Earn Money Writing is REAL? Which

Earn Money Writing is REAL? Which

A couple of years ago the economic situation in my country it became very difficult.

I was in college, and even though everyone in my family worked, the money was not enough for us at all.

I couldn’t keep idly by waiting for everything to take care of itself, so I could too. I started looking for work.

The problem is that part-time jobs for college students they didn’t pay enoughso I had to change my subjects to the night shift and take a full-time job during the day.

At first I had a good experienceI managed to work on something that I really liked and I always thought that was the most important thing.

But the economic situation kept getting worse and now my full-time salary wasn’t enough eitherI realized that I needed a Plus moneyand above all that he needed income in other currencies.

I went on the internet and I started looking for ways to earn money in dollars or euros, and I found something that until then I had not imagined.

One of the ways was doing something I’m passionate about, writing!

For many reasons, I did not dare to leave my first joband I decided to do it all.

But after a few months, the stress of having two jobs and in my last years of university, exhaustion and lack of time to spend with my family began to take their toll.

Every day he earned less money and at one point it wasn’t even enough for the most important expenses; I was already several months behind on my rent when I spoke to my friend Dayana.

She told me that she had found a website called Earn Money Writing in which he had been working for 2 months writing texts for weblogs and other people, and he was doing very well.

That’s why she told me that she should try it.

At first, working over the Internet seemed like something that they only got the people who were lucky with great studies and knowledge.

But Dayana told me that she didn’t need any of that: with know how to write well on a subject that I likedit was enough.

I trust my friend 100%but I was afraid that she was being deceived, and for that reason, before trying it myself, I looked for other people’s opinions to see what they thought and to have more information.

However, all I found was empty information: no one gave real data or true experiencesthey were just en línea sites made exclusively to promote the platform.

I was already a bit desperate about my situation, so in the end I decided to give it a bit of a blind try.

And here I am going to tell you if Earn money writing is real or notand I am going to share everything that NO ONE tells you on other Internet sites.

What will you find in this article?

whatHow does it work Earn money writing?

Earn Money Writing is an en línea platform where they will teach you how start earning money en línea writing texts for weblogs, web pages, companies, and even YouTube vídeos.

The most valuable thing that Earn Money Writing offers you is the speed typing training about many things that you like and turn it into a job that pays you very well and that you perro do from home.

When I started reading about this, I thought “ok.

It’s another little en línea course” but I was expecting a surprise that completely changed my opinion.

Not only will they give you everything you need to learn to write content for weblogs, popular networks and vídeo scripts, and they will teach you the best techniques to write as many words in less time, at the end of the course You will have at your disposal a list with job offers for you to start earning money.

In short, in Earn Money Writing, they espectáculo you the fish, teach you how to fish and take you to the spot Where are you going to fish it?

What makes it a great choice for everyone.

It will help you if you have never written anything in your life and if you already have experience but find it difficult to get a job.

you will only need Basic knowledge of the use of web pageseager to learn and an Internet connection.

Perro work from home writing about the things you are passionate about, during the hours you choose and from many parts of the world.

How to start to work with Earn money writing

1. Go to the Earn Money Writing page

To learn more and open the door to all the opportunities you will find in Earn Money Writing you must start with visit their website.

Something that I really liked is that It’s not like any other page in which the first thing they espectáculo you are the subscription plans with confusing information.

In this page you cánido see all the information you need and you will clarify most of your doubts.

2. Entrar your name and correo electrónico to register

When you entrar the page you will see all the information, if you keep going down, you will find a registration form for an introductory course that is completely free.

It is very easy to register, you only have to fill in your name and correo electrónico.

In the introductory course you will receive free lessons on:

  • The chances of make money writing from anywhere.
  • acknowledge mistakes more common when starting out.
  • Taking advantage of the opportunity dedicate yourself to writing and have a lot of income.

3. Receive the free introductory course in your correo electrónico

When you have completed the form entrar the dirección de correo electrónico address you entered, there you will find a message with the information.

If you have a Gmail correo electrónico, it is most likely that you will receive the message in the tray “notifications”

If you cánido’t find it, search the “contenido publicitario” or “junk correo” folder and make sure to mark it as a safe dirección de correo electrónico.

I received an dirección de correo electrónico that had as sender “Rubén Córdova” and the subject was “Day #1: You cánido work writing about what you are passionate about”

from that moment You will receive an dirección de correo electrónico every day with the corresponding lesson and the subject will be:[GDE] Day # X: ________________”

Perro complete the introductory course or skip directly to the subscription of the course on the Earn Money Writing platform.

What includes the membership to Earn Money Writing?

With Earn Money Writing you are going to have a complete package of benefitsranging from platform tools and training to a billboard of opportunities.

For me the most important thing was to have a whole teaching module that prepared me to grow in the world of articles on the Internet.

In addition to the introductory course that is completely free and that I received without fail in my dirección de correo electrónico; with membership, I received guides, templates, tutorials and professional advice to earn income writing.

For a start I learned to write. I already had some experience because I have been doing this for a while, but there are things that are not easily learned with practice, such as what is the best language and how to organize paragraphs.

I achieved increase typing speedwhich is not just about typing speed, but also about how quickly you come up with ideas.

Something that I really appreciated it was a list of templates to create titles.

As for the platform, I found myself one dynamic page, high technology and easy to use.

I love asking questions about everything I see and do, and there was always a support advisor willing to solve my doubts, in Spanish!

The tool that helped me to open the doors to many opportunities was a billboard of international job offers in which I could choose who to work with and what topics to write about.

Finally, I was worried about what we all worry about when we try something new, the forms of payment.

In my experience, when everything else works, the payment is where the catch is, but in this case, I even got advice on the payment method that best suited me between different options such as bank transfer, Western Union or an international debit card.

My experience using Earn Money Writing

I already told you about the difficult situation I was in when I first heard about Earn Money Writing.

In recent years it is very common for there to be economical crisis in countries throughout Latin America and Europe.

And if you’ve been through something afín, I know you understand me, because the people who work and depend on a salary are the most affected.

Right at that time I was in the last years of the university, every day the prices were higher and he needed more money to survive.

I got a full-time job to help myself, but this didn’t work out for long, and surely you understand how difficult it is to have so many responsibilities and having to sacrifice your spare time and time with your family to earn a little more money.

I had already searched for many options on the Internet, but the sad reality is that most pages are only interested in advertisingThey do not give enough information about the methods to earn money.

In the midst of all these problems I spoke with a friend who, for me, was not affected so much by the situation because he was always traveling.

That’s when I found out that what she did was write about her trips and that with that she paid all her expenses, I remember that she told me “I travel where I want and work when I want!”

At first I had my doubtsbecause it sounded very easy, and I had already read many things on the Internet, I wondered how it was possible that I had not found it before.

The first thing I thought of is that for better or for worse, I had to inform myself better, so I sat in front of my computer and typed in the Google plus search engine, “Earn Money Writing”.

To my surprise, the first search result was precisely the page that my friend had recommended to me, this seemed positive to me.

I entered the page I started reading every single thing I found there and I realized that everything my friend had told me fell short.

This page really showed all the information about the product and I immediately understood why i hadn’t seen it before Only selected people perro become members and the price of $77 is limited for a short period of time.

Of course, I was not going to find this on any internet page because everyone prefers to make recommendations to the people close to them.

The next thing I saw, I didn’t have to pay all at once, I could take an introductory e-e correo electrónico course dirección de correo electrónico completely free, I filled out the form and registered, following the steps that I indicated above.

When I filled out the form, I immediately received the first lesson of the introductory course in my dirección de correo electrónico, in which they welcomed me and explained how I would receive the next classes.

From that moment on, I received the class daily and without fail which corresponded

The second class was about learning to see Internet writing as a business, the third was about the reasons why it is possible to make money writing and thus they continued arriving until the last lesson.

When I finished the introductory course, I found myself again at a crossroads, until I finally thought: “Come on, Maria! take it or leave”

And I made the best decision that I could have made, I decided to buy the membership. I made the payment, they processed it quickly, the same day I had access to the page with the course material.

Either way, I felt supported by the eight week warranty that all subscribers have to try Earn Money Writing and get results.

When I made the payment, I realized that in some cities works very wellbut for other countries like Cuba, they reject subscribers, likewise there are many countries that are out of job offers.

The first day, I practically made friends with the tech support people, I jumped on the page to review every detail in all the materialsfor every question I had I contacted them and they always had a good answer for all my questions.

The second night, I began to discover so many things that I did not know, that I wanted to eat all the material in a couple of hours.

But I realized that it is not a miracle elabora to write dozens of articles in an instant, It will take practice, time and above all a lot of dedication.

So I started again from the first lesson.

I have to say that the possibility of being able to see the lessons as many times as I wanted and at any time, I loved it.

I don’t know if it has happened to you, but almost always, after the excitement of the first moment, I start to get bored and demotivated, but with Earn Money Writing, Every day I learned something that surprised me and that helped me come back for the next lesson.

When I started receiving the templates and started completing my first test articles I was completely sure that I had found the solution to my financial problems.

It’s amazing how proud and satisfied you feel when you know you’ve made progress, that you’re accomplishing something, and that you are going for the good way.

Finally, after five weeks, the long-awaited day arrived, my last lesson

to be honest with you, when i finished the courseI thought I would have hundreds of dollars in my account in the first week and it didn’t.

I had many job offers to apply for, but I it took a little time to accept my application.

After 12 days I managed to get my first joband the income at the beginning was not enough to live on it, although over time they have been improving.

I remember my first article was a small text of 100 words for 15 dollarsbut the customer loved it and that was the happiest moment he had had in a long time.

Then I got another job from 500 words for which they paid me 46 dollarsand in the same way the payments and tasks were increasing.

right now until I have had to turn down some offers because I have work constantly and I choose the ones that pay the best.

In my opinion, if you’re already a professional en línea writer making a full salary from your writing, I don’t think you need a membership: earn money writing is for you if you are a beginner at this, and right now you only need to earn about $900 a month.

Those are more or less the earnings that I am getting right now (This month I have already earned $829, and last month I earned $985).

So if you only need about $800 or $900 a month to get started right now, this is ideal for you; but if you want to earn more money writingand you already know how to get it, maybe these learning falls a little short.

Have you already registered in Earn Money Writing? Leave me a comment below and tell me about your experience.

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 Earn Money Writing is REAL?  Which
  Earn Money Writing is REAL?  Which
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