Earn money with Yllix – MINIMUM PAYOUT $1

Earn money with Yllix – MINIMUM PAYOUT $1

Earn money with Yllix. One way to generate income en línea as we all know is monetizing our blog, therefore the first thing we have to do is create a blog if we don’t already have one.

What is Yllix and how does it work?

Yllix is ​​a advertising network like others like adsense, exo clic which allows us to monetize our blog and earn money with ads, also if you are advertisers you cánido promote your services on this platform.

How to earn money with Yllix?

For make money with Yllix the first thing you should do is register on your websitewe fill out the form with our name, correo electrónico and a password, once registered in Yllix we perro start using the platform.

The next thing you should do is add the advertising banner to your blog, you do not have to register your blog on this platform, since when you add the advertising code to your website the system automatically recognizes it.

Yllix Features

  • Assessment: Good
  • Payment Methods: PayPal
  • Paydays: Every day or weekly
  • Withdrawal Minimum: $1 dollar
  • Language: English, Indonesian and others
  • Referral system: Yeah
  • Accept adult content: Yeah
  • Advertising for all countries: Yeah

A peculiar characteristic of this company is that it accepts adult content, if you have a website with this type of content you perro monetize it without a problem and I suppose you cánido get good money from it.

Yllix Advertising Formats

In Yllix you will have at your disposal several advertising formats for your website, you cánido choose between them, taking into account the format that gives you the best result and which one best suits your blog.

  • BANNER Ad Tag
  • InApp BANNER Ad Tag

Minimum withdrawal at Yllix

Earning money with this company is very easy and the good thing is that the minimum payment It is only one dollar, so it will be super easy to reach that amount to make our first withdrawal through PayPal.

Does Yllix pay or is it a scam?

Of course Yllix pays, even as I just created an account, as long as I have a dollar I’ll make the withdrawal to raise my proof of paymentI cánido safely say that Yllix is ​​not a fraud nor is scam.

It is a serious company, which is currently active, paying and there are many users working with this advertising network.

Yllix Vídeo Tutorial

Yllix Reviews

One of the negative things that I have seen on the internet is the complaint of many users regarding the pay rate and the amount of money that is generated, in my personal opinion This is a bit complicated for multiple reasons.

There are many people who always try to do fraud to increase profits, sending boot visits or incentivizing users to clic on banners, and all this should not be done with any company. Sign up here.

That’s why I prefer to try it myself and draw my own conclusions, since sometimes people complain but they never tell the complete truth.

Alternatives to Yllix

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 Earn money with Yllix – MINIMUM PAYOUT $1
  Earn money with Yllix – MINIMUM PAYOUT $1
  Earn money with Yllix – MINIMUM PAYOUT $1

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