Earn money with telegram | ways to

Earn money with telegram | ways to

Telegram is becoming a good tool For those who think how I cánido earn money, in addition to popular network In Internet. In addition to instant messagingMany people wonder how to make money with telegram. Well, here I am going to explain the different ways how people earn money from home with Telegram and that you perro use.

We will start by defining telegram. IsIn my opinion and today, the most secure instant messaging that existsallows us to talk to other users anonymously, being able to hide our phone number.

Where is Telegram from? well the platform is developed by the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. Its start was officially on August 14, 2013. As of June 4, 2023 a self-funded organization named after him, manage its developmentwhose headquarters are in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and its parent company is legally registered in the British Virgin Islands.

the main Telegram’s appeal is anonymity. The usuario perro join channels, chats and bots without administrators or other users knowing their personal data, which is why it has become a excellent option to generate income without leaving any trace.

Millions of users in the world they are the ones that we have Telegram on our mobile device and on the desktop of our computer (it also has its web version). That is why it is positioned as a excellent option to generate income without a trace.

Now, according to the subject at hand, are there ways to earn income with Telegram? Is this aplicación free? How much money cánido I earn? And also, where does the money come from to pay for the service? Does the tiktok bot telegram exist? If these or other questions have arisen, keep reading, I will try to solve them for you.

Telegram bot make money in 2023

The telegram bots to earn money 2023 They are the most used way by all those who seek to earn money on Telegram. the bots cánido be defined as automatic chats (you cánido also know them as robots), do they work automatically vía commands and that they will allow us to earn money, either in cash or in cryptocurrencies.

The best known are those who pay in cryptocurrencies. There are hundreds, if not thousands of them, but not all pay, there are many with whom you are going to waste time. In the next articulo I will start talking about the bots to earn money by telegram, and especially the telegram bots that pay, since I have not yet researched enough and I am only going to give information about those that pay.

How to make money on telegram in 2023?

As in any other internet page, to earn money with a Telegram bot a series of actions must be carried out. There would be exactly three ways to earn money: visit other websites, join other chats and join other channels. I’ll explain it more in depth:

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  • visit sites. You must clic there and see all the advertising, if you want you cánido spend the day watching advertising, since there are thousands of users who promote themselves and many others who earn money for it.
  • Join other channels. Here you have to join other channels, it is not necessary to activate notifications, just be united. For this action they will pay us a stipulated amount.
  • Join other chats. In the same way as the above, we will join other afín-themed chats and for this action they will pay us in real money or cryptocurrencies, as the case may be.

Many users ask if you perro earn money with telegram by watching vídeos. Although there are tutorials that explain that it is, I have not yet found any way to earn money with telegram in this way. Therefore, even if they tell you that Telegram pays to watch vídeos, be wary.

if you have information very valuable and you think people should pay for it, you perro make a paid channel on telegram, since telegram pays for subscribers. Of course, you must take into account that if you offer a paid service, It must be very valuable information or difficult to find by other means. If users have a bad experience, they’re going to write negative reviews, which will have a negative impact on you in the long run, and that’s not a good thing.

To contract a payment channel, you have to go to external servers, so while it’s nice to know that this option exists, I wouldn’t recommend using it. If you have quality content, too valuable to share it for free (or you simply do courses on any topic) I would recommend other ways to monetize it as an en línea course or a paid PDF.

Create your own telegram channel

A good way to use Telegram to earn money is by creating your own channel on any subject you master. I am It will depend on your own tastes and interests.. If you have a local business, an en línea business or understand certain topics you cánido create a chat that you perro update frequently so that your subscribers read it.

I for my part I have my own channel on Telegram, there I put in scoop the best ways to earn money on the internet. If you want to follow me, here I leave you the backlink:

For create your own telegram channel you cánido do it in two ways, from the application on your phone or from the application for windows or mac. For all three cases you will have to entrar your account and open the main menu.

Then you go to “create channel”, you must write a description, you cánido add the backlink of your website or popular networks. You will have to choose whether the channel is public or private (goes to taste), you must put a usuario image to make it more professional. Finally, confirm channel creation.

Telegram is a growing channel and cánido be especially beneficial if you have other popular networks or a business. It is very afín to WhatsApp, but with much more privacy.

Earn money with affiliate programs

Surely you have heard of affiliate programs. As in any other popular network, in Telegram you perro put your affiliate backlink and earn some money for the purchases that your followers have made, without the product costing them more.

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Without a doubt, the best known affiliate program is Amazon Affiliates. This is a program in which anyone perro register without having to have a web page. You only have to look for the product to promote on Amazon and generate an affiliate backlink. then you must articulo it on your Telegram channel or wherever you want and wait to receive the commissions for the purchases of other users.

In these cases, also I have a Telegram channel for Amazon affiliates. On my channel every hour an Amazon Spain offer is uploaded with a discount of more than 35%. I think it’s a very interesting channel if you want to buy something on Amazon at a really succulent price. In this channel I monetize as an Amazon affiliate. Here I leave you the backlink in case you want to register.

Sell ​​products (telegram business)

Closely related to the previous section is the option to sell products for this aplicación. You don’t really sell your products, but from other marketplacesand by the way you take one commission for sale made. In this type of sales, what is done is not really selling, but recommending very cheap products or offering the usuario authentic bargains that circulate on the Internet. grid.

Obviously, there are already many giants in the application that recommend super cheap authentic bargains that they put on the web. These channels are nourished by the affiliate programs of the different platforms. Even if it seems that they are not, they are selling us things, even if it seems that they are doing us a favor, no one stitches without a thread.

How does Telegram work?

Have you ever wondered what telegram is and what it is for, well here we are going to explain it to you. As I have told you before, Telegram is a completely free system, but the company has to pay for assets. He has to pay the 334 employees that the company has, in addition to various fixed costs, such as offices. There are many expenses without asking for anything in return from users or companies. Although recently the application launched a payment platform, still does not charge any commission for its use. As of today there are no ads or limited features that perro be removed with a payment or subscription.

The riddle is solved knowing that all payments come from investments, whose figure is estimated at about 1,700 million dollars in total. The company survives through donations. Own Pavel Durov claimed in a articulo on his channel (from Telegram, obviously) that the company’s expenses have come from your savings for most of the aplicación’s history. However, with some 500 million users and the sights equipo on reaching one million, perhaps the time has come to start earning money to cover expenses or sell the company.

The good news for users is that Durov does not have the slightest intention of selling, but The plan is to monetize the application during this 2023 and the next 2024 “according to the values ​​and promises made during the last 7 years.” The iniciativa would be to in a non-intrusive wayso that most users “barely notice the changes”.

Final opinions on how to earn money on telegram

As you have seen, earning money on telegram is real, the application It perro be a good way to earn money en líneaespecially if you use your imagination and work on affiliate backlinks.

Although I was reluctant to use it at first, now I must confess that it is more practical for me than other messaging applications such as WhatsApp, using Telegram for professional purposes and WhatsApp more for personal issues.

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Well, if you haven’t downloaded Telegram yet, I encourage you to do so and join my affiliate channel. There, in addition to teaching Telegram how to earn money, as in the other popular networks I am putting all the ways to earn money on the internet that I find. I leave the backlink below. Regards and until next time!!

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 Earn money with telegram |  ways to
  Earn money with telegram |  ways to
  Earn money with telegram |  ways to

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