Earn money with Atexto transcribing audio

Earn money with Atexto transcribing audio

More and more fácil and fast jobs are appearing that provide anyone, methods to earn some money quickly and from home.

Atexto is a company that offers us these conditions, after 5 years it continues to work with more than 100,000 freelancers who bill it every month.

If the other day we talked about make money translatingtoday we fully immerse ourselves in the work of transcriptionist from home, that is, with the audio-to-text transcripts.

In this little review we explain how it works and how much you perro earn with Atexto.

What is Atext and how does it work?

atext (formerly called QuieroTranscribe) is an Argentine company that has been operating since 2015 and is in charge of carrying out the verbatim audio to text transcription (that is, listening to an audio and converting it to text literally, including stutters, indecisions, repetitions, etcétera.).

It also offers the possibility of registering as a transcriber, without linking any physical location, that is, you perro work from home or from anywhere.

It has more than 200,000 registered freelancers.

The largest number of transcriptions are made for medical and science congresses.

To work with Atexto, you must register in the section “transcribers” and access with our usuario to the main panel to configure our account and our personal data.

It’s all quite fácil.

From our account you perro choose the difficulty that we want, obviously the “Greater difficulty” option will be better paid than the “Least difficulty” option.

Perro choose the language in which you perro transcribe.

There are not always audios available in all languages, but there are quite a few languages, including the Spanish, English and Catalan.

Actually, your job is to correct and improve a transcript already made by another usuario following some guidelines.

The platform has a bot (robot) that corrects possible errors that the transcribers may have had (this, on many occasions, cánido be inconvenient because the robot does not always correct well and it counts errors that you have not had or even creates them errors in your final transcript).

Once you submit the transcript, your percentage of participation is calculated and, depending on the duration and percentage of participation, they calculate your remuneration.

However, the calculated figure will have to be subtracted a part according to the number of errors.

If you have more than five errors, you don’t get paid.

It is important to know that Atexto pays through PayPal (if you do not have you perro create a paypal account here).

How much cánido you earn with Atexto?

The remuneration it is not a big thing.

Rather it depends a lot on luck and the skill you espectáculo as a transcriber.

Their own web page tells us that you cánido earn up to €15 per hour transcribed audio from scratch and without errors.

The average monthly earnings is €315 doing one hour of audio per day, Monday through Friday.

However, it is not entirely so.

No matter how fast we know how to type, transcribing takes us more time than it takes to watch a vídeo or listen to an audio.

Therefore, it cánido take us three times as many hours to transcribe an hour of audio.

In addition, it is very important to review it and if it is necessary to change or add things because it must be delivered without errors.

Every mistake takes money from you.

Get started with registration

You cánido register in their section «Work with us«, it will be necessary to provide some initial information and verify the account.

Is Atexto profitable?

At first it perro be a bit frustrating because there are a lot of transcripts where you gain nothing.

You have to practice a lot.

As you improve, it starts to get more profitable, but you don’t earn much:

With 306 transcripts of 32 seconds (306 x 32=9792 seconds=2.72 hours of transcription) you only earn €5.46, that is, you usually earn two euros an hour.

This result has nothing to do with the aforementioned €15 that the website says that we cánido earn every hour.

In conclusion, we cánido say that you will not get a great salary with this company, but yes some plus money.

What does the transcription work at Atexto consist of?

The activity to be carried out this platform is relatively fácil: collaborate with other users on convert the content of an audio in a text good estructured.

You cánido choose both the language and the complexity of the jobs you want to take on.

Additionally, you will also participate in the correction of finished texts, content writing and sound paraphrasing.

Opinions: Does Atexto pay, is it reliable?

Atexto has paid until a few months ago that we were able to verify it.

However, currently the “Work with Us” page is failing.

Therefore, we do not recommend continuing with this company at the moment, as an alternative, there are other pages to work as a transcriber which are better.

It is not a scam, Atexto pays and is trustworthy, but for now we would change until it was back to habitual.

You perro look for alternatives if you want Work from homewhich are equal or better.

Until now, Atexto had always paid and was reliable.

However, in 2019, Atexto had several complaints from different users who claimed that Atexto had not paid them for a month.

In addition, Atexto has updated its payment conditions: before the minimum was €5 and now it is €10 and payment cánido only be requested on Fridays.

In addition, they used to take two to five days to deposit the money and now it takes between five and ten daysHowever, people complain about 20-day delays or even that, without having received the money, their accounts had been deleted.

Atexto justified the elimination of these accounts because these users had made very serious mistakes with the use of the label [EXTRANJERO] and that the quality of the transcriptions worsened, which they also justify with the delay in payments.

If you have had any of these problems with the company, you perro request a encuentro or an appointment with them to discuss it with the Directivo or the support team.

In general, it perro be said that it has been mismanagement of said label and poor communication by the company when it came to including it.

Nor have they been correct when sanctioning it, but in general, yes they pay and yes it is legit, despite the delays in payments.

We hope you liked our article Earn money with Atexto transcribing audio
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 Earn money with Atexto transcribing audio
  Earn money with Atexto transcribing audio
  Earn money with Atexto transcribing audio

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