Earn money with your fb and Adiphy

Earn money with your fb and Adiphy


Adiphy stopped paying shortly after writing this articulo.

However there are many ways to earn money with popular media.

You cánido read it in the blog sections.

Good afternoon guys!!, how’s life going? I hope that on this autumnal Tuesday everything goes great hahaha!

Well, after the good wishes, let’s do the good deed of the daywhich is nothing more and nothing less than…

tell you how earn money with FACEBOOK!!Yes, even if it seems incredible, I already told you a while ago how to earn money with fanslavea page that paid to share on our popular networksthis page is different, relatively, too he will pay us to sharebut he has more news and only on Fb (after all, the one we use the most), the page is called adiphy and I discovered it a few days ago, in it’s been two days the negligible amount of 8 euros earned and I’m adding

He registration is freeyou perro register through here. well once registered with our personal Fb accountwe will see that there is a tab that tells us that they will have access to our account and such, do not panic, that is what all applications ask us to install (games, anything), we accept and another screen will appear, this one with news in Spanish.

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That is what interests us, we have to give to see and sharefor seeing them they will pay us one cent and for sharing they will pay us two cents.

Every day we cánido earn 0.60 euros for a task that it won’t keep us more than five minuteswhen we reach the minimum amount, we charge and that’s it!

How is it charged? Well, by PayPalwhich is the most widespread and reliable payment gateway, for those who do not know how it is, I promise, in the next articulo I will explain it, it is something very fácilBut of course, it’s like everything else, you have to know how to do it…

As I told you, a maximum of 0.60 euro per dayor what comes to be 20 adsit must be taken into account, because when we exceed daily earnings, the same system notifies us, therefore, it is foolish to share more news that we are not going to benefit from it.

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When we see our panel, we will see what we have wonin green, and a white on black puppet, is our panel, there we cánido see what we have won, the friends we have invited, etcétera…

I invite you to see it, although it is extremely easy once you get the hang of it.

We have talked about the friends we have invitedyes, you cánido have referrals, they will be paid 1.50 euros and we will be paid 0.50 for each oneyou cánido make my referrals here (hehehe), on that screen you perro also see your referral backlink that you will have to give to your friends and acquaintances.

Well, and here is this new page, You cánido use it from your Móvil inteligente to earn moneyfrom the computer or tablet, it doesn’t matterthe only thing you need, and I’m sure we all have that, is our beloved Fb.

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Good morning everyone!!

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 Earn money with your fb and Adiphy
  Earn money with your fb and Adiphy
  Earn money with your fb and Adiphy

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