Earn Money with Ouo.io – $1.7 Payout Rate

Earn Money with Ouo.io – $1.7 Payout Rate

I will teach you to how to make money by shortening backlinks with Ouo.io one of the shorteners most stable that there is up to now and that has a pay rate fixed for all countries.

What is Ouo.io and how does it work?

ouo.io is a famous shortener that lately has become famous for all users who use this type of method to generate passive income en línea.

Ouo.io Features

One of the characteristics that this backlink shortener has is that it has a fixed pay rate for all countries, it is currently at $1.65, no matter where the visits come from the payment for 1,000 impressions does not change.

This is good because in this way we perro have an estimate of profits and we will no longer worry about receiving visits from certain countries where in other companies such visits are not taken into account.

Ouo.io Details

  • Assessment: Excellent
  • Payment Methods: PayPal and Payoneer
  • Paydays: The 1st and 15th of each month
  • Withdrawal Minimum: $5 Dollar for PayPal and $50 for Payoneer
  • Language: English
  • Referral system: Yes, earn 20% of your referrals
  • Pay Rate: $1.7 flat for everyone currently
  • Advertising for all countries: Yeah

No restrictions on Fb or Twitter

One of the problems that almost all shorteners present is that we cannot share the urls on popular networks since you have blocks for them, for this reason many times you cannot share the backlinks on certain popular networks.

The good thing about Ouo.io is that we perro share our backlinks by popular networksespecially for Fb and Twitterbut it is always recommended not to abuse with the publications in the groups so they don’t block us.

Ouo.io Proof of Payment (Vídeo)

Ouo.io is undoubtedly active, paying all its users, it will be very easy for you to find Ouo.io payment proofs on the internet, also Youtube since many people are recommending this page.

ouo.io minimum payment

He Ouo.io minimum payout is $5 dollars for PayPal and $50 for PayoneerPayments are made every 15 days, on the 1st and 15th of each month. If you reach the minimum payment before the date, you will receive your money without any problems.

Does Ouo.io pay or is it a scam?

Some time ago the company ouo.io had a small problem with PayPal and payments stopped for about two or three months I think, apart from that the company updated its http to https so some users thought that the company had become scam.

The PayPal issue was resolved and payments started to be made regularly as before, and after the https was updated the page went en línea again as it was giving an fallo because of that.

Many users, not understanding this process or not having the confidence, began to say that Ouo.io had become a scam and that it no longer paidbut that was just an impulsive reaction from some users.

Because Ouo.io informed all its users that it was working to resolve that as soon as possible and they did so.

Ouo.io Vídeo Tutorial

For starting to “make money with Ouo.io” The first thing you should do is open your account, in the following backlinkentrar and create your account.

After you have created your account then you cánido start shortening your backlinks and share it on popular media, on your YouTube channel or on your website so that you start seeing immediate results.

Opinions about Ouo.io

Ouo.io has had tremendous growth and has become a favorite despite its low payout rate of just $1.65 for everyone and this is because that has been the reason for its stability.

This is the shortener that I am currently using and I recommend it without any problem, the website has an elegant design and is easy to use, I think we will have Ouo.io for a long time, so let’s make money with ouo.io.

Alternatives to Ouo.io

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 Earn Money with Ouo.io – $1.7 Payout Rate
  Earn Money with Ouo.io – $1.7 Payout Rate
  Earn Money with Ouo.io – $1.7 Payout Rate

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