Earn Money With CPA – Central Affiliate

Earn Money With CPA – Central Affiliate

Core Affiliation It is a company where we are going to earn money with campaigns CPAs (cost per action), this is paid by PayPal, Bitcoins, Payoneer, among others.

Central Membership Details

  • Rating: Good
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Bitcoins, Payoneer, Paxum, Webmoney and others
  • Receive when registering: €10 Euros
  • Minimum payment: €50 Euros
  • Referral system: Yes
  • Accepted countries: All

Earn Money with Affiliate Central CPA

the PCA is an acronym for “Cost Per Acquisition” or in Spanish “Cost per acquisition”It is a term that everyone who is dedicated to the world of affiliate marketing understands perfectly.

In this model, the advertiser will pay if users perform a previously specified action, such as a sales transaction, subscription to a newsletter, downloading a game or application.

To earn money with Core Affiliation You just have to go to the main website and register, fill in the required information and they will send you a backlink to your correo electrónico to create your password, once your dirección de correo electrónico is verified you cánido generate your password and start promoting the offers.

Ways to Send Traffic

There are several valid ways to send quality traffic to CPA offers, whether it’s sending paid traffic or simply free or organic traffic.

Payment traffic

  • fb ads
  • instagram ads
  • Google plus AdWord
  • Bing ADS
  • Twitter Ads
  • PTC
  • Others

Free Traffic

  • personal website
  • Fb page
  • Fb groups
  • telegram groups
  • Forums
  • en línea chat
  • Youtube
  • Send correo
  • Comments
  • Others

Send traffic to our CPA offers It is not a problem, as we have already seen, there are many ways to send traffic to be able to earn money with the conversions that we get with our offers.

Central Affiliate Referral System

Core Affiliation count with one referral systemUntil now I am not clear about the percentage of profit from referrals since I did not see the information on the web, but from now on I will leave the information when I have it.

Central Affiliation Pays

Currently the company is paying without a problem, on YouTube there is evidence of recent payments from this company, Central Membership pays to date, so you perro register without fear of working for nothing, as I just registered I have not yet reached the minimum charge, which is €50 euros.

Central Affiliation Opinions and Suggestions

The key here as in everything en línea business is he trafficIf you are able to send a good amount of traffic to your offers, you will be able to get conversions without problems and earn good money with this company.

I recommend promoting offers that only pay from €5 euros onwards, because if you invest €5 euros in advertising doing a promotion, with a single registration you will have recovered the investment and the rest would be profits, since with that amount in advertising we cánido reach a lot of people.

Affiliation Central Vídeo Tutorial

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 Earn Money With CPA – Central Affiliate
  Earn Money With CPA – Central Affiliate
  Earn Money With CPA – Central Affiliate

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