Earn money with Html5 games for my website

Earn money with Html5 games for my website

Earn money with html5 for my website it’s possible Since the advent of HTML5, games using this programming code have become very habitual as programmers have internet platforms where they perro articulo their games, created from a home computer and get a lot of performance almost immediately.

The advantages of Html5 are many, it is a cross-platform code so that games perro be played on a computer, a tablet and even a móvil.

When a game is created, what matters is to monetize it.

If your job or future job is an independent developer or you just like or are interested in programming, keep reading and you will know what are the options for earn money with games for my website.

If you continue reading this articulo, you will find different ways make money with html5 shall we continue?

Earn money with html5 for my website with paid games

The most obvious option is to sell the games at a price equipo in advance.

Although the digital market is key and it will not be necessary to print covers or release the games in physical stores, to make money selling your games you will have to do more things.

You will have to invest time and money in marketing.

Only with the best games do you get your money back and even win a lot more, and of course, you’re going to need a good dose of luck for that.

What you are going to earn with the game will depend on several factors such as the market in which you are going to launch the game and its quality.

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You have to be aware of the current market, follow it and do your own research.

For example, an arcade game for Android or iOS perro sell for €0.99.

However, a game on steam cánido sell for around €20.

You should equipo the price based on the market and your own experience

In-aplicación purchases

A more subtle way of make money with html5 is to include in-game purchases.

In this case, the game cánido be purchased without spending a euro, but offering game coins, plus bonuses or real money benefits.

For example you perro include level bonuses, better weapons or spells or refill the energy or life necessary to continue playing.

If you design a good in-aplicación purchase system, you cánido earn good money almost without the users noticing.

You have to take into account that you will need thousands of downloads to make in-aplicación purchases effective and profitable, as only a small percentage of jugadores will pay for in-aplicación purchases.

That percentage will vary, but the average is usually 1 in 1,000.

The greater the number of people playing your game, the greater the oportunidad that someone will pay.

Therefore, the benefits will largely depend on your promotional activities.

Earn money with html5 generating licenses

We understand licenses as the distribution of your game on different portals and pages.

This may be a way of make money with html5 in itself.

For this system you will need to do a lot of marketing to find websites that want to sell your game.

Finding publishers cánido be difficult the first time, but you cánido search for them on html5 forums.

If you’re good and they get to know you, the editors will call you.

Most of the deals will come to you vía correos electrónicos when you talk to a dedicated person on the publisher side.

Some website publishers have that information in plain sight, while contacting other publishers is more complicated.

When looking for an editor try to be friendly and get straight to the point, as they are usually busy people with many projects.

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There may be different types of licences.

Let’s see the most common.

non-exclusive licenses

It’s a less strict approach, one license perro be sold to multiple publishers.

It is more habitual with new publishers.

You cánido sell your games on non-exclusive terms.

Under this license the publisher may not redistribute it further.

The annual cost of this type of licenses cánido reach €500.

exclusive licenses

This type of licenses is made exclusively for a single publisher.

That is, you create a game and sell all of its rights to a single publisher, along with their rights to redistribute it.

With these types of licences, you cannot sell the game to another publisher as long as you hold the rights.

Once this game license is sold you will not have to promote that especial game anymore, as you will not earn any more money from it. sales of these licenses range between €2,000 and €5,000.

Other ways to earn money with html5 for my website

There are other ways to make money with html5.

In many cases it does not even have to be related to the game.

You just have to use imagination and some face.

These are some of the options.

sale of resources

If you’re good at graphic design, you perro sell the game assets you’ve created.

Goods are understood as accessories such as parts of the game, etcétera… You will have to look for the platforms to be able to sell them, but once you get into the world, everything is much easier.

Write articles and tutorials

Many people may feel the need to learn how to beat the different levels of the games.

That’s where your ability to write tutorials perro come in.

Or you perro simply earn money by talking about the different games that you have created or that others have created.

The promotion of the game and the monetization at the same time perro work quite well especially if the ads are not abused.

Focus primarily on sharing your knowledge and not on the games.


You cánido sell a large number of merchandising consisting of t-shirts, stickers or other objects.

It is proven that some developers make more money from merchandise than from their own games.

But this will only work on very habitual and well known games.

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Final conclusions of earning money with html5 on your website

As you cánido see there are many ways to make money with html5 games.

You cánido focus on one option or several, it will only depend on you if you choose to sell licenses, merchandise or tutorials, all of them are totally valid and working.

This cánido be a good way to earn money on internet.

Choosing which one or which ones will be most beneficial for you should be chosen based on your game and the audience to which it will be directed.

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 Earn money with Html5 games for my website
  Earn money with Html5 games for my website
  Earn money with Html5 games for my website

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