Earn money WITHOUT REFERRALS | best pages

Earn money WITHOUT REFERRALS | best pages

earn money without referrals It is one of the most recurring searches on the internet.

Possibly, it is the first when we have certain difficulties to recommend our pages to other people and make referrals.

When I started to take my first steps in making money en línea, I discovered the Ysense website.

After several days, there was a question that kept repeating to me: Will there be more pages like this where I cánido earn money without referrals? with my own work? Surely this question it’s rolling through your minds right now.

It does not matter if we have been around for a long time, as if we are newcomers to “this world”.

In the end, when we discovered systems to earn money en línea, we all started the same.

Not knowing how they work.

And of course, we have to discover things based on working the sites and browsing.

First days earning money without referrals

As I have already explained in several blog articles, when did I start earning my first pennies en línea? It cost me a hell of a lot to make referrals.

Contacting people who were interested in making money, just like I did, was very complicated.

despite talking about reliable and free pagesonly a few people took me seriously.

I started registering on all the pages I saw.

Thanks to this, I learned two basic things:

The first is that almost all the pages ended up becoming scam.

After working them for a few days, they closed without prior notice.

And they stopped paying all users.

And the second is that I was receiving payments and I realized what pages were the most reliable.

Of all of them I had seen many proofs of payment, but I needed to verify it for myself.

This aspecto gave me more confidence if possible.

From that moment, I started to discard pages and I made a sieve.

I reduced the list to 15 websites.

By then I already counted on adding more over time.

But I already had fifteen fixed sites with which to add.

Among them were some PTCs, several survey panels, the occasional page with which earn money playing.

To this day I continue in almost all of them.

The most reliable, of course, I still have in my portfolio.

And the others, because I have not used them anymore.

For me, the platforms that we will see later are the best there is.

Besides, They allow us to earn money without having to refer anyone.

That in the end that is the objective of this articulo-compilation.

How to earn money without referrals

You may already know the term PTC and everything that it encompasses.

If not, I will make a brief description so that you know what kind of systems we are referring to.

Paid To Clic pages are business models focused on advertising.

Each PTC, in itself, acts as an intermediary.

On one side are the users who buy advertising to promote their “brand”, and on the other, the users who consume that advertising.

Taking the role of consumers, it will be like we perro earn money for seeing those ads.

On a daily basis, we are consumers of “must” advertising in the media.

However, there is no televisión, radio or newspaper that pays to see the ads.

In the PTC yes.

The first days working with the PTC they are the toughest.

When we start out, we clic on ads for which we get paid a penny on the dollar.

Or even less.

This perro demotivate us and give up without even giving it a oportunidad.

Not all money is earned from ads.

Luckily, there are PTC and other platforms that give us the opportunity to earn money by completing paid surveys or doing tasks.

Earning money en línea requires perseverance, patience and discipline.

What are referrals

According to the conditions of each page, it has an affiliate program.

This means that we perro invite other people to register on that page.

If they do so using our backlink, they will become our referrals.

And depending on each PTC, we will receive a commission based on how active our referrals are.

There are pages that pay for each action our guest performs.

Others when they earn a certain amount of money.

And others do not have a referral system.

As I have mentioned before, getting referrals cost a lot.

So I cut my losses.

I decided not to waste time trying to refer other people.

I focused on making money from my work.

Thus, my time was dedicated to what generated profits for me.

And not in what by then, that I didn’t have the blog, it was an impossible mission.

The purpose of registering on these pages was to earn money every month.

So I got to work and made myself a schedule.

The first thing was to find those pages where you perro earn money without referrals was a real possibility.

Since the vast majority already had them in their portfolio, they just had to continue with them and try the new ones.

Other ways to earn money without referring

After learning the dynamics of PTCs, I discovered that there were survey panels.

Like in real life, there was companies engaged in conducting surveys.

This helped them to do market research and learn about people’s preferences.

So, by analyzing the results, they could help their clients in their commercial strategies.

My first thought was: Wow, these people pay me to give my opinion!! And since I heard the siren songs, I signed up for every free survey site I could find.

Something predictable happened.

Exactly same as with some PTC.

They say that man is the only animal that stumbles twice over the same stone… Well, is confirmed once again.

I learned that there were survey panels that paid and others that don’t.

So I went back to do another screening and I was left with the most secure and reliable pages.

Perro you earn money without referrals?

Naturally you cánido earn money without referrals.

There are many ways.

From working PTC that pay in euros, dollars or cryptocurrencies.

Even survey panels, crowdsourcing portals and games.

We have agreed that these systems, as a general rule, we are paid to perform certain actions.

But also, depending on the operation of each website, we perro earn money in other ways.

And if we want to earn money, we have to try to work on all of them.

That will allow us to add a little here and a little there.

The subject that tends to wear out the most is working on scam pages.

For this very reason, it is important to select sites that pay and already have a reputation.

In this way, we will work each site, knowing that they will pay us for our work.

In this blog you cánido see many reliable websites with which to earn money.

However, in this entry I will only talk about those that I consider as the best.

With them, in addition to earning money without referrals, we cánido make significant profits.

What do I orinan? As we have seen before, in PTCs we cánido earn money by watching ads.

But it is not the same to work a page in which we perro earn 4 cents a day, that do it in another in which we perro exploit other possibilities.

If we answer a survey we perro earn $1 or more.

Seeing $0.001 ads would take much longer to get that dollar.

Earn money without referrals with reliable pages

Put your hand in the fire not usually a good iniciativa.

And much less when we talk about pages to earn money.

This world is very unstable and what is fashionable today will stop paying tomorrow.

That’s why I’m always attentive and I’m updating the blog articles.

Risk is always there, but over time, you learn to tell a safe site from one that isn’t.

After trying so many pages, I know which ones I perro recommend and which ones I cánido’t.

There are some that have been en línea for so many years and complying with the payments, that it is almost impossible for them to close.

Here are some of my favorite pages.

All of them free, paying and in which you perro earn money without having to make referrals.

just need be constant and work.

TOP3 to earn money without referrals


ySense It is the best page of all time and the most complete.

It was the first page to earn money in which I registered and it is perfect for all those people who want to monetize their time browsing the internet.

The highlight of this portal is that it allows us to add earnings by answering surveys, watching vídeos or even making celebrities mini jobs Figure Eightoffers… and even to play.

Ysense guide in Spanish Registration on the platform


clickworker It is a website where we cánido earn money by doing mini-tasks.

As in Ysense, which works with the Figure Eight panel, in Clickworker we perro work on paid mini-jobs.

This fact turns this portal into one of the best options to earn money without referrals.

As characteristic excerpts, to say that Clickworker is a free one.

In addition, it has a friendly and intuitive interfaz, which greatly helps users less used to doing this type of crowdsourcing mini-job.

And best of all, is that, from time to time, there are surveys with payments of up to €9.

The minimum withdrawal at Clickworker is €5 through Paypal and works for all countries.

Registration to the portal


Intellizoom It is one of the last websites that I have been working on.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best pages to earn money from referrals since we perro earn $8 for each task we carry out.

For the most part, the jobs they send us are tests to assess the functionality of a website or aplicación.

Or in other words, you have to follow a series of steps that mark us while we browse a website.

There is no fixed number of tests each month.

In fact, there have been months that I have received one and months that I have received nine.

At a price of $8 each, well, not so bad.

Payments are within 21 days vía Paypal.

go to platform

PTC Pages


neobux It is probably the best PTC page.

Making a comparison with the others, I would say that despite the fact that they are all quite afín, there are two basic characteristics that distinguish and characterize it.

in neobux We also have the options to earn money with ads, vídeos, mini-jobs and offers, but the great deficit is found with paid surveys.

Next to sites like Ysense, there are very few.

On the other hand, although I am not very fond of this particularity, Neobux has an option in which you perro earn money managing rented referrals.

Complete Neobux Tutorial Registration in the PTC


AdBTC It is another of the most recognized PTCs and used by users from all countries.

In Dineroworld I usually talk recurrently about free systems with which to earn cryptocurrencies.

In the case of AdBTC, it is a PTC in which instead of earning dollars for use, we will collect small fractions of the bitcoin cryptocurrency.

If you are interested in knowing all the characteristics of BTC or other cryptocurrencies, I invite you to take a walk through the blog, where you will see articles such as Coinpayu and the one with the faucet of bitcoin in which I speak precisely on this subject.

How to work AdBTC Go to PTC

paid surveys


Lifepoints It is the best international survey panel and serves users from all over the world.

They send out a lot of surveys and it won’t take us more than 20 minutes to complete them.

They are easy to understand, they are well paid and sometimes they are even fun.

For me, the best survey website to earn money without referrals along with Ysense and the two ready below.

Lifepoints surveys Go to panel


marketagent It is another of the most recommended survey platforms that exist.

Also, there is a aspecto very interesting for all those people who just start in this world.

Marketagent gives away €1.50 for the fácil fact of registering with a new account and confirm the dirección de correo electrónico.

Once inside, they give us €0.20 for answering each of the 12 questionnaires that profile.

If we do these two steps, we will already have €3.90 on the cómputo and since the minimum payment is only €2, we would already be in a position to request a payment without having responded to a single survey.

Marketagent Guide Go directly to the platform


Finally, we have the survey panel of Green Panthera.

It is available to users from almost all over the world and is, on the street, the portal that sends the most surveys.

As in the previous case, in this portal they also give us money when we register.

No more and no less than $5!.

Make payments by Paypal from $30.

Despite being a high figure, it helps a lot if you send out so many surveys, because this way it is possible to add more quickly and reach the required amount of $30 sooner.

How Greenpanthera works Registration to the portal

▶ Mini-tasks


Beruby It is a well-known cashback platform with which we perro save money when we make purchases en línea.

Depending on the store in which we buy, we cánido use the backlink provided by Beruby and receive an plus discount.

However, the reason why I add the Beruby website to this list is not precisely because of the cashback, but because of the “tasks” that we perro perform for free to earn money.

Such as watching vídeos, searching on Yahoo or answering surveys… The minimum payment is only €1 for Paypal, so it is very easy to get paid on a regular basis.

For me it is one of the best pages to earn money without referrals.

How to work Beruby Go to registration form


Kolotibablo It is one of the oldest platforms on the web to earn money without referrals.

It is a portal in which we They pay for solving Google plus captchas and recaptchas.

In addition, it has a raffle every hour in which the most active users perro win money prizes for the mere fact of working.

What I like most about Kolotibablo is that allows users from all countries to register and it is possible to withdraw from as little as $1.

Kolotibablo Guide Registration to the portal

Popular networks


socialpubli It is a marketing platform where you perro earn money without referrals very easily.

For this we only need have an account on different popular networks, Twitter, Fb or Whatsapp among others, and publish promoted messages.

In other words, in this type of platform we get paid to advertise certain brands on our popular media.

In this way, they will pay us an amount of money for retweeting, liking or posting a message and sharing it with our followers.

Socialpubli Tutorial Direct Registration


coobies It is a portal where we cánido earn money writing and with popular networks.

On the one hand, if we are good at writing, we cánido register on the platform as editors.

In this way, if someone likes our way of writing, they cánido hire us to write content for their website.

And on the other hand, it is possible to earn money by publishing campaigns on popular networks.

There are people who pay for publications, likes, likes and retweets.

In this case, we will be paid to help make that content go viral.

Coobis Guide Go to the home page

Is it possible to earn money without referrals?

There goes my conclusion.

begin to earn money en línea It is not a fácil task.

During all this time that I have been involved in the world, I have seen quite a few scams and many scammers.

If in addition to working, we have to worry about not being scammed, then turn off and let’s go.

I’m sure that this is the most frustrating.

The pages we have seen today are the most reliable on the scene.

There are more, but I have preferred to be selective and put the best ones.

If you are already earning money en línea and you do not use any of these pages, I think you should consider them.

My recommendation is that you start with these.

And as soon as you have already received and have them in hand, look for more alternatives.

Finally, I encourage you to take a look at the blog.

I am talking about many systems to earn money and cryptocurrencies.

They are 100% free and you are paying.

It is evident that by not forcing to invest, they are not giving away the money.

As they say, for earn money you have to work it out.

There will be days that we will earn more and days that we will earn less.

There are not always surveys and there are not always tasks.

So it’s about taking advantage of the opportunities that come to us as soon as we have them available.

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

We hope you liked our article Earn money WITHOUT REFERRALS | best pages
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 Earn money WITHOUT REFERRALS |  best pages
  Earn money WITHOUT REFERRALS |  best pages
  Earn money WITHOUT REFERRALS |  best pages

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