Earn Money with Points2Shop

Earn Money with Points2Shop

Points2Shop is a company in which we perro earn some money en línea by doing some tasks, it should also be noted that Points2Shop pays by PayPal and Amazon cards.

Points2Shop Details

  • Assessment: Very good
  • payment methodsor: PayPal, Amazon Card and others
  • minimum payment: $1 Dollar
  • Payment Frequency: Once the minimum is reached
  • referral system: Yes, 3 levels of referrals
  • Languages: English
  • accepted countries: All

What is Points2Shop and how does it work?

Points2Shop is a company type Get Paid To (GPT) which means that the company will pay us to watch vídeos, do tasks, complete offers and registrations, fill out surveys, among other tasks that we will find on the platform.

It is good to note that this company has been working since 2007 to date, operating and paying up to now.

How to Earn Money with Points2Shop

As always, the first thing we must do before being able to use the platform is go to the official page and register, we just have to entrar our dirección de correo electrónico, a nombre de usuario and assign a password to access the page.

Once registered to start earning points we go to the top menu in Earn Points, there we will see all the available options to earn money such as:

  • Most Habitual For Your Country
  • Offers & Vídeos
  • Surveys
  • Mobile
  • daily
  • savings
  • Games & Competitions

In each one of them we are going to carry out a different task, such as surveys, vídeos, downloads, games, among others. Depending on the country we are from, we will have more or less tasks available to carry out.

Points2Shop referral system

Another way of generate income in Points2Shop It is through its referral system, which consists of 3 levels and we will earn a % according to the level, the earnings will also depend on the country of origin of our guests.

Points2Shop Pay or is Scam

Currently the company is paying without problem, Points2Shop pays and makes its payments to its users so far, currently the platform has presented some problems on its website and for this reason some users have complained of not being able to register on the page.

This is the reason why some users have commented in forums that Points2Shop is a scamIn other words, the complaint is not related to the fact that the company is not paying.

Points2Shop Proof of Payment

This platform has payment vouchersrecently you cánido find them on YouTube, forums or groups, currently I do not have proof of payments but later I will be sharing when I have received mine.

Recommendations and Opinions of Points2Shop

According to what I have researched about this company Points2Shop It has a good reputation, let’s hope it stays that way for a long time, remember that if you want to see results you have to dedicate time to the platform to carry out your tasks and be able to get some money out of it. Register at Points2Shop

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 Earn Money with Points2Shop
  Earn Money with Points2Shop
  Earn Money with Points2Shop

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