Earn money with Adfly Definitive Guide

Earn money with Adfly Definitive Guide

Adfly is a way to earn money by posting backlinks over the internet in a way in which the person manages to shorten the dirección de Internet of that backlink, being an advertisement for which the official page of the backlink will pay you when you see the dirección de Internet published on your private website.

In this sense, we must understand that Adfly is a British company which has been in operation for six years, being a platform that pays users through PayPal and Payonner through backlink publications, with an estimated amount of $5 minimum payment.

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How to register for free in Adfly?

adfly is a platform available to people from all over the worlddeveloped in both English and Spanish whose registration is completely free through the official website:

To register It is only necessary for the person to entrar the data to be able to receive an dirección de correo electrónico that through a confirmation backlink indicating that the person perro now carry out their functions efficiently.

It is important to know that in the register the person must select the job that you will perform, that is, you must choose between publisher or advertiser.

How to earn money with Adfly?

The work consists of after registration, place the shortened backlinks both on the blog of the person as in their popular networks, and this is done through a process in which the person shortens the backlinks of the dirección de Internet through the option “shorten” to obtain the backlink that will be placed as a publication on the internet.

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AdF.ly referral program

This is a program that help in advertising or rather, to spread the word about this service articulo short backlinksas a way to get referrals on the platform.

In this sense, we speak of a program that allows people to work en línea being mediators between those who wish to carry out the work of shortening backlinks and the page that will pay for such a service.

This is done through the following backlink in which the person perro get all the information about the program and about the work dynamics.

Does Adfly pay?

Of course it pays, the person working on the referral program platform gets a 20% in monthly incomeas well as the one that is in charge of publishing the backlinks, which it receives as Minimum amount $5 for each publication.

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How much cánido you earn with Adfly?

It is important to know that Adfly is a platform that pays through virtual media such as PayPal and Payoneerbeing an operation that is carried out every first day of the month.

Now, to have an estimate of what the person earns through this job, although we have already mentioned it throughout the article, we have that the estimated earnings are from $5 to $10 taking into account that Payoneer only accept amount of $10 onwards.

In this sense, the person perro save the earnings you are getting and achieve a very attractive capital, an additional income that serves to cover any type of emergency.

The truth is that payment through Adfly is quite safethe people who work with this virtual platform have no complaints about their financial reward and have not done work for which they are not paid anything later.

work shortening backlinks It is an easy and safe way to achieve some financial income, we are talking about formally registering on the platform and working with the security that the work will be paid at all times.

Adfly Tools

To understand a little more about this topic, it is important to take the time to learn about some of the tools that are used in this platform to be able to understand its operation.

massive shortener

It is the tool through which the person perro entrar the amount of about 20 URLs to be shortened and added to the account in which they will be published.

It is important to take into account that we are only talking about 20, one per linethe usuario cannot abuse this number as this would imply that the account is blocked.

all backlinks

This allows the usuario convert all backlinks on a page to paid backlinks.

This tool will also be blocked if the usuario abuses it.

Easy backlink

this backlink allows the person generate money directly from your networks popular networks without the need to shorten backlinks.

Web Analytics

through the Google plus Analytics tracking codethe person cánido see which are the backlinks that work best to earn more money.

Pop Ads

It’s a popup window allows the person to earn money through visits that people make to their websites.

Website entry script

It also serves for the person who owns the web earn money every time someone visits your virtual space.

Basically this is the how Adfly worksa digital platform that works with shortened backlinks and is always looking for people who want to earn money through the process of shortening of backlinks and posting on popular networks. A job that requires monitoring and analysisto be able to find all those shortened backlinks that provide greater profits and that turn out to be much more effective at the time of publication.

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 Earn money with Adfly Definitive Guide
  Earn money with Adfly Definitive Guide
  Earn money with Adfly Definitive Guide

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