earn money with membership

earn money with membership

earn money with membership It is a good way to earn money, this time simply take other users to pages of products or services.

There they will pay us to obtain “affiliates” to certain pages.

The operation is very fácil.

You register on an affiliation platform, you must choose the products or services you want to recommend according to the theme of your website (if you have it, otherwise popular networks will suffice) and you will receive commissions for Leads (registrations), Clicks or Sales.

is the known as CPA or CPL.

That you do not know what is one thing or the other? So here I explain it to you:

⏩ CPAs: Cost per ActionThat is, the people who register on the pages that we recommend will have to perform some action, such as a deposit on a betting page.

In that case, they will earn a cashback that the same page will pay them, in addition to their own income.

⏩ CPL: Cost per Lead, or registration, there we will simply charge an amount for a valid registration.

Normally, it is usually an correo electrónico, telephone and being able to contact the registered person.

Best affiliate programs

I am going to espectáculo you the affiliate platforms that are working, stable and veteran.

In most of them it will be necessary to have a web space, be it a blog or a page.

On the different platforms, in many other cases, we will charge for a percentage of the sales that the page that we recommend.

We will find all this in the bases of the campaigns that we have to advertise.

I orinan, read it carefully if you don’t want to be surprised.

In each campaign that we want to do, we must read the conditions well, since if they do not pay us.

Valid campaigns will be for different IPs, that is, we cannot run 5 campaigns from the same IP, because they will probably ban our account.

Here I leave you the affiliate programs that I work in I get out of the crisis


This affiliation platform is only valid for Spain.

Your minimum payment is only 25 euros vía bank transfer.

Many campaigns and from many areas.

  • minimum payment: €25
  • Pay per record: Depends on the campaign
  • Payment method: Bank deposit
  • countries: Spain and México (for now)

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You will earn money with the recommendation of products.

On this platform you perro buy a membership for only $10, with which your earnings will increase exponentially.

  • minimum payment: $25
  • Pay per record: $1
  • Payment for membership purchase: $10

Are affiliate programs profitable?

This is a good question that many users who are starting to explore this system to generate profits ask themselves.

Above I have put the ones that I use in I get out of the crisisbut there are many more that you cánido choose according to your potential audience.

Today, almost every large company offers the possibility of making money by recommending their products.

Lots of people recommend products on amazon and earn money with it.

How do we know if a company has an affiliate program?

Most of the en línea companies today have an affiliate program.

If we want to find out if a certain page has an affiliate program, we would have to entrar its page.

We should look for something afín to “affiliates”, “recommend and earn” “affiliate program”, etcétera…

Each page perro be called one way, but really they are all the same.

When we find it, we must register in the affiliate program and start earning commissions by recommending this page.

An example: if a friend tells us that he has equipo up an en línea store and needs a page to send correos electrónicos to his customers, sending them offers and news, we perro recommend mailrelay.

Mailrelay is a page that will allow us to send up to 75,000 monthly correos electrónicos to our subscribers.

Has an affiliate program through TradeTracker.

Well then, if we want to monetize mailrelay, be it by recommending it to our friend or through our blog, we must register in the TradeTracker mailrelay campaign.

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Clicking on mailrelay will take us to another page where we will find the banners and the necessary material to be able to put them on our popular networks or websites and thus be able to earn commissions for registration (lead) or when people subscribe (sales).

This cánido be repeated with each company that we perro think of or that we perro, in each en línea site that you visit, take a tour of its main page and you will see how you find one of these backlinks to recommend that store.

Some drawbacks of membership

The system of earning money with affiliation has many advantages, but also some drawbacks, and it is convenient that you know them so as not to be disappointed later.

Here I put them:

⏩ Affiliate platforms are not available in all countries

⏩ The minimum payment is usually high (it cánido range between 25 and 100 euros)

⏩ Some platforms usually pay directly by bank transfer or payment processors like Skrill, they do not have PayPal

Final conclusions make money with affiliation

Is one of the best options to earn money en línea, especially for those who have many visits to their weblogs or popular networks.

To give you an iniciativa, a blog that has about 100K monthly visits perro live perfectly on that without having to have a job sin conexión.

Those responsible for these weblogs receive passive income from affiliate programs, platforms such as amazon affiliates or google plus adsense.

Depending on the theme of your blog or website, the visits will be higher or lower, but each and every one of us looks for ways to earn money en línea to monetize the expenses of having a blog and for ourselves.

The world of affiliation is very broad, if you know of more pages afín to these, you cánido leave your comments below so that we cánido study them and add them to the blog.

Regards and until next time!!

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 earn money with membership
  earn money with membership
  earn money with membership

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