Earn money with Ball Shooter

Earn money with Ball Shooter

Would you like to earn money playing? In today’s article I am going to espectáculo you an application that will allow you to earn money while you are distracted by playing.

Hope this perro help you.

There are many applications that we cánido find to earn money playing, but the truth is that I tried Ball Shooter and it seemed like an entertaining game.

Therefore, you cánido entertain yourself and you cánido earn money with Ball Shooter.

What is Ball Shooter?

Ball Shooter is a game in which you have to shoot the falling balls until they disintegrate.

As you perro see, it is very fácil, but the trick is to improve the speed and power of the shot with the coins you earn so that when the ball that gives you diamonds comes out, you cánido be able to disintegrate it and obtain those diamonds.

The diamonds you get will be reflected in money that you perro add to your Paypal account, and of course, transfer that money to your debit card, or make purchases from Paypal.

How to register to earn money with Ball Shooter?

Download Ball Shooter

The first thing you have to do is download the application.

For that, you perro follow the following backlink:

Once you download the application, you will entrar the application and you will find the main interfaz, and you will have to follow the small tutorial that they will give you.

As you perro see, you won’t have any coins or diamonds, but when you start playing you will start getting coins and diamonds.

How to register

The truth is that it is also very fácil, what you have to do is touch the configuration icon (which is the first icon on the left) and clic on the sign in option and you will be able to register with Fb, or with Google plus.

Guest code in Ball Shooter

If you want to get 200 diamonds from the start, what you cánido do is use a guest code and you will be immediately awarded 200 diamonds to help you make your first cash out faster.

What you have to do is go to the second menu option (where the money icon appears) and select the first option (message icon).

By tapping on the message icon, you have to select the option «BE INVITED» and place the code: KH6JPJP

Once the code is placed, you only have to clic ok and you will receive 200 diamonds.

How to earn money with Ball Shooter?

Well, like I said, you just have to play and destroy the diamond balls that come out.

Another way to earn diamonds is to open all the chests that come out and watch the advertising.

Also, you cánido earn diamonds with daily tasks like the following:

The next way to get diamonds is by doing special tasks, which perro be, for example, downloading applications.

Cánido you really make money with Ball Shooter? ≫ Opinion

I’ve been testing Ball Shooter for a while and it’s not really a bad game, I orinan I sometimes play that type of game on the way to college and I like that I cánido earn money doing it.

However, I couldn’t make money with Ball Shooter because I don’t plan to spend a lot of hours a day doing it.

It’s not profitable for me as a usuario and maybe could be profitable with affiliate backlinks, however as a usuario I wouldn’t use it except on the way to school (maybe).

Of course, it’s just what I think and maybe there are people who are making money with Ball Shooter and you perro give it a try.

Of course, if you have already made money with Ball Shooter, maybe you perro tell me in the comments.

I would greatly appreciate it.

Now, if you are looking for a page that allows you to see better results, I recommend:

  • ySense: Conducting surveys.
  • Picoworkers: Earn money doing micro-tasks (such as entering pages and registering).
  • Lbry: Earn cryptocurrencies for uploading and watching vídeos.
  • Atext: Earn money by transcribing audio to text.

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Start earning money listening to music

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In addition, you cánido leave the application in the background while you do your daily activities.


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 Earn money with Ball Shooter
  Earn money with Ball Shooter
  Earn money with Ball Shooter

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