Earn Money with Downloads

Earn Money with Downloads

Have you ever wondered how many people on the Internet earn money by uploading archivos, content and thousands of other things? Indeed, there are people who win money with this method.

But how do they do it?

Sit down, read and discover how to earn money with Internet downloads. It’s no mystery! It’s about putting ads that are embedded in a backlink, and which must be skipped to reach the final destination (where this backlink should lead). In this article we propose some websites that give access to this tool for free and allow you to get paid without having to accumulate a lot of money.

Backlink shorteners are a tool that is used to make the backlinks (dirección de Internet) shorter, that is, it shortens the names of the pages so that, in this way, they have fewer characters with the purpose of making them more aesthetic.

So that? This tool is mainly used for popular media posts. And it is very useful on Twitter because of the limited number of characters that the popular network works with.

It is known that Twitter has a character limit for posts and with the help of shorteners the backlinks will occupy fewer characters and thus you will make the most of the space.

In addition to the above, dirección de Internet shorteners hide affiliate backlinks.

The best thing about backlink shorteners is that they help you analyze much better what happens in your posts because it reflects the interest of the users. Displays statistical data such as: countries where did they give him clic to the backlinks and in which popular network.

But the most interesting thing is those shorteners with which you perro generate plus income. That’s what we’re going for now!

Here we present the 3 shorteners that pay the most in the market:


With more than 9 years of operation this adflyits average CPM (cost per thousand) is $0.50, it has the highest payout rate per thousand visits and is over $20 in the US (other countries may vary).

The means of payment you use is PayPal and Payoneer, and the minimum monthly charges are between $5 to $10. In addition, payments are made on the first day of each month.

To cut a backlink, you log in vía Fb or your dirección de correo electrónico. When you complete the form, you will see the main Adfly page, in the upper right part you will find the space where you would write the backlink and a few sections below where they ask you for the type of ad, the domain, the name and finally the folder.

On this platform you cánido work with referrals and you cánido earn 20% of what your referrals generate.

In Adfly you will be able to see statistical data such as total visits and a graph that espectáculos the number of clic and visits. It also allows you to cut up to 20 backlinks at the same time. If you go to tools and then to massive cutter you cánido do it.


This website pays through PayPal, Payoneer and WebMoney, payments are made on the 10th of each month.

shorte.st pay $1 for the first 100 visits to your backlinksIt also has a minimum CPM of $0.60.

Upon entering the page, on the right hand side, you will find the option to register, complete the form, accept the terms and conditions, indicate that you are not a robot and finally verify the account in the correo.

The Shorte.st referral program is very good, it has a plus of 20% of the earnings of your referrals. It also has a detailed statistical plan to know your audience.


If you want to start earning money, all you have to do is open an account at mitly.us, is a backlink cutter that has very good earnings. This page has different payment methods such as PayPal, Bitcoin, Doblecoin and by Westermuvi.

This shortener offers 10% of the earnings of your referrals, that is, 10% less than the aforementioned shorteners, but you cánido withdraw your earnings from $3.

Other ways to earn money with downloads

There are many ways to earn money en línea, here I bring you some quite interesting:


It’s a page Web that allows you to earn money through downloads. If you shared a archivo en línea and you want people to download that archivo, for example an ebook, you upload it to Sharecash and for every time they download your content will pay. You will receive $1.00 for each person who unlocks your content.


To earn money in this website Visitors must fill out a very fácil survey or offer to download your archivo or gain access to your content.

These options to generate money are much better than pay per clic or pay per sales and for those people who want to promote their digital products it is ideal.

Through these different methods it is possible to earn money, just apply what we have taught you and, when the time comes, you will have some plus money in your pocket.

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 Earn Money with Downloads
  Earn Money with Downloads
  Earn Money with Downloads

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