earn money walking with stepler

earn money walking with stepler

As you already know from other articles that I have published on the blog, you cánido earn money walking cwith certain applications. Today I come to introduce you to another aplicación with the same characteristics that has landed a few days ago in Spain, it’s about Stepler.

The application stepler works in the same way as other afín applications that I have already commented on this blog and that you perro see in the carousel that I put here below, it is nothing new. The interesting thing about these applications is that you cánido use them all at the same time on your móvil inteligente. Each one of them will count the steps you take separately and you will be able to add points to earn moneyto exchange them for gifts, gift vouchers in stores or discounts in your favorite stores.

Register in this application that you earn money by walking

Like all applications, you cánido do two things to download it: go to the aplicación store or google plus play to download it, with which you won’t be helping me at all and you’ll also start from 0.

O well, download the aplicación from this backlink (or in the lower banner) with which I will get 10 stepler (the internal currency of the application), you will also get them and you will be part of my affiliate network.

once downloadedyou will need to backlink your Stepler account to your Google plus Fit account (I have made it with this one, you cánido do it with whatever you want). Grant the permissions and you’re done!

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Already they will begin to count all the steps you take with the mobile on top. Be careful, keep reading that I tell you how you perro do so that all the steps are read that you cánido give to be counted by your Xiaomi smartband.

Stepler operation

Stepler is an application to earn money walking that it works in a very fácil way: does tracking and checking steps with an external pedometer, such as the Google plus Fit aplicación, Apple Health or FitBit. after our steps are to be converted into an internal currency called “stepler” that you will be able to use in a wide range of products and offers within the same application.

By every 1,000 steps we take we will get 1 Stepler. If you want to get more steppers, you will be able to watch vídeo ads of about 30 seconds, but this is optional, not required.

tell you that although This aplicación to earn money walking is totally free (like all the ones I put on the blog), some of our market offers (marketplace) of the application do charge to enjoy a service or product. Of course, it is something completely optional and it will depend solely on you.

You choose if you want to purchase said product or service, nothing is mandatory in the application.

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How to connect the aplicación to smart watches or pedometers

The application to earn money walking stepler It works through various applications such as the Google plus Fit aplicación, the FitBit or the Apple health application.

At the moment are working on the development of the incorporation of other pedometers and activity bracelets as an alternative to these.

On the other hand, if you have bought a xiaomi activity bracelet (perhaps the best known) and you don’t know how to backlink it to your google plus fit, in this vídeo of Xakata explain how to do it. It is quite fácil and not in this way you will not lose a step to redeem.

This way, your steps will be recorded in the pedometer and therefore, we cánido recover the data from there. It must be said that there may be a difference between a stepper and your pedometer because activity bracelets or smart watches are generally not going to have as good an internet connection as a phone has. From the application are also working on that issue to be able to fix it short term.

Final opinions of Stepler as an aplicación to earn money while walking

If you are one of those who likes to exercise and also, Do you want to take advantage of your hábito to earn money walking? or running, stepler is your application.

With just a couple of adjustments you cánido make all the steps you take in the day are counted and little by little you will accumulate points and exchange them or for gifts.

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For now, I leave you the backlink to download the application and that you perro add steps and points

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 earn money walking with stepler
  earn money walking with stepler
  earn money walking with stepler

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