Earn money with Android aplicaciones: 15

Earn money with Android aplicaciones: 15

Earn money with Android aplicaciones It’s very fácil, because you don’t really need any experience, just a cell phone and internet.

Currently earn money en línea It is what is fashionable, since people do not have to move from their homes, it is like a virtual job that leaves you some plus money.

Earn money with Android aplicaciones

The applications that I will present to you are exclusive for Android, in which you will be able to earn money in different ways: filling out surveys, watching vídeos, doing tasks, shopping, etcétera.


How cánido you earn money with Android aplicaciones in the Play Store?

In the Play Store you earn money in two ways; One is as a creator of the aplicación and the other is as a consumer of it.


Aplicación creator

You perro earn money in the Play Store by creating mobile aplicaciones for the consumer.

Google plus Play Store will pay you 70% of the profits generated.

What you should keep in mind is that of that 70% you will have to pay the cost of its maintenance.

Also implement ideas to attract public and thus be able to have a large audience.

What many aplicación creators do is share their earnings with users for their use.

In this way, a happy audience is kept, since they will be earning money for using the application.

One of the most common ways to generate income as an aplicación creator is through AdMob advertising.

That is, if you have a gaming aplicación and many people download it, you cánido include ads in it.


Consumer of the aplicación (the usuario)

The usuario or consumer is you; That Person who downloads the aplicación either to play games, listen to music or read the news.

It happens that while you are playing, or reading, ads appear.

These ads perro be fixed on the bottom bar of your phone or they cánido be vídeo types.

I am sure that whenever you download an aplicación to earn money you find ads on it.

This is because the creator of the aplicación pays you to use the aplicación and see those ads so they perro generate income from the aplicación.

Payment methods used to earn money with Android aplicaciones

There are several payment methods with which you perro earn money with android aplicaciones, The main one and the one that I always recommend is PayPal, because it is totally safe.

In short, the payment methods to earn money are:

  • PayPal: one of the wallets most used by users, with which you perro save, send and withdraw your money to your bank account.

    I recommend this wallet for your safety.

  • neteller: With this wallet you cánido withdraw your money and also, you cánido use virtual and real currencies, however, it charges a 5% commission on all its operations.
  • Skrill: Using this platform you cánido make your collections and payments for free.

    The best thing about this wallet is that they do not take away any commission for these functions.

How much money perro you earn for using an Android aplicación?

Based on my experience earn money with android aplicaciones It is very fácil and tempting if you think about it, since they are applications that you perro use for free on your mobile.

However How much money perro you earn with Android aplicaciones? With the time that I have been using this type of method to earn money, I cánido assure you that you perro generate from 10 to 30 dollars, without making the least effort and sometimes without doing anything at all.

Anyway, in this list I will leave you the best aplicaciones for Android, they are totally legitimate and they are paying.

The 15 best applications to earn money with Android aplicaciones

Next I will tell you about the best applications for earn money with android aplicaciones, In each one of these I will leave a description so that you know how each one works.


With this aplicación you cánido earn money playing for free.

This application cánido be found in the Aplicaciones Store.

When you play you accumulate real money that you perro withdraw when you have 10 dollars vía PayPal.


This is an aplicación where you cánido earn gift cards and real money.

In Appnana You just have to play and accumulate lullabies, which are the points that you redeem when you have $14 vía PayPal.

You also earn by inviting your friends.

Clic Claps

If you are a vídeo lover, let me tell you that this aplicación pays you just for watching vídeos en línea and playing games.

With Clic Claps you accumulate chests that contain coins, these you perro redeem when you have 0.10$ to 10$.

Here you cánido also invite friends and earn more money.


Incredible and legitimate aplicación for Android.

With FreeMyApps you earn money for playing and downloading applications that they obviously offer you.

When you get the minimum payment you perro exchange it for real money or gift cards.


If you are a lover of en línea shopping, you should know that with this aplicación you earn money just for doing this.

It has 700 virtual stores, with which you perro earn a commission and generate points that perro be exchanged for real money, which you withdraw vía PayPal.


This is a famous aplicación, in which you perro earn money by doing different tasks en línea, these are: playing games, watching ads and filling out surveys.

In cashApps The more you do these activities, the more points you earn, which you perro exchange when you have 10 dollars.

Poll Pay

It is a very sophisticated aplicación, in which earn money by completing paid surveys.

It is in Spanish and has a referral system.

When you already have an accumulated amount of 5 euros, you cánido withdraw vía PayPal or Amazon gift cards.


No one complains about this aplicación, since you earn money practically doing nothing, you just have to unlock and lock your cell phone and that’s it.

For me it is excellent, because the minimum payment is 1 dollar vía PayPal.


This is an aplicación in which you perro make money selling new and old books.

If you are a writer I recommend this aplicación for sure.

Registration is by correo electrónico or through Fb or other popular networks.


A famous aplicación that is leaving talk.

in Apelucy earn money by doing mini-tasks as: watching vídeos, playing games and taking surveys.

To withdraw your money you only have to have an accumulated amount of 10,000 Apes (€1).

Gift Hunter Club

Like the previous one, this is an interesting aplicación for earn money and gift cards performing various tasks en línea.

It is in Spanish and you perro withdraw your money vía PayPal.


with this aplicación you make money practically doing nothingonly receiving messages to your mobile as if they were mensaje de texto texts.

MCmoney It is available for all countries.

You withdraw your money vía PayPal when you have a minimum of 3 dollars.

make money

It is an aplicación for Earn money by filling out surveys.

It has 110,424 million users who today are earning free money.

The money is withdrawn by PayPal when you have an accumulated amount of 20 dollars.


This is like a 2×1 you could say, with this application you get benefits filling out paid surveys and playing.

In this aplicación, playing is not lost, since you have educational games.

The payment method is change of coins to cash vía PayPal from 0.02 dollars and Revolut.


The fantastic aplicación with which you cánido make money listening free music.

This application does not disappoint, since this is a very fácil method to earn plus income.

For the first withdrawal you must have 10 dollars.

Conclusion on earning money with Android aplicaciones

Earn with Android aplicaciones It is really a very fácil task, since you do not need the remotest experience, only with your cell phone you cánido do this miracle.

It turns out that I have been testing this method for two years now. earn money en línea and it’s really fascinating.

In several applications I have already withdrawn from 10 to 20 dollars without much effort, but I will not lie to you, it does require time and dedication, but it is possible.

I invite you to try this method and I assure you that you will not regret it.

If you are interested in this article and have any questions you cánido leave a comment and I will answer you as soon as possible.

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 Earn money with Android aplicaciones: 15
  Earn money with Android aplicaciones: 15
  Earn money with Android aplicaciones: 15

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