Earn money with Wallapop

Earn money with Wallapop

Earn money with Wallapop, taking advantage of your old things (or not so old, but you’ve gotten tired of them) and giving it a second oportunidad is possible.

Most of us have many things “thrown” around the house, devices, toys that we do not use.

I myself have a profile on wallapop What perro you visit.

With applications like Wallapop we perro give it a second life, a second oportunidad, we will help the planet by not generating so much waste and also, we perro earn a little money.

Obviously we are not going to live on wallapopbut we perro earn some money that will come in handy for our whims, or to buy other things.

What is Wallpop?

Wallapop is a Spanish company that was founded in 2013.

Wallapop cánido be defined as the trace of the s.


It offers us a platform dedicated to the purchase/sale of second-hand products between users through a mobile application.

It will use the geolocation offered by mobile devices so that users cánido buy and sell based on their geographical proximity through the aplicación.

This cánido be defined as proximity sales.

Wallapop cánido be installed both on teléfonos inteligentes (teléfonos inteligentes) and on other devices such as tabletas and laptops.

we just have to download the Wallapop application, available on both Android and iOS.

This application does not require many requirements.

You perro download it on a low-end or high-end mobile, it will work for you in the same way.

It will download very fast.

The next step is to register in the application.

You cánido do it through a popular network or with your correo electrónico and a password.

You cánido have the application without registering, but you will not be able to buy or sell.

How to succeed in Wallapop?

make money on wallapop and at the same time succeed, even having the most demanded second-hand products it requires a lot of luck and a bit of inventiveness.

Things are not going to sell themselves.

There are a series of tricks and methods that must be followed to make money on wallapop.

Take a picture of what you want to put up for sale

make one photography that is good and looks good.

The photograph must be taken with good lighting, a white background, with nothing around it.

If you have a place in your house with these characteristics, use it.

The article has to look pretty good on you, well you will have to attract the attention of the buyer.

Maybe your product is not the most searched in Wallapopbut if someone searches for your product and your product is well photographed, they will buy it from you.

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You perro upload several photos, up to a maximum of 10.

Take as many as you want, the more the better.

a good description

The second important point for make money with Wallpop selling your products is to make a good description of the product.

A good title is very important, think about how you would search for the product on Wallapop.

Do not put a very long title, a short and direct one would be better.

Briefly detalla the product at the beginning.

Then you cánido extend.

If you sell a console, you must put the age it is, the reason you are selling it, if you are selling it because you did not like it or simply because you no longer use it.

You perro put a negotiable price on it, the ideal would be to put a little more than the money you want to get for the product.

That is, if you want make money with Wallpop You cannot put exorbitant prices because they are not going to buy it from you.

You always have to be consistent and be aware that it is a second hand aplicación.

Negotiate with future buyers

You must know how to negotiate with potential customers.

People write to you and ask you about the product, sometimes too many questions, but you have to be nice to them.

Realize that they are not going to pay you what you put first, if you put “negotiable price”, they will always try to negotiate the price.

Therefore, if you do not want to lower the price, put “non-negotiable price”.

Once you haggle (if that is the case) you will have to stay with the buyer if he is from the same city.

If not, the product perro be sent by Wallapop shipments.

Wallapop shipments

Once you have reached an agreement with the buyer, as I have said before, there are two options, that he is from your same city and you must stay with him or that he is from another city and you must send it with Wallapop shipments.

The Wallapop shipping service is free for the seller and in many cases it is also free for the buyer.

don’t think that Wallapop charges for selling.

Its benefits come from advertising and users of wallapop pro.

We will talk about the latter later.

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If you use the service of Wallapop shipments As a seller, once your order is accepted, you must take it to a articulo office within five days of purchase.

For you, as a seller, it is totally free.

The product is sent to the recipient, in most cases it will also be free for buyers.

They receive it at home by articulo.

They have five days to verify that everything is correct and that the product purchased at Wallapop works correctly.

If there is no problem, Wallapop takes the money from the buyer’s account and passes it to the seller’s.

If you have been told or have heard that Wallapop charges commissiontell you that it is uncertain, for the transactions it does not charge any type of commission.

wallapop pro

This is a monthly subscription with a cost of €39/month for which the products that you upload to Wallapop will have a series of “advantages”:

  • The results will be preferred in usuario searches.
  • Our products will never expire.
  • The pro profile will have a different design and will stand out from others.
  • Buyers will be able to save the store/pro profile as a favorite.
  • Buyers will be able to see the telephone number and website in the pro profile to easily contact them.
  • You cánido entrar plus information such as the description of the business and the location.

wallapop pro It is very interesting for, for example, car dealers who want to sell their vehicles through the platform.

Wallapop has become a form of business for used car dealers who want make money with Wallpop and the increased visibility that being a pro provides makes them achieve it.

Does Wallapop charge for selling?

The answer is no, but so far it is not possible highlight free wallapop ad, so if you want to sell an item quickly or want to highlight it, you will have two options.

Or you buy the pro subscription for a month.

Or highlight your article from 2 to 15 days and highlight it in your neighborhood or throughout Spain.

Wallapop will not charge us for selling, even on many occasions, shipping will be free for buyers, thanks to offers and free shipping days.

Wallapop’s way of financing is in the advertising that it inserts between the ads, the pro subscriptions and the staking of the ads of the subscribers who so wish.

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Final conclusions make money with Wallapop

if you have wondered what to sell on wallapop to make money the answer is everything.

You’d be surprised how weird things people put up for sale, but as I often say, “there is always a broken for a broken”.

Anything you put up for sale, surely there is someone who is looking for it, needs it and is willing to buy it.

It all depends on good marketing and luck.

If you have things at home that don’t work for you, or you think you’ve already made the most of it, this aplicación to earn money it perro give them another oportunidad at life, we perro help to avoid generating waste that will end up thrown in a landfill and polluting.

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 Earn money with Wallapop
  Earn money with Wallapop
  Earn money with Wallapop

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