Earn money with Greenpanthera

Earn money with Greenpanthera

Would you like to earn money answering surveys? Today I am going to recommend a page that gives you 5 dollars from the moment you register.

It seems to me that in the current situation, no one could use plus income. Therefore, I wanted to do a short article about a website called Greenpanthera, with which you cánido earn money by taking surveys.

How to register in Greenpanthera?

Of the pages that I have tried with the same operation, Greenpanthera is one of the pages with a very fast and fácil registration.

What you have to do is, of course, entrar the Greenpanthera page

Once you have entered the page, you will see a form at the bottom left, which asks you for an correo electrónico and the password you want to use.

Once you hit the registration button, you will have to validate that it really is your dirección de correo electrónico. To do so, you only have to entrar your correo electrónico inbox and clic on the dirección de correo electrónico that Greenpanthera has sent you.

Also, you will have to clic on the backlink in the correo electrónico and that’s it, you cánido entrar the page.

It may be that clicking on the backlink in your correo electrónico will open a window where you will have to update your information in Greenpanthera. Therefore, you will have to fill out said form with your real data.

Done, you are ready to start earning money

How to start earning money with Greenpanthera?

The truth is that it is just as fácil, all you have to do is clic where it says personal account.

Once you are in your personal account, all you have to do is clic where it says earn money and you will see all the surveys that you perro take that day, as well as the reward you will get, that is, the money you will get for doing it.

I hope you like today’s article and that it helps you earn plus income.

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 Earn money with Greenpanthera
  Earn money with Greenpanthera
  Earn money with Greenpanthera

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