Earn money with Uber My secret to

Earn money with Uber My secret to

My parents They have dedicated themselves to working for what they studied for all their lives and I have never seen them leave the area of ​​​​their professions.

However, the situation in my country (Venezuela) worsens every day what happens and for more than 2 years things have become even more complicated than we imagined.

Yes, we were a fairly stable family financially, but inflation made services like car, health and life insurance they will leave us in ruins every month for the fees we had to pay.

I have had many jobs, from an English teacher to a waitress in a cafeteria that was quite far from home and although I found some methods to earn plus money en línea, it’s just not enough.

My parents began to find themselves very tight with money, and a year ago my dad decided to use his car as a taxi, the problem is that we know how insecure and disorganized working on it perro be.

But many of my dad’s friends had had to complejo turístico to it already. who were in the same situation that we So they started giving him advice on how he should do it and that instead of just dating, I will try the company Uber first.

We had heard it before, but no one in my family had used it.

For that reason, as soon as we got home, my dad and I looked for information and we found that it is much bigger and habitual of what we think

For the next morning my dad I had prepared all the requirements to be a controlador with Uber and in just 1 day I was already driving.

Thanks to that my family began to earn much more. For this very reason I made the decision 5 months ago to also join Uber and work as a controlador in my spare time.

I already have 4 months earning money with Uber driving, and here I am going to tell you how you cánido become a controlador in Uber and start generating profits too.

These are my steps to earn money with Uber driving

whatWhat is Uber and how it works?

Uber is a platform that acts as an intermediary to put drivers and passengers in contact through a mobile application.

The wonderful thing about this company is that if you need a car to take you somewhere, you don’t have to wait for a taxi to pass for several minutes freezing you from the cold or dying of heat while it arrives.

With Uber you only have to put in the aplicación where you want to go, and a controlador will pick you up in less than 3 minutes to the place where you are, as well as being a cheaper service than traditional taxis.

But the really interesting thing about Uber is that you perro make money with it!

As? Becoming an Uber controladorand driving your own car the hours you want taking passengers to the places they need.

All you have to do is be connected when you want to work at the mobile application to receive requests and accept them according to the one you find most comfortable and posible.

You receive the payment of the passengers through the Uber application since by this means they cancel the cost of the trip depending on the payment method you chose.

For each trip you make, you cánido leave a rating for the passenger about how the trip was and how well behaved.

The great advantage of Uber as a controlador is that you are you who choose if you accept your passenger or notand you perro work the hours you want and earn the money you want.

if for example one day you only want to work 2 hours, all you have to do is launch the aplicación when you want to drive, and the moment you want to go home, close the aplicación on your phone and leave work for the day.

If another day you feel like working 5 hours, activate the application on your phone when you want to start, and close it when you want to stop working and go home.

Because become a controlador from Uber?

There are many reasons to become an Uber controlador, but the main advantages are:

  • It is a less dangerous job than taxi controlador: with Uber it is YOU who chooses your passengers, you do not have to ride unknown people in your car
  • You work the hours you want: In Uber you do not have a fixed work schedule, you are the one who decides when and how many hours you want to work
  • You perro drive your own car: This is a great advantage because by not having to drive someone else’s car (like in a taxi), you don’t have to be accountable to others if something happens
  • Uber covers the unforeseen events you may have: if you’re in an accident or something happens to your car, like a scraped body, for example, Uber will pay for any repairs you have to make
  • You will earn more money than in other jobs: with Uber you are the one who decides how much you want to work, and for that reason you cánido earn more money than in other jobs where the hours are fixed and the pay is smaller

Being a taxi controlador cánido generate a decent income, but it has been proven that it is a somewhat “dangerous” job since you must pick up total strangers The ones you don’t even know their names.

Also, the work schedules are a bit tight. If you join any taxi line, you will most likely have to meet certain hours (often more than 8 hours a day) or come up with a certain amount of money a day.

For example, for meet the quota of the day you need to earn at least $300, no matter how many hours you take.

That makes it a job even more exhausting.

Instead with Uber you perro work the hours you want and at the time you choose to mezcle your job as a controlador and the rest of your activities.

You don’t have to arrive at 6 or 7 in the morning to finish your day no breaks, 12 hours later.

You also won’t have to have a daily goal to be able to return home. You escoge how much you want to work at all times.

One of the main reasons why it is a good iniciativa to become an Uber controlador is that it offers several benefits.

For example, they take care of car incidents that you have during your working hours and even more if it is due for employment-related reasons.

You will also not need to use a car that they provide you and take care of him as if he were your own child.

With Uber you will work as a controlador using your own vehicleso you will not have to be held accountable in the event of any inconvenience for your maintenance.

Finally, it is very easy to start or stop working. once you open the aplicación on your cell phone and log in, you will be available to receive requests.

Thus, you will be within your “working hour”, and to simply stop working you just need to close the application and that’s it!

The earnings they are older too than being a traveling taxi controlador or working with a taxi line.

whatWhat I need to be an Uber controlador?

To be able to work as a controlador in Uber you do not need many things, only one own car, a móvil to download the Uber application and register on the platform.

The most “difficult” thing to get to be a controlador is the car, but if you are considering the iniciativa of ​​working as a taxi controlador or with Uber, It’s because you have your own or someone who lends it to you.

Many people dismiss the iniciativa of ​​working as a controlador because they think that under any circumstances they need their own car to work with this platform.

But the truth is that you perro also work with a rented car or with that of a relative as long as you have all legal documents and a permit to do so.

Of course, the majority that start this job is because they have their own vehicle, in fact, Both my dad and I have it.

However, many of my dad’s friends and some of my acquaintances They work with Uber with a rental car or they share the profits with the owner of it for letting them use it.

So don’t limit yourself, if you have someone in mind who I cánido rent or “lend” you the car coming to an agreement, you cánido work with Uber.

However, the only other thing What you need to start being a controlador is to have a smart phone or móvil inteligente where you cánido have the Uber application open during your work hours.

This is as essential as have the vehicle.

Because? Because if you don’t have the aplicación, you will not be able to receive requests from passengers.

So keep in mind that if you want to start with Uber, you need to make sure you have both and that they are operational at 100% or almost.

As work as an uber controlador

1. Visit the Uber page

To start being a controlador you only need create an account and register on their site.

Registration is completely free and it will not take you more than 2 minutes to do so.

You perro entrar the Uber page doing clic here or in the button that I leave you here below:

2. Fill in the details to register

To sign up for Uber and start earning money as soon as possible you have to fill out the form that appears on the right as soon as you entrar the site.

Information that they ask you is very basic and it will not take you more than 2 minutes to complete it.

You have to put your first and last name, cell phone, dirección de correo electrónico and indicate the city where you will work

The option to entrar an invitation code it is optional so you perro skip it without problems.

Then you just clic on “Send” and you will be accepting the conditions and terms of use of the platform.

And you’re ready, you created your account in Uber.

3. Download the application on your cell phone

After you create your account through the website, you have to download the aplicación On your cellphone.

If you have an Android phone, You will find it just by entering the Play Store and placing it in the “Uber” search engine.

In the case of iPhone, for the Apple Store is also available.

The procedure is the same as installing any other application, choose the “Install” option in the aplicación and the download will immediately begin.

4. Entrar the application and that’s it!

To start receiving requests or submit them if you are a passenger, you need to login to the aplicación from Uber with the account you previously created on the website.

When you are in the process, it will ask you to have access to various data such as your location, first name, last name and some other additional information to provide to the passenger.

after you do You won’t have to do this later. the permit will be kept and the information they send to the passengers as well.

Once you entrar, you just have to wait for the notifications of requests and accept them or not if they do not suit you.

When you accept one, you just have to start driving and go to the destination.

Requirements to work in Uber

To be able to work in Uber you will need meet certain requirements in addition to having a móvil inteligente and own or rented car.

Uber offers you a job like any other since in addition to earning everything you do during working hours, you also receive a secure in case of accidents.

For this reason and also the responsibility of a job how to be a controlador, you need to meet certain requirements.

First of all, you have to be of legal age in the country where you will work as a controlador because obviously, not perro you drive a car without having the corresponding age.

followed by it, you need to have a permit or authorization to drive.

Although these are somewhat obvious and minimal requirements, many people skip verification.

The following requirements are based on some documentation papers in addition to your identification and controlador’s license.

You will need a photo to place on your Uber profile, but not any of the ones you have on your cell phone.

The photo must comply with certain measures: Let it be from the front, to the center, full face, without glasses and showing the upper part of the shoulders.

It should also be very well lit and focused.

Basically, it is a photo that is used for identification or passport type, but you perro’t use the same one on the rest of your identification or legal documents.

Finally, you will need proof of residence, that is, that check that you radica in the city or province where you want to provide your services as a controlador.

Once you meet all those requirements, you record them in a verification on the Uber page so they cánido check your criminal and driving records.

It only takes 3 to 4 days, then they will accept you as Uber controlador.

how much money cánido you earn being a controlador from Uber?

The amount of money you cánido earn with Uber depends on how many hours you work and in the city where you will be providing your controlador services.

You should also take into account the hours that you escoge to go out to receive requests of passengers through the site that you will be circulating.

I will put my situation so that you have it a little more clear.

I work in a big city in my countryIn fact, it is one of the most expensive in terms of transportation and even more when it comes to taxis, therefore, I perroearn more money per passenger than someone in a small town.

Besides that, I usually go out for an hour or two before traffic builds up due to excessive crowding on the streets.

In my case, these peak hours They are usually between 12 noon and 2 in the afternoon, and from 6 in the afternoon to 8 at night.

So I go out between 10:30 and 11 in the morning because I know that at that time there is enough people asking for a car to take them to their next destination, like home or work.

in a single hour I cánido do between 3 to 4 trips depending on the traffic or how far is the destination.

With each trip I usually earn between $15 to $17, if I do 3 in an hour, I am easily making $51.

Working floor before and during traffic hours in order to have more possibilities to pick up passengers and depending on the area they want to go to, I calculate the time it will take me to arrive from the moment you pick it up to its destination.

I don’t work more than 4 hours daily since I have other responsibilities, so my daily earnings are an average of $204.

And I only work 20 days a month on average since I don’t count the times I cánido not or I must manage my time in other responsibilities.

Which allows me to earn between $2,500 to $3,000 Monthly only as a controlador and in 4 hours a day.

Counting the days where I don’t do so well and only earn $100, because yes, there are days that won’t be as good as others.

If you’re from a small town, you’ll obviously earn a little more by working the same hours.

For example, my dad earns about $700 less than me per month.

because he works in a city smaller than mine.

So it’s fácil: the more hours you work, the more you’ll earn. If you pick a good time, more money you will get; and if you live in a big city, it is certain that you will make more money than in a small one.

Of course you should also take into account the “luck” aspecto. There are some days that will not be as productive.

A productive day for me is doing at least 3 trips every hour, But if I only do one or two per hour, profit is affected.

It all depends on the flow of the day, but that’s not why you should get depressed and give up, I assure you that the good days will be more than the bad ones.

how do i receive my earnings for driving with Uber?

There are two ways to receive your Uber earnings:

  1. Cashat the end of the trip.
  2. Or making a deposit to your bank account.

The way you receive your winnings depends on what you have chosen the passenger in your Uber account.

The passengers who register in the application they need to choose a method of payment for each trip they request through the service.

Almost all select the option to pay through a credit or debit card and payment is deducted from them once the trip is over.

In these cases, Uber “saves” the money you earned throughout the week in your personal account.

To remove it, You have to have a bank account affiliated with your Uber account where every Friday a deposit or direct transfer will be made.

I orinan, you don’t have to do anything, every Friday you will receive full payment of the trips you made during the week.

Normally the deposit or transfer is made immediately in your bank account, If the account you associated is from another country, it may take 2-3 days to receive the money.

In the case of cash, Uber also gives you the option passengers to select the “UberCASH” method, which is simply making cash payments to the controlador.

This method does not have anything complicated, you will simply receive payment of the trip in cash like most taxi drivers in the city.

Obviously you will not have to wait for Uber to make a deposit, but of course, this is only with users who choose that payment method.

The cost of the trip is measured based on three aspects: base fare, distance and travel time.

This weather it is measured by the same application of Uber from the moment you pick up the passenger until you drop them off at their destination.

Accordingly, the amount to pay will appear on the screen of your cell phone from the application and the passengers who selected UberCASH as a payment method they should give you the full amount that appears in your Uber.

do you uber pay cash?

No, when Uber pays out your earnings, the only payment method offered is deposit or transfer to your bank account.

As I explained to you earlier, most Uber riders They choose credit and debit cards as a method of payment for different reasons:

  • They do not have to spend the cash.
  • They have no money in their wallets to pay for the trip.
  • Pay by credit or debit card it’s much faster.
  • They perro keep track of the expense on your bank statement.

Therefore, normally you will receive the money from your trips through the deposit make Uber to your bank account.

The only way of paying you with cash is if the passenger does it this way.

Here UberCASH enters again, and where you receive your payment directly according to the timer of your cell phone in the application.

However, Uber itself does not make any cash payments to their driving partners.

I once I was interested to know If they really couldn’t pay you this way, I even sent a message to support to evaluate the option.

But they have replied that they do not handle that amount of cash on a weekly basis and that in the supposed case, they would all mainly want that payment method for their profits and could not meet that demand.

Which I totally understood, so I limit myself to getting paid like everyone else: a deposit to my bank account.

Payments are still super fast and I always receive the money the same day which sends me the notification to my dirección de correo electrónico.

Advantages to be a controlador in Uber

  • You perro be your own boss.

    You will work the hours you want and at the time you want.

    If it is during the morning, afternoon or night, you choose how to organize your time and mezcle your work with the rest of your responsibilities and quality time.

  • You do not have to reach a certain amount of money daily to be able to finish your work day. what you earn and do It depends on you only.
  • With the aplicación you cánido freely choose requests that best suits you or seems best to your passengers.
  • You have 24-hour security with you since you share your location with a family member or friend and even, with the same Uber platform, in case there is an unforeseen event, they will know for sure where you are.
  • Offers an insurance that covers accidents caused during your working hours which pays the expenses related to your passenger during the event and part of yours in case of damage to your person or the car.
  • You just need a car and have the necessary documentation to drive it.

    You do not have to take courses or training to start working.

what commissions I have to pay in Uber?

register and download the uber aplicación On your cellphone it’s completely freebut if you want to become a driving partner of the company, you have to pay a commission for using their services.

The only thing passengers have to pay when using Uber it’s just the cost of the trip with the method they have chosen, but the drivers have not.

As I explained to you, Uber is responsible for connecting passengers and drivers to make it much faster and easier for both parties.

Of course, all this is done through the network and platform that Uber has, therefore, drivers have a cost for being able to work with this service.

For each trip, Uber will charge you 25% of the total cost of the trip.

That is to say, if you made a trip and the price of this were $15.6, 25% of that amount would be $3.9.

This $3.9 would be the commission that you must pay Uber for that ride only.

Amount to be paid It depends on the cost of the trip. but the percentage is almost always the same.

In some countries, Uber offers an option for drivers to be able to pay a lower percentage for each trip if they meet certain estándares:

  • you must have one minimum grade of 4.75 stars as a controlador.
  • Have made more than 650 trips In 3 months.

Depending on whether you comply with that, you perro get to pay only 22% or even 17% for each trip done.

The payment of these commissions are discounted immediately of your total cómputo in Uber before making the payment every Friday to your bank account.

In case that some passenger pays you in cash, Uber also discounts it or you cánido make the manual payment through the platform.

whati need insurance special to be a controlador in Uber?

You don’t need insurance to be an Uber controlador, in fact, the same company offers you one.

To be a controlador you do not have to meet with no other requirements Apart from those that I have mentioned above, much less have special insurance.

The Uber company when registering and accepting you as a driving partner, they provide you with insurance which covers certain health expenses and possible damage to the car.

To be more specific, if you have an accident during work hours, Uber will cover a lot of the costs. for the repair of your vehicle and health in case you need medical attention.

However, does not cover 100% of it.

The amount of money that Uber covers it will depend on the type of car that you have, its seniority and the person responsible for the accident.

For health expenses, in some countries it covers between $1,000 to $5,000.

In my case, it has a coverage of $1,500.

But one of the best insurance benefits is that if you carry a passenger During the event, Uber will be in charge of covering all the medical expenses of the event.

Which means, no you will have to cover the expenses health of any of your passengers.

If you have car insurance that supports you, you perro keep it without problems, but it is not essential to be able to be a controlador in Uber.

You also don’t need no other special insurance such as health or claims.

4 consejos for earn more money with Uber

Throughout my experience with Uber over the past few months, I have discovered many things that they have made me earn more money once I start to apply them and see their results.

My dad and I even usually exchange ideas and improve by telling each other the suggestions that some of us make. passengers or their own flattery for how pleasant the trip has been.

At the beginning I didn’t even earn $20 per trip, in fact, I think I barely made it to $11 for each one and it’s because in addition to receiving payment for this, the passengers they cánido also leave you consejos regardless of the payment method they use.

Now, I earn that amount thanks to several consejos that other driving partners have given me. like me and a couple of secrets that I have discovered over time.

Because of that I want share with you some consejos which I know will help you a lot to maximize your earnings with Uber and start off on the right foot.

Be friendly and talkative

While many passengers who get into your car just want you to get them to their destination as quickly as possible and aren’t really trying to start a conversation, that doesn’t orinan there isn’t those who are the opposite side of the coin.

In fact, most of your passengers will be people who appreciate a good conversation during the trip. For fun or make the journey more pleasant.

So don’t be closed and don’t just say hello when you pick them up and say goodbye when the trip ends.

Be friendly and try to start a conversation with them.

The most that cánido happen is that some people tell you directly that they don’t want to talk and if they don’t, you will also notice when someone You do not want to do it so as not to bother the trip and genere the opposite effect that you want to obtain.

However, I have verified that with those passengers that I have had a pleasant conversation during the whole trip, both they and I we have enjoyed the time more what it took to get from one place to another.

And I was able to get proof of that because of the ratings and comments that leave when writing your opinion in my profile after the trip.

which has also caused I leave consejos on almost all occasions.

Have a diverse collection of music

They’re all music lovers. That some like rock and others like jazz are trivial things that do not diminish the love that someone has for listening to it.

The problem is that when we are sitting in a taxi waiting to reach our destination, it is quite tedious to listen to a song or genre that we do not like. and we even totally dislike it.

Which leads me to tell you: each of your passengers is different, therefore, not everyone will like the music you hear or the music another passenger enjoys.

If there’s something they share besides liking listening to it, is to do it when they are in a car.

It’s a great iniciativa to have a varied repertoire of music so that you perro offer them some songs that suit their tastes, that will make the trip more enjoyable and enjoy it.

For example, I usually listen to songs in any language and if I had to choose a genre I would say that I die for pop and rock (even if it sounds a bit repeated), but many of my passengers They don’t share the same taste and at the beginning they even asked me to change the song or just turn it off.

Which led me to think about burning or buying several CDs with different genres of music, or simply burning a folder with a great variety on my cell phone or flash drive to connect it to my sound equipment.

I downloaded a bit of everything, even the kpop that many teenagers and people my age they usually enjoy now.

Everytime that had a new passenger I would greet him and immediately ask him if he would like to listen to music and if he had a favorite song or genre.

This is how I was in charge of searching for a couple of seconds in my player or place the corresponding disco compacto.

Since then started getting much better reviews and many passengers marked down the rating they left in Uber with, of course, a well-deserved and generous consejo.

invest in your car

To work at Uber your car needs to be in good condition.

It does not have to be new or the latest model, but it does have to meet certain safety regulations and estándares. Like having seat belts and air conditioning, for example.

Your vehicle is your work tool and that is why you must take care of it and do all the services it needs from time to time, but, Have you ever thought about investing in it?

The better condition your car is in, the passengers notice it and they usually give you a grade also based on it.

Yeah, may sound a bit superficial but it partly makes sense that they want to ride in a vehicle that offers plus or is well cared for.

So it’s a good iniciativa to invest a little in it if you want to see greater profit with each trip.

In my case, I have placed two small televisions using the headrests of the front seats, like this they will be able to entertain themselves during the trip, watch the news or the program they want.

That has brought me many good scores and plus money on each trip.

Also, also I added leather linings that make the seats more comfortable and soft for the passengers (and me).

You cánido make small or big changes to your car, of course, all depending on how much are you generating with Uber since you are not going to spend all the money on it either.

Know the most profitable zones and hours

The first month with Uber, take it as a test one and learning.

Because I say it? Because it is likely that the profits you have are not very high.

As in any job or business, it takes a little time to adapt and learn how to handle yourself in order to earn money. be a controlador with Uber is no exception.

During the first month I made just $1,500, but it was because I didn’t know the zones and hours in which I had to move.

For example, if you worked between 8 and 10 in the morning, you didn’t really make a lot of money because most of the people were at work or in their respective study centers.

But I wouldn’t be going out at rush hour either since almost always I was delayed by traffic or the area in which I moved there was not much movement of passengers.

So I was constantly moving from one area until I found some profitable ones where there was always a flow of passengers.

Additional to that, I studied the hours of the day where there were more possibilities of obtaining trips quickly.

All of this took me a month and many would see it as a waste of time, but that’s how I managed to earn much more money than even some drivers i met at that time and I know now.

You have to know where to move and at what time to do it according to the schedules you have available, otherwise it is possible that you will lose time and money trying to cover places and times that are not worth it or that they perro’t make you that much money like others.

After having used a thousand ways to generate incomeI think that uber It is one of the most profitable businesses out there. And you, have you already tried to earn money with Uber? Tell me about your experience below in the comments.

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