Earn Money Viewing Ads with GrandClick

Earn Money Viewing Ads with GrandClick

Does GrandClick Pay? We are going to immediately answer this question, but first let’s talk a little about it. PTC and because those of us who are dedicated to en línea businesses do not recommend it.

Main features of GrandClick

  • Assessment: Bad
  • Activity: View announcements and perform tasks
  • Payment Methods: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, Skrill, Neteller and others
  • Paydays: diaries
  • Minimum charge: $2 dollars
  • Languages: English
  • Referral system: Yes, direct and rented
  • Suspension: With 30 days of inactivity your account is canceled
  • focus: No
  • Number of accounts per IP: Just one
  • It works for everyone: Yes, anyone cánido participate

GrandClick what it is and how it works

GrandClick is a PTC with which we cánido get money by watching ads, carrying out small surveys and doing some tasks, it has been running and paying for several years so far.

How to make money with GrandClick

In order to earn money with GrandClick you must have a PC and also the internet, it seems illogical for me to say so, but that’s the way it is, if you have these two resources then you go to the official page and register.

Once registered in GrandClick you perro start viewing the ads to generate money, there are also other options that pay to generate something plus with the tasks and mini surveys.

Other ways to earn at GrandClick

As I mentioned, in addition to seeing ads, we have options such as: Coin Flip, GrandGrid, OfferWall-ClixWall, OfferWall-MinuteStaff, OfferWall-Wannads and OfferWall-Offers4All where we will find tasks to perform.

GrandClick Referral System

As in all PTC here we have the possibility not only to get direct referralsbut also to rent them to double our investment with the purchase of the acquired referrals.

GrandClick Premium Account

When you register as a free usuario, the earnings per display of ads is only $0.005 but with the annual membership it is $0.01, so in order to earn something profitable, the ideal would be to acquire a membership.

In addition, with the annual membership you do not have referral limits, referrals are unlimited, this is ideal if you are going to dedicate yourself fully to this platform.

GrandClick Pay

At the moment GrandClick paysThe only problem is that sometimes it takes a while to make the payments, there are users who have reported a delay of up to three months to be able to collect their money.

GrandClick Proof of Payment

Yes, the platform has a section called Payment Proof (Proof of Payments) where the company espectáculos the payment vouchers made to each of its users.

GrandClick Reviews

Let’s start with the negative points, the first thing is that you do not pay for PayPalI used to do it before but they already removed that payment method and when a company stops paying by PayPal for me and I say it from experience that looks bad.

The earnings are very low, that is, if you really want to earn something you are going to have to invest buying a membership and possibly referrals, so if you are from developed countries with a good economy, earning $1 a month is not worth it.

GrandClick Recommendations

I personally do not recommend it for work, unless you are willing to invest your money buying the one-year membership and throwing the adventure to see how it goes for you to recover your investment.

There are many ways to earn money, here you will find good PTCs and businesses to generate money en línea that will leave you good monthly money. Sign up here.

Alternatives to GrandClick

  1. NeoBux
  2. CoinPayU
  3. PubliSuites
  4. brave
  5. trymyui

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 Earn Money Viewing Ads with GrandClick
  Earn Money Viewing Ads with GrandClick
  Earn Money Viewing Ads with GrandClick

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