything about my experience so that, once and for all, you know the truth.

Earn money writing is scam? This is what I discovered…

whatWhat is Earn Money Writing?

Earn Money Writing is a revolutionary method for learn to generate income by Internet writing articles on topics you love, and getting a job as a trabajo independiente writer.

It is the answer for all those people who want to be writers, work en línea From your home and have part-time or full-time income.

The best thing about this platform is that you perro write about any type of topic that you have knowledge of or like, such as cooking, crafts, cell phones, soccer, movies and series…

Of all these subjects you perro find work, however, although there are opportunities You have to know where to find them. and the competition is big, so you need to know the best tricks to stand out.

That’s what it’s designed for Earn Money Writing; first of all, it is a complete training method, so that you know the best tricks to quickly write original and quality articles.

this is how i I learned to write meaningful articles, that readers and especially companies and web pages that pay in dollars like them.

On the other hand, Earn Money Writing is a job board, that espectáculos you direct job directories and pages where you get a job as a trabajo independiente writer on the Internet.

in this directory I found my first job as a writer, and there are options for all tastes, from publications on popular networks to books on any subject.

whatHow does it work Earn Money Writing?

Earn Money Writing It works from a page on the Internet, where you cánido access the members area. with training and listings with job offers.

The Earn Money Writing method has 3 phases: introduction, training and work.

The introduction phase is completely free and you do it with an introductory course that you receive in your correo electrónico.

Every day without fail, you will receive a lesson, showing you how it is possible earn money en línea writing texts fácil and how the system works.

the training phase You complete it in the members area, with the access you get with the membership.

In the training you will learn everything you need to know to get a job, and work as a writer independent.

They explain what they are the best ways to receive your payments, what are the best pages to get clients and what is the best way to promote your work.

Also you will learn the tricks to write original articles on any subject in the shortest possible time, without you having to do a lot of research.

training you perro complete it as many times as you want and in the time you want.

For me, the training It is the phase that I got the most out of, because they are tools with which I cánido genera money for life.

The last phase, it’s work.

Within the members area there is the “listings” option, there you have access to a exclusive job board

Job opportunities in Earn Money Writing they are in two directions.

First, you have the job offers exclusive to the page, with international customers who have subscribed.

And second, they give you a directory of web pages, where you cánido get a job as a trabajo independiente writer.

You have to give a lot of importance to that word “independent” because you don’t have to be paying plans, nor begging for work, you will have the tools to do it on your own.

whatWhat does the membership include? Earn Money Writing?

The membership of Earn Money Writing gives you access to the exclusive area for members, where you will find the training material, templates to apply to job offers, personalized help and an international job bank.

When you have the membership of Earn Money Writing, you get immediate access to a members area.

In the members area, you have the training tools and job listings.

It is a platform that any beginner could use, everything is organized in a fácil menu, in which you only have to select what you want to do.

In the training, you will find how-to guides and vídeo tutorials They will teach you how to write articles professionally, even if you don’t have any experience.

you will learn to write original texts on any topic in a fast way so that you perro maximize your income.

Among the training materials, title templates are included so that you only have to change the words and obtain commercial titles, also included are model articles so that you have a guide.

I already have enough time to have done the course, and, even so, I continue reviewing the tricks and I still use the templates and the models.

But you will not only learn to do the job, you will also learn what has to do with the means of payment and Promote yourself as an independent worker.

You’ll find tools to help you work independently and in a completely maleable schedule, where you want, when you want and the time you want.

In the members area menu there is the option “listings” in which you get job offers.

The job board of Earn Money Writing has offers from international companies, who have subscribed and are looking for trabajo independiente writers for all kinds of texts.

It also has a directory, so that you yourself know where to find your opportunities without depending on anyone else.

So that you cánido manage and understand all these tools, you will have a guaranteed support team.

The support team Earn Money Writing is available in all countries of the world and they will answer your questions at any time.

You will have access to the members area forever, and the membership includes updates and improvements what they do to the platform in the future.

With all this, the membership of Earn Money Writing will give you the opportunity to start working en línea independently, from anywhere in the world and with maleable schedules.

How to start working with Earn Money Writing

1. Visit Earn Money Writing

The first step to join this platform and start earning money writing from home is to go to their website. Clic on the backlink below:

2. Sign up for the free introductory course

Once you have clicked on the backlink above, and you are on the Earn Money Writing page, sign up for the free introductory course.

Scroll down the page a bit until you see a red box and some letters that say “Stop! Before You Continue Reading…”

There you have to stop and in the two blank spaces that you see there Write your name and your correo electrónico.

Below, select the yellow button with white letters that says “Yes! I want to sign up…”

That’s it, you already completed the registration and you will start receiving the free introductory course in your correo electrónico.

3. Complete your introductory course

After registering for free, to see the first lesson you just have to entrar your correo electrónico. Look for the correo electrónico he sent you Earn money writing, and open it to see the instructions inside.

If the correo electrónico is not in your inbox, you will surely find it in promotions, notifications or contenido publicitario.

Each lesson will have a vídeo with information about the operation of the platform and the possibilities of earning money.

Ready! With all this You will have already registered in Earn money writingand you perro start generating income by writing texts on the topics that you like the most.

What do you need to start? to earn money writing

For earn money writing from home you just need a computer, an internet connection and follow the Earn Money Writing method.

The first thing you have to look for is a computer.

The programs and the pages that you will use are totally basic, so any desktop or notebook computer that you have on hand will help you.

You perro work from anywhere, at home, in a café, on vacation… But, you must have an Internet connection.

Practically everything is done en línea, works, investigations and deliveries.

Although, You don’t need a super-fast connection, either. it perro be a free wireless connection or the Internet you have at home.

The most important investment when you work as a trabajo independiente writer it’s your time.

You cánido start with yourself, and learn with experience, of course it cánido work for you, but it will take you some time.

If you want to start knowing the best tricks, you need Earn Money Writing.

This is a tool for the before, during and after. It will help you prepare before, it will solve your doubts during and it will teach you to multiply your profits afterwards.

With Earn Money Writing you will see where to start, so you don’t go crazy looking for information from page to page.

You’ll find the best tricks to create a good profile as a writer, and thus get more texts out in less time, so you don’t have to be a slave to work.

whatWhat types of texts cánido I find in Earn Money Writing?

Of everything! In Earn Money Writing You will find jobs to create content on popular networks and for web pages on common topics such as meals, travel, games, music, movies and many more.

To begin with, the texts fit the type of work that you want to have

If you like a stable job without losing your independence, You perro find contracts on web pages or popular networks, in which you make deliveries every day, week or month.

On the other hand, if what you want is something plus, you cánido choose contracts for projects, with which you commit to making one delivery at a time, you send your work, they pay you and that’s it.

The shortest texts are those of popular networks, which are mostly creative comments for posts.

Let’s see, How long perro it take you to write about 30 words a day? Well, that perro be your entire work day.

There are also longer texts of between 100 and 500 words, The first one I did was 100 words and they paid me $15.

The themes of the texts are as many things as you perro think of, those of beauty, aesthetics, nutrition, fitness and health they look for them a lot.

I have also seen jobs to write about travel, food, recipes, movies, games…

There are others that are a bit more scientific, especially technology, finance, psychology and marketing.

Although having all this variety is interesting, for me, the most important thing is that with Earn Money Writing I learned to write about anythingeven if I don’t have knowledge.

An example, last month, a travel agency asked me an article on tourism in Uruguay.

I have never visited that country, but with the tricks I learned in Earn Money Writing, I did my research in a few minutes and I was able to discover the best places and the best consejos for tourists traveling to Uruguay.

I was paid $150 to write about traveling to another country, and I didn’t even have to leave my house.

If you like working on larger projects, there are also job postings for write libros electrónicos.

There are the options, it is up to you to escoge What hours and how do you want to work?

whatHow are they going to pay me? for my writings?

How will you work en línea? the means of payment are also electronic, I recommend that you open a PayPal or Payoneer account, you cánido also receive them by bank transfers, Western Union, Xoom, Zoom, Afex, Neteller, Skrill…

Before explaining a little about the means of payment, I want to clarify that the payments will not be made by the platform of Earn Money Writing directly.

Every person who hires you will be the one who will make the payment independently. And for each job you perro negotiate the price, delivery time and payment methods.

Now I will explain better the methods to receive your earnings that you perro use.

The first is the best option for me: electronic wallets.

Electronic wallets are web pages that backlink to your bank account, that way you perro put in, take out, and transfer money or make purchases in a matter of seconds.

The best known are PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, MercadoPago, and Neteller.

The one I use the most is PayPal, because payments are safe and fast, so you don’t have to wait to see if it will be cashed or not, your money arrives immediately.

In addition, it has the advantage that it converts currencies automatically, so They perro pay you in US dollars. in euros, Mexican pesos, sterling pounds and other currencies.

The other one is Payoneer, although the payments take a little longer, it is just as reliable and the great advantage is that they give you an international Master Card debit card.

In this article, you cánido see how to open your account and order your card: What is Payoneer? Updated step by step guide 2019

Then, there are the exchange houses, which are companies that are located worldwide and with which you cánido send and receive cash, such as Western Union, Zoom, Xoom and Afex. These companies are reliable, but you will have to wait a couple of days to withdraw your money.

Finally, they are bank transfers, I recommend that you use this payment method, only when the person who hires you is from the same country as you.

For example, if you live in Spain, you only accept bank transfers when you are paid from a bank account in Spain.

Because? Why international bank transfers They ask for many requirements, they delay a long time, and have commissions of up to 20%.

What you earn as a trabajo independiente writer, depends on how you work and the time you dedicate to it.

Each company sets different payments, there is no fixed payment per word or per time.

In permanent and long-term jobs, pay it perro be from $10 to $30 per hour.

In these jobs, the most likely thing is that they ask you for a minimum, that you work at least one hour a day or that you deliver 1 article a week, the maximum is up to you, you perro work 5, 10, 20, 40, or 50 hours a week, as you want.

If it is by words, it depends on how long it is and on the topic, in the first one I did, they paid me $15 per 100 words and I wrote it in 15 minutes.

In general, you cánido do between $500 and $1200 a month. here in this picture I leave you more examples of jobs you cánido get:

whatWho is it for? Earn Money Writing?

Earn Money Writing It helps people who are just starting out and have no iniciativa how to make money as a trabajo independiente writer, and people who know a few things but want to improve their income.

Earn Money Writing is specially designed for people like you who want to start generating money en línea by writing texts, but who they don’t know how to take the first step to get it.

If you are a beginner and you identify with this situation, Earn Money Writing is for you.

You will learn to write original texts and in a short time, even on topics you don’t know, even if you haven’t written anything in your life.

You will know what are the best tricks to find a job and how to overcome obstacles such as there is a lot of competition, and stand out to get hired.

You will also see how to get 8 versions of the same article, to work less and earn more so you perro multiply your earnings and have income between $500 and $1200 per month.

However, if you’re already working as a trabajo independiente writer, you’ve gotten a job and you earn over $1200 a month writing en línea, I do not recommend that you use Earn Money Writing; You may take advantage of something else, but you may feel like you wasted your money.

whatCánido I try Earn Money Writing for free?

Yes, with the introductory course Earn Money Writing you cánido try this platform for free to see what it is about, and everything you perro learn with it.

The first phase of the Earn Money Writing method is the introductory course completely free.

Introductory Course Lessons you will receive them in your correo electrónico.

You will receive a message daily, without fail, for 7 days.

these are the lessons from the free introductory course:

  • Day 1: You perro work writing about what you are passionate about
  • Day 2: This is how you make money en línea
  • Day 3: Perro you really make money writing?
  • Day 4: Perro you make money writing? YOU’RE SURE??
  • Day #5: They are desperate to work with you!
  • Day #6: After starting work, this is how you collect your money
  • Day #7: How quickly cánido you start seeing results?

with every lesson you will receive a vídeo that explains all this in detail, this is how you will have your first tools to be a trabajo independiente writer, and you will have your free trial of Earn Money Writing.

Is Earn Money Writing a scam? My opinions

When I was recommended earn money writing, I also asked myself that question and there are many pages that are only interested in advertising.

But after having tested it for many months, and having already received different tasks and their corresponding payments, I perro tell you that Earn money writing is NOT a scam.

All this, I know now, that I have tried it and I have seen the results.

I was in my worst economic situation, despite the fact that I lived with my parents, I was still studying at the university.

Although everyone in my house had a job, the money was barely enough for us to eat.

This is a situation that I would not wish on anyone, but I know that many people they are living it all over the world.

Between all the stress of having to work and get my accounts right so that I could reach my salary, I saw that my friend Dayana lived from trip to trip, like she was the only one without financial problems.

One afternoon, venting to her, I decided to ask her advice.

That was when she She told me that she had a job as a writer, that all he was doing was writing about his travels and with that he paid his expenses and had his savings.

She has always been a good friend and He recommended Earn Money Writing.

It seemed so easy to me that I even had a hard time believing it, after doing my own research, and complete the introductory course, I paid for the membership.

I completed all the training they gave on the page, and when I was ready, I started looking for my first jobs with the templates and consejos they had learned on the platform.

My first job was a 100 word text that I did in about 15 minutes and they paid me $15, and it was also the first of many that began to arrive.

After, I got another 500 word one for $46, I even got a steady one, doing movie reviews for a movie blog, where I get paid $82 per 1,000 words.

Now with that job I have a fixed income, and when I want to earn more I accept other projects writing texts about travel, which are my favorites.

It is not that you will see all the money in the first month, My income has been increasing little by little, It seems that the more experience I have, the more job offers I get.

The most I’ve ever won is $1,209. in a month, and I usually earn between $800 and $950 a month, working 3 hours a day, Monday to Friday, and resting on the weekends.

What I like the most is that my schedule is completely maleable So I cánido spend time with my family, do things around the house, or even watch marathons of my favorite series during the week.

And you, have you tried Earn money writing? Leave me a comment below and tell me about your experience!

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